The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 37: Looking At Young Master Fang’s Old Jeep With Disdain
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Chapter 37: Looking At Young Master Fang’s Old Jeep With Disdain

Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

He Wanxin stormed out of Yueming Hall in anger.

Her father and mother hadn’t gone far; they were simply standing beside the exit of the clinic, so He Wanxin ran straight over to them and cried out in an angry and wronged manner, “Dad, Yu Gangan the cheap wench lied to us. She never intended on deleting the video. You were tricked by her, Dad. Hurry back inside and kick her out of Yueming Hall.”

The old man turned around and gave He Wanxin another slap across the face.

This time, He Wanxin was even more surprised than earlier. She stared at her father dumbfounded, “Dad, why did you hit me again?!!”

“You stupid piece of trash, you’ve been suppressed by Yu Gangan all these years, yet you’ve never had the ability to fight back. Even if you had a good hand of cards, you’d still play them badly. What use do you have?”

After yelling at his daughter, the old man left angrily.

He Wanxin immediately started crying. “Why is he blaming me? Aren’t I his daughter? It’s bad enough that he always praises Yu Gangan, why is he helping her at a time like this as well? I’m beginning to question whether Yu Gangan is his illegitimate child,” she said as she looked at her mother.

He Wanxin’s mother furrowed her brows and patted her on the back, “What nonsense are you spouting? Your father’s actually angry that you handed Yueming Hall to Yu Gangan again.”

He Wanxin wept as she replied, “But Dad knew I never liked medicine and that it gives me headaches looking at Chinese medicinal herbs, yet he forced me to study it. He even compared Yu Gangan to me constantly. What’s so good about Yu Gangan? She’s just an orphan that no one wants. If Dad tried a little harder and outshined Uncle, then I wouldn’t have to suffer in front of Yu Gangan.”

The old woman looked at He Wanxin with a distressed expression, “Xinxin, that’s enough. Your Father’s just angry. After all, you had such a rare opportunity this time, yet you ended up ruining it by using that powder. Worst of all, you were caught by Yu Gangan. Why weren’t you a little more careful?”

He Wanxin stomped her feet and replied, “I didn’t expect her to discover it. The patient already left and she couldn’t have followed them. It’s not like she could have known with one glance.”

“That’s enough. We still have a lot of time ahead of us. We still don’t know who will get the last laugh,” the old woman comforted. “When you get home, just lower your head to your father and apologize.”

“I’m not going to settle with what happened today. I am definitely getting revenge!” He Wanxin said as she wiped her tears.

“Of course. Yu Gangan, the brat, always has a big smile on her face while being full of tricks. How could an innocent and gentle woman like you compare to her. Look at how even your father suffered when he went up against her...”

The old aunt hated Yu Gangan. Why was Yu Gangan like a clingy dog that couldn’t be shooed away?

“We can’t give Yueming Hall to her. Even though it’s a rundown clinic, it’s still worth 80 million yuan.”

“Who wants to run a shabby place like this? The only customers that frequent this place are poor. How much money can we make from it?”

“We should have sold this place long ago!”

He Wanxin sneered as an old jeep suddenly pulled up outside the clinic.

Just as she was about to turn away with disdain, the door to the jeep opened and a tall and refined man stepped out. His appearance was handsome and his presence was cold and arrogant.

Although he was wearing just a beige T-shirt and a pair of casual pants, he had a natural air of class and sophistication.

He Wanxin was immediately dumbfounded!

What a handsome man! She had never seen such a good looking man in her life, especially one with such a dominating presence

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