The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 35: I’m Not Showing You Any Mercy
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Chapter 35: I’m Not Showing You Any Mercy

Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

Faced with pressure from Yu Gangan, He Wanxin responded to her fear with anger, like a desperate dog that had been cornered. “So what if I used it?” she growled. “Morphine belongs to a third category of painkillers known as narcotic analgesics. Medicines in this category are strictly monitored and can’t be used recklessly, but when required, like when a patient is suffering from too much pain, it’s completely fine to use. Besides, the morphine has been refined into a powder, so the effects aren’t as strong. Can’t I just use a little bit?”

[So what if I used it? No one died in the end. What’s the fuss?]

[So what if I admit to it? What can Yu Gangan do about it?]

The quietly seated Song Chabai could no longer contain her shock as she yelled, “What do you mean you only used a little bit? Have you actually studied medicine? Morphine is generally used for patients suffering from severe cancer pain or when other forms of pain relief are ineffective!”

Yu Gangan predicted that He Wanxin would try to talk her way out of the matter and not care.

After all, He Wanxin had never truly liked learning about medicine and her knowledge was only superficial; it was truly a mystery how she managed to get her license.

“Look at the findings on that report. The purity is almost 5%. Other narcotic painkillers like codeine only have a purity of 3%. Are you aware of that?”

Yu Gangan pointed to the numbers on the examination report.

She then threw it onto He Wanxin’s body powerfully and angrily.

He Wanxin brushed the report aside, “I don’t know, I was also deceived. I just won’t use it anymore, OK? Must you cling on so mercilessly?”

Yu Gangan’s lips curved upwards slightly, “Me? Clinging on mercilessly? That’s right, I’m not showing you any mercy!”

“Then, what are you planning to do?” He Wanxin asked arrogantly without any fear. “Did you see me prescribe this medicine? Even if you found this in Yueming Hall and you decide to expose it, I won’t be the one that’s in trouble, Grandfather will. Didn’t you say that we can’t ruin Grandfather’s image? If you bring attention to this, then you are completely destroying it.”

Yu Gangan laughed in anger, but she wasn’t flustered.

As she turned to look at Song Chabai who was playing on her phone, she asked, ” Xiao Bai 1 , are you done?”

Song Chabai turned off the screen on her phone and nodded her head, “Done. I’ve already placed the video on a timer to be published online. If I don’t cancel it within an hour, everything that just happened will be seen by everyone.”

With her eyes wide open, He Wanxin glared at Yu Gangan, “Yu Gangan, you tricked me.”

This time, she was finally frightened. Her expression was one of fear and discomfort.

She immediately ran over to Song Chabai, hoping to grab her phone, “Give it to me.”

Song Chabai hid behind Yu Gangan. With her head poking out, she stuck out her tongue, “It doesn’t matter even if I give it to you. I’ve already deleted Weibo off my phone.”

“That’s enough! Stop arguing!” Yu Gangan’s uncle suddenly said in a domineering tone.

Yu Gangan’s auntie glanced at her husband. Suddenly, her previous hostility disappeared from her face and she smiled at Yu Gangan, “Gangan, it was just an accident that your cousin used the wrong medicine. We are family, let’s just talk it out amongst ourselves. Your cousin will be careful from now on.”

“Xiao Bai?” Yu Gangan sneered, “A doctor recklessly prescribed medicine to her patient. Do you consider that as a light matter?”

Still hiding behind Yu Gangan’s back, Song Chabai popped out her head and softly replied, “No.”

Seeing that Yu Gangan wasn’t showing any mercy, the old aunt glared at her and asked threateningly, “Are you deliberately clinging to this matter and not letting go?”

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