The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 32: The Unpredictable And Mysterious Young Master
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Chapter 32: The Unpredictable And Mysterious Young Master

Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

Su Zijing was in disbelief. She originally thought someone else had opened the door. After all, she did not see the man’s face clearly, so she did not expect it to be Fang Zhihan.

How did the unpredictable, mysterious and moody young master from a military family end up with Gangan?

Yu Gangan and Fang Zhihan.

These two were a couple. How unbelievable.

Could she have misunderstood?


After Yu Gangan said goodbye to Su Zijing and her son, she finally realized that Fang Zhihan had left.

That man came and went like a shadow and she was unsure when he’d be back.

Just as she was wondering how she was going to find Fang Zhihan again, she received a phone call from Song Chabai. Song Chabai had arrived and she was waiting outside Yueming Hall.

Yu Gangan freshened up a little and immediately rushed over. As soon as Song Chabai saw her, she grabbed onto her arm and tried to walk into Yueming Hall. Yu Gangan was a little surprised, “Don’t you have work?”

Song Chabai pouted and replied, “I may be an intern, but I also have my days off. I know you have a big battle coming up, so, as your friend, I had to come support you.”

Song Chabai flexed her arms, “I am your strong backup.”

“You have no muscles,” Yu Gangan teased before she hugged her friend thankfully.

Yu Gangan originally wanted to send her friend home so she wouldn’t get involved with the matter at Yueming Hall, but she realized, she did indeed need some help, so she accepted her offer.

Inside Yueming Hall,H HeWanxin wasn’t the only one that Yu Gangan saw when she walked in. She also saw her older uncle and auntie. The trio was standing together discussing something with grave looks on their faces.

The first person to notice Yu Gangan was He Wanxin. She immediately cleared her throat and her expression turned cold. Yu Gangan’s auntie also looked at her with a similarly annoyed expression.

Only her older uncle smiled at her in a friendly and welcoming manner, “Gangan’s here.”

Yu Gangan smiled back at her uncle, “Uncle, you’re back!”

When she was still in the hospital, Yu Gangan’s auntie told her that her uncle didn’t visit because he had gone on a business trip.

“I just got back last night. I tried calling you, but you didn’t pick up. I was about to come and visit you today,” her uncle said as he stood up from his seat.

“Oh child, why have you lost so much weight?”

Yu Gangan’s uncle was dressed in a sapphire blue vintage jacket and his hair was a little white. He stared at Yu Gangan with deep concern, like a kind-hearted old man.

Yu Gangan was very different around her uncle. She wasn’t as cautious as she was around He Wanxin and her auntie. “I’m sorry for making you worry, Uncle.”

Her uncle gestured for her to sit, “What are you saying? I watched you grow up. You came to our family when you were 7 and I’ve treated you like my own daughter since. In my heart, you are no different to Xinxin 1 .”

Yu Gangan did not hold back as she grabbed Song Chabai with her to sit down opposite the man. Unlike Yu Gangan, Song Chabai was a little nervous as she adjusted herself in her seat a few times.

“In my heart, I also treat you like my real uncle,” Yu Gangan replied with a smile.

“How good would it have been if you were given to me as a daughter. Unfortunately, your grandfather insisted on handing you over to Shigui. Shigui’s only older than you by 6 years, he couldn’t possibly be your father, so the old man ended up telling you to call him ‘teacher’ instead. But, we all know that He Shigui studies Western medicine and his heart isn’t with Baiyang City. That’s why, in the end, you had to learn from the old man instead...”

As her uncle spoke, Yu Gangan smiled quietly.

Everything seemed peaceful, yet it also felt like swords had been drawn.

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