The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 23: It’s Best To Be A Kind Person!
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Chapter 23: It’s Best To Be A Kind Person!

Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

Director Chen examined the child and eventually confirmed it to be pediatric chorea.

He looked at Yu Gangan’s prescription and told Mrs. Yu to buy the medicine without any concerns.

The director didn’t specialize in Chinese medicine, but he understood the foundations and had knowledge of basic medicinal herbs. Mrs. Yu trusted Director Chen, so when he had no complaints, she was a lot more relieved.

As the patient needed rest, everyone gradually left.

Before Yu Gangan left, she said to Mrs. Yu, “Little Haohao needs another acupuncture treatment tomorrow. You can look for someone within the hospital to...”

Before she finished talking, Mrs. Yu cut in, “I won’t look for anyone else, I want you.”

Without any delay, Yu Gangan quickly gave her phone number and address to Mrs. Yu.

At first, Yu Gangan wanted to give the address for Yueming Hall, but then she remembered He Wanxin was there, so she decided to give Mrs. Yu her home address instead. It seemed, she had to recover Yueming Hall as soon as possible; she couldn’t keep inviting her patients to her home like that.

As soon as Yu Gangan stepped out of the hospital room, Song Chabai immediately ran over.

She hugged Yu Gangan’s arm and pouted cutely, “My Dear Gangan, thank you so much.”

Yu Gangan let out a gentle sigh and replied, “I should be apologizing to you. If I didn’t come looking for help, things wouldn’t have turned out like this. I hope you won’t be put in a difficult position from now on.”

“I will feel uneasy if she doesn’t make things difficult for me.”

Song Chabai explained that she would be changing departments in half a month. Half a month didn’t seem like a problem as long as she obeyed Dr. Jin.

“Oh, that’s right, what did you want me to examine earlier?”

Yu Gangan pulled out the brown powder that was being kept inside a transparent bag and handed it to her friend, “This... Can you give me the results as soon as possible?”

“No problems.”

As the two women left the hospital, they ran into Dr. Jin who had just been lectured by Director Chen. Her expression was exceptionally bad, making her look ugly and disgusting.

Song Chabai was satisfied to see this. It was like tasting ice cream on a sweltering hot day; so refreshing that every pore on her body felt like they had opened up.

It didn’t matter that Dr. Jin usually ordered her around rudely. As an intern, it was no big deal to struggle a little. But, the annoying thing was that she liked to yell at people for no reason. She even forced Song Chabai to take the blame for things and didn’t treat her like a person.

She wasn’t as smart, cool and capable as Gangan, so all she could do was endure, but that day, Dr. Jin failed to blame her and ended up suffering instead. Did she feel the face slap?

Unfortunately, Song Chabai still had to work under her, so she did not dare to laugh out loud.

Even though she wanted to laugh, she had to hold back her laughter, so her round cheeks puffed up like a bun. This made Yu Gangan laugh instead.

But, Dr. Jin ended up assuming that Yu Gangan was laughing at her.

She already hated Yu Gangan. After all, she had worked for many years to finally get the chance for a promotion, so she didn’t want her chances to be ruined over a small incident.

How could she not despise Yu Gangan?!

So, when she saw Yu Gangan laugh, she was even more displeased. “What are you laughing at?” she asked angrily as she rushed over. “Don’t think too highly of yourself, in my eyes, you’re not even worthy of a mention!”

Yu Gangan wasn’t upset by her unkind words. “Dr. Jin, I bet you haven’t had your periods for half a year,” she smirked.

This unexpected response was like a strike of lightning! Dr. Jin opened her eyes wide and looked at Yu Gangan in disbelief.

Yu Gangan’s smile grew wider, “Relax, you’re just going through early menopause.”

“You...” Dr. Jin choked on her words. The look on her face seemed to be asking Yu Gangan how she knew when she hadn’t checked her pulse or asked her about her symptoms.

Yu Gangan smiled before her expression suddenly turned cold, “It’s best to be a kind person!”

After saying these words with deep meaning, Yu Gangan grabbed Song Chabai and dragged her out, leaving Dr. Jin grounded to the same spot, fuming in anger!

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