The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 22: Neither Proud Nor Self-conscious, Neither Haughty Nor Humble
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Chapter 22: Neither Proud Nor Self-conscious, Neither Haughty Nor Humble

Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

Mrs. Yu frowned, feeling a little swayed.

If the Yu Family wanted to consult a doctor, they could hire any doctor they wanted, regardless of whether they specialized in Chinese medicine or Western medicine. Yu Gangan was so young; even if her skills were decent, it wasn’t likely that she could compare to a well-renowned doctor.

However, just as Mrs. Yu started to hesitate, the hospital room door once again opened and a roughly 60-year-old doctor walked in.

His hair was a little white and he was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.

Yu Gangan had seen him before on medical websites. He was a famous neurologist and also the hospital’s director.

“Director Chen,” the hesitant Mrs. Yu greeted with extra respect.

After Director Chen greeted Mrs. Yu, he began to question what was going on.

Dr. Jin wanted to complain first, but Mrs. Yu glared at her and she retreated.

Mrs. Yu explained the situation to Director Chen. In the end, she said frustratedly, “I can’t believe this quack of a doctor is actually the head of a department. Who would dare bring their child to your hospital from now on?”

Director Chen was stunned, he never expected Dr. Jin to be so sloppy.

He subconsciously looked at the young woman that Mrs. Yu mentioned and gently adjusted the glasses on his nose. He realized she looked quite familiar.

Yu Gangan really respected Director Chen, so she greeted him with a nod, “Hello, Director Chen, I am Yu Gangan. I just graduated from the medical university this year.”

“I know who you are. You were the top-ranked student from the medical university this year. We invited you to intern at our hospital, but you said you had to go home and inherit your family business.”

Director Chen wasn’t just being polite.

The hospital scouted the best students from the medical university every year and the director always read through their profiles. Back when Yu Gangan turned them down, he remembered sighing and wondering why she was inheriting her family business when she had such good academic results.

If she was planning to inherit her family business, then why did she study medicine?

All he could do was sigh and think it was a shame.

Yu Gangan smiled apologetically, “My grandfather has a medical clinic and he needed a doctor.”

[So, her family business is also in the medical field and she is still treating patients and saving people; she’s simply doing it from a different location.]

[It’s rare for a young person to give up on a big fancy hospital and work in a small clinic.]

In an instant, Director Chen developed a very good impression of Yu Gangan. As a person that appreciated good talent, he ended up asking Yu Gangan lots of questions.

The surrounding doctors and nurses were all shocked as they watched the director talk to the young woman.

All they could do was stand in bewilderment.

Yu Gangan could sense everyone’s shock, so she quickly changed the focus back to little Haohao.

With a smile, she said to Mrs. Yu, “You can ask Director Chen to look at Haohao. Pediatrics is the most difficult medical field. The chances of misdiagnosis in this field are the highest because it’s hard to gather enough information from a child. We generally have to ask the parents, but the parents usually depend on assumptions. That’s why doctors have a saying, ‘they’d rather treat ten men than to treat one woman and they’d rather treat one woman than to treat one child’. I’m actually worried about my accuracy too. With Director Chen here, we can be 100% rest assured.”

Director Chen looked at Yu Gangan and smiled.

This young woman was not bad. Dr. Jin had indeed been negligent because of her overconfidence and Yu Gangan managed to point it out.

But, she did not show off. She simply remained calm; she was neither proud nor self-conscious and neither haughty nor humble. She was likable and trustworthy.

She was even giving the hospital plenty of face by giving the director all the credit.

What a shame. If she could come to the hospital and be his student, it would be great...

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