The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 19: Don’t Cause Trouble, But Not Afraid Of Trouble
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Chapter 19: Don’t Cause Trouble, But Not Afraid Of Trouble

Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

“Gangan received her physician’s license when she was 18 and has been studying Chinese medicine with her grandfather since she was a child. She then studied Western medicine with me in university,” Song Chabai said weakly from the side.

Mrs. Yu glanced at Song Chabai.

She then looked at Yu Gangan and said, “Miss Yu, are you trying to say that my son doesn’t have a simple fever caused by the flu and doesn’t have a respiratory infection?”

Yu Gangan could tell that Dr. Jin wasn’t about to stop. If she wanted to help Song Chabai, she had no choice but to answer straightforwardly.

She didn’t cause trouble, but she wasn’t afraid of trouble.

So, Yu Gangan nodded her head, “Based on my experience, it’s not a simple fever caused by the flu. But, I will need to check his pulse to know what the actual problem is.”

Mrs. Yu didn’t mind a simple pulse check, so she immediately nodded her head.

She then made some space for Yu Gangan to check her son’s pulse.

“Mrs. Yu, you can’t treat an illness recklessly. If you treat it incorrectly, you could cause a problem!” Dr. Jin couldn’t allow a random person to treat her patient inside the hospital. It was almost like Yu Gangan thought she was some kind of miracle doctor. What b*llsh*t!

“Well, if you can cure my son, then go ahead and do it right now!” Mrs. Yu said in frustration to Dr. Jin.

Dr. Jin was so angry that she almost spewed blood. How could an illness like that be cured straight away?

She wanted to accept the challenge, but she wasn’t confident that she could cure the child immediately.

So, she looked at Mrs. Yu awkwardly, hoping that she wouldn’t be fooled by the brat, even though she really didn’t want to stay quiet.

But, Mrs. Yu didn’t pay any attention to Dr. Jin as she let Yu Gangan check her son’s pulse.

Yu Gangan sat on the edge of the bed, grabbed the child’s hand and gently checked his pulse.

When the little boy opened his eyes and saw Yu Gangan holding onto his little hand, he quickly hid his head under his blanket.

A moment later, Yu Gangan let go of the little boy’s hand and asked Mrs. Yu, “Has your son been soaked by rain in the last month? Or has he been exposed to cold conditions?”

Mrs. Yu quickly nodded in surprise. Not bad, she actually figured that out from a pulse.

However, on second thought, Mrs. Yu wondered if she didn’t get that information from her son’s pulse, but from Song Chabai instead.

Yu Gangan stood up and said to Mrs. Yu, “It’s lucky that your son is still in the early stages of this illness. He’ll be better after a few doses of medicine...”

Dr. Jin scoffed and cut in, “Didn’t you just say that the fever wasn’t caused by a simple flu?”

As the head doctor of the pediatrics department, Dr. Jin went through a tough selection process to get to where she was. Only after careful consideration, did she get her job.

How could her skills be worse than a witless brat?

“It isn’t!!” Yu Gangan said with certainty as she looked at Dr. Jin. “The child is young and weak. He doesn’t have enough good qi and he’s not very strong, so bad qi has entered his body...”

“Bad qi?” Mrs. Yu asked.

“Bad qi is a term used in Chinese medicine. In Western medicine, it’s what we consider as viruses and bacteria. The child’s good energy isn’t strong enough to resist the bad qi from the outside world. In other words, his immune system isn’t strong enough to guard against viruses and bacteria. That’s why he’s been repeatedly showing a series of symptoms. You simply noticed the child’s fever, but you never observed him in detail and realized an abnormal change in his facial expressions. Due to the prolonged damp heat in his body which heavily burned his heart, liver and kidneys, when he was struck by rain, it triggered pediatric chorea.”

“Pediatric chorea?”

“Pediatric chorea should cause a child’s hands and feet to dance around and their eyes and eyebrows to twitch, but your son doesn’t show any signs of uncoordinated movement,” Dr. Jin scoffed in disdain.

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