The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 18: Misdiagnosis?
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Chapter 18: Misdiagnosis?

Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

Dr. Jin looked at her indifferently and asked, “Don’t you know what I mean? Do I need to repeat what you’ve done wrong?”

Dr. Jin had no choice. Mrs. Yu was a difficult client to deal with.

If she didn’t respond accordingly, the matter would eventually be brought to the hospital director’s attention. She had a high chance of a promotion that year, so she couldn’t be fired at that time.

Song Chabai clenched her fists and held back her burning hot tears. In what way was she irresponsible?

She had worked so hard during this one month as an intern.

She arrived at 7am every day and didn’t go home until 11pm-12am. As a result, she had a lack of sleep and was so busy that she didn’t even have time for dinner on certain days.

She had been taking care of the child since 7am the previous day. Why was she to blame for the child’s condition?

Song Chabai couldn’t accept this result, but she couldn’t say anything either. All she could do was cry tears of unfairness.

Dr. Jin was speechless as she looked at Song Chabai crying. She then let out a cold laugh, “Do you think you’ve been wronged?!!”

Yu Gangan couldn’t stand watching this scene anymore, so she stepped forward and explained, “Dr. Jin, Song Chabai has honestly been taking care of the kid the entire time, she only stepped out for a little; it wasn’t even ten minutes.”

Dr. Jin looked at Yu Gangan with disdain as she raised her eyebrows, “Who are you? This is the VIP floor, who let you come in here?”

Song Chabai sniffed and began to explain, “Dr. Jin, I’m sorry, this is my classmate, she came looking for me, so I popped out to have a few words with her...”

Dr. Jin quickly cut in strictly, “Just a moment ago, you wouldn’t admit that you were slacking off. Aren’t you caught red-handed now? If you hadn’t run off to talk to your friend, how could the child’s condition have returned. How can you be a good doctor without any professional ethics?”

Song Chabai began to cry again.

“Who’s the one without any professional ethics? You’re the one that misdiagnosed the child, yet you’re trying to throw the blame on an intern. Do you call this a doctor with professional ethics?” Yu Gangan laughed angrily.

The nurses and patients that had gathered around to watch the argument were shocked.


What happened?

Dr. Jin was stunned for a second before she looked at Yu Gangan in disbelief, “Who did you say made a misdiagnosis?!!”

The department head was so angry that her entire body was shaking. “Security! Where have the security guards gone? Hurry and send this irrelevant person out!” she growled as she stomped her feet.

The walls of the VIP room weren’t very soundproof, so Mrs. Yu overheard the conversation outside.

After hearing it, she opened her eyes wide in shock.

Since it involved her precious son, she had to be extra careful. So, she opened the door and asked unhappily, “Was there a misdiagnosis?”

Dr. Jin immediately walked over and explained, “Mrs. Yu, don’t listen to her nonsense...”

Mrs. Yu ignored her.

She kept her gaze focused on Yu Gangan like a pair of sharp daggers and asked again, “Did you say that she made a misdiagnosis?”

Yu Gangan didn’t want to make things difficult for Dr. Jin.

After all, she wanted Song Chabai to stay at the hospital. So, she did not say anything.

But, Dr. Jin was even more certain that she was spouting nonsense.

She’s finally backing down like a coward!

With a sneer, the doctor said, “Mrs. Yu, does she look like a doctor to you? I’m not sure where this crazy person came from!”



Mr. Fang: You didn’t give me an appearance in this chapter!

Author: I’m thinking of how to cook some dried fish (pronounced “yu gan”) for you to eat (slang for “have sex with”).

Mr. Fang: I want to eat it in all kinds of positions and methods.

Author: No problem.

Yu Gangan: ...

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