The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 11: When Did She Sleep With Him?
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Chapter 11: When Did She Sleep With Him?

Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

Yu Gangan opened her eyes wide and looked at Fang Zhihan in disbelief, “What are you talking about? You want to start our married life together???”

Fang Zhihan’s calm expression made his request sound normal. A moment later, his eyes squinted intimidatingly and he asked, “What? Are you planning to get rid of me after you used me?”

Get rid of him after she used him?

This phrase had a sexual connotation to it. Was he crazy? How could he say something like that?

When had she ‘used’ him; when did she sleep with him?

Yu Gangan’s lips twitched a little before she said firmly, “I don’t even know you!”

A man that she didn’t know was trying to be a married couple with her.

She had the urge to throw a punch at him.

Fang Zhihan’s lips curved slightly, but it wasn’t a smile, rather a look of ridicule, “Who was the one that held onto my arm in the afternoon and called me ‘hubby’?”

Yu Gangan was suddenly dumbfounded.

She felt a gush of blood rush up to her throat and eyes, but she forced it back down.

She then shut her eyes for a second and tried her best to soften her voice. “I should thank you for the incident in the afternoon. I’m not an ungrateful person...” she said calmly.

As she spoke, Yu Gangan smiled at Fang Zhihan.

Unsure whether Fang Zhihan had let his guard down a little or not, she suddenly closed the door without a word and locked him and his suitcase outside.

She then yelled at the door, “...but I will never let a wolf into the house!”

That man was too absurd and he thought too highly of himself. Just because he said he was her husband, did he really think that he was her husband? He even turned up at her house with his suitcase!

Just because he was handsome, did he really think he could have his way?

Did she look like she was born without brains?

Even if that was the case, she still wouldn’t have let an unfamiliar man live with her.

But, who exactly was this man?

How did he know her address?

Judging by the powerful way he dealt with her auntie and Yang Tianyou, he was cold, tough and meticulous. Regardless of whether he smiled, people couldn’t help but retreat when faced with him.


As a freshly recovered patient, rest was the most important thing for Yu Gangan. But, ever since she woke up, she had not had any rest because of her auntie. So, now that she was at home, she finally relaxed and had a good sleep. When she woke up the next day, half her energy was restored.

Yu Gangan looked at her front door with suspicion.

Fang Zhihan did not act like the average person.

According to his personality, he was definitely the clingy type. But, why had her doorbell remained quiet?

Did he give up?

If that was the case, then that was the best outcome.

After Yu Gangan finished her breakfast, she turned to leave. But, as soon as she opened the front door, she saw a suitcase at her doorstep. It was the black suitcase that Fang Zhihan brought with him the night before.

Her eyes subconsciously looked around, sweeping her surroundings like a searchlight.

But, the long corridors were quiet and there was not a person in sight. All she saw was this suitcase.

Yu Gangan: “...”

What did Fang Zhihan have planned? He had already left, so why did he leave this suitcase in front of her home?

She wasn’t the only one that lived on that floor of the building, wasn’t he afraid that someone else would take it?

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