The Surgeon's Studio

Chapter 692 - Used His Remaining Heat
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Chapter 692: Used His Remaining Heat

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Feng Xuhui was in a state of hemorrhagic shock. After the blood transfusion, his symptoms had obviously improved. However, the rebar was still in his body. This kind of surgery had to be carried out by Chengdu Provincial Hospital or Huaxi. It was just that his thigh had been penetrated. In the eyes of the Chengdu Provincial Hospital’s doctors, it was not a big deal. He made a call and asked the doctors from the relevant departments to come down and work. For injuries like Feng Xuhui’s, the Department of Trauma and the Orthopedics Department could also handle it. There was no fixed boundary. If it was a smaller hospital, the surgical department would not have enough subdivisions. In fact, the general surgery department would even handle it. As for other patients with severe pelvic fractures, the ICU would not be able to accommodate them. Moreover, there were more or less other fractures on their bodies, so they might as well just ask the orthopedics department to come down and take them all back. The Orthopedics Department was also full, but there was nothing they could do. Right now, other than the internal medicine department having beds, almost all the surgical departments were full. The orthopedics doctor wore an isolation suit and came down drowsily. With one look, one could tell that he had finished the surgery on the stage. He had just casually taken a nap in the duty room and was called down before he woke up. “What patient? Where did he come from?” “From Pengxi Village.” When he heard that he came from Pengxi Village, he was relieved. Most of the patients were post-operative patients with pelvic fractures. It was enough to send them to the ward to receive blood transfusions and rehydration therapy. Even if there were complications, they would not appear within a few hours. “Oh, then I can still sleep for a while.” The orthopedic doctor nagged. “I’ve been working for nearly 72 hours. When I fell asleep, I was woken up again. Let’s hurry up. I should be able to get back into my dream if we finish up soon.” “I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep.” The doctor from the emergency department pointed at Feng Xuhui and said, “There’s a steel bar injury. I have to hurry up and operate.” “This young man...” The orthopedic doctor immediately became spirited. He made the handover and brought Feng Xuhui back to the department. The patients before the orthopedic surgery were all staying in their own wards. The patients who had pelvic fractures after surgery were arranged to stay in the internal medicine department and other departments that had beds. In short, everything was running for the patients who were transported from the frontline. The old diagnosis and treatment procedures in the hospital were non-existent. There were also very few patients who came to the hospital. Those who could endure it would stay at home and not go to the hospital to cause trouble. The orthopedic doctor called and asked when the operating theater would be free. Within a short period of time, all the operating theaters were fully booked. All they could do was wait. For injuries like Feng Xuhui’s, although he did not injure any major arteries, he did not know the severity of the small arteries, capillary networks, and muscle tissues. The surgery could be big or small. It was best to go to the operating theater to receive the appropriate treatment. Since he did not have time to sleep, he would just have to check on the patients. The moment the orthopedic doctor got up, he saw an old doctor with white hair appear at the ward’s entrance. “Chief Chen, why are you here?” The orthopedic doctor recognized him. This was the retired department chief of the Radiology Department at Chengdu Provincial Hospital. “I’m here to take a look around and see if there’s any place that needs help.” Chief Chen was already in his seventies and was in high spirits. Although he looked energetic, the orthopedic doctor knew that the old man would not be able to last for a few days and nights without sleeping. Moreover, the radiology department’s doctors had to wear lead clothing when they performed interventional surgery. The old man might not even be able to perform a single surgery. “Old Chief, please take a seat.” “No, I’m just here to see how many patients with pelvic fractures still need interventional embolization. After we finish the surgery and the patient is in the recovery stages, you can go on.” “Yes, yes. There are still twelve patients waiting for surgery. It’s alright.” The old chief brought the orthopedic doctor to check on the twelve pre-operation patients. Feng Xuhui was also arranged to have a hospital bed while waiting for surgery. “Why are there so few patients who need to stop bleeding? I heard from the people in front that there were many similar injuries.” “Aren’t there a few interventional doctors who have landed in Pengxi Village Hospital? They are performing the surgery there so we brought back dozens of post-operation patients.” “Is it only Pengxi Village Hospital?” Chief Chen asked but then realized the problem. “That’s not right. I went to Pengxi Village Hospital once last year. They can only perform circulatory interventional surgery there but only have two machines. They can’t really perform interventional surgery to stop the bleeding of pelvic fractures. What did you say just now? How many postoperative patients have they brought back?” The orthopedic doctor hesitated for a moment and remained next to the operating table. He did not know much about the situation. Seeing that the old chief’s expression was beginning to change as if he was about to scold someone, he immediately went to find the matron. “Today, we shipped back 36 patients who have undergone interventional embolization for pelvic fractures. Their condition is very stable and most of the patients’ blood pressure has already returned to normal.” The matron had always been around. She knew more about the situation so she opened her mouth and spoke. “36 patients with pelvic fractures after interventional surgery? That’s impossible!” Chief Chen frowned, and said seriously, “Take me to see them. If you’ve never done it, you wouldn’t know how difficult it is to perform interventional surgery for severe pelvic fractures. I performed the first interventional surgery for severe pelvic fractures in our hospital 15 years ago. Do you know how long it took? Five hours!” Chief Chen said that as he stretched out his fingers. His five fingers stood out brightly. “There are many critical cases now but we can’t be careless. We don’t know what happened in the past but we can’t just listen to naysayers. Those are all human lives!” The orthopedic doctor nodded repeatedly and complained in his heart. However, he did not dare to say anything. These old chief physicians had explosive tempers so he could only listen to what he said. Moreover, Chief Chen was not wrong. At times like these, he had to be even more careful. The head nurse respectfully led the two of them to the ward. The doctors were performing surgery upstairs and she was in charge of the rest. There were three beds, three patients, and three volunteer escorts in one ward. “Chief Chen, there are three patients here who have gone through interventional surgery. One of them has just been completed by our hospital and his blood pressure has not completely recovered yet. The other two patients were transported from Pengxi Village. Hemorrhagic shock has been corrected, and the ionic disorder is very mild. One of them has a fracture of the femoral shaft, which is closed. We should consider waiting for the surgery to be done at a later date.” Although Chief Chen did not believe it, the patient’s radiographic films and the brief introduction of Pengxi Village’s conditions were very clear. The more he read, the more confused he became. Logically speaking, they were all patients with severe pelvic fractures so he could clearly see the large retroperitoneal hematoma. But the number of patients after surgery was too many... Could it be that a new equipment had been installed in Pengxi Village? After that, Huaxi would transfer people from all over the country to perform surgery? Otherwise, it would be impossible to transfer 36 patients after interventional surgery in one day. Before he could finish looking, the orthopedist’s cellphone rang. There was finally an empty operating theater above. He quickly answered and brought Feng Xuhui to the operating theater. After that, he was accompanied by the matron as he continued reading the reports. Almost all the patients who had undergone pelvic fracture interventional surgery were no longer in a state of hemorrhagic shock. Their conditions were relatively simple. They had already woken up and were able to say a few words. Strange... Chief Chen could not understand it no matter how much he thought about it. He hobbled out of the ward with his hands behind his back.

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