The Supreme Level Up System

Chapter 216 Storm Alert
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While the wolfman was in pain, Aion charged after changing his weapon to the hammer. The enemy tried to move away, but the frozen wounds prevented him from moving too much… without any other option, he just blocked the attack with a punch.

The impact caused a shockwave that made the trees around tremble and ripped the grass off the ground. Aion didn't think that he would need Inner Release. Still, it seemed that he underestimated the enemy a bit… he didn't even move from his spot. It seemed that brute strength was his forte... or maybe a natural trait from his tribe. Either way, Aion had to think of better options to avoid problems. In his current situation, even another wound could become a real problem.

"What a fucking monster… I did well in focusing on the effect of the magic instead of the power," Aion thought.

Since that was the only option, the wolfman strengthened his stance to take those blows head-on. Aion had no idea why he was planning that… it was clear that his fists won't last forever agaisnt a hammer.

Soon Aion got his answer when he felt some eyes around. Soon after, he heard the sound of arrows flying, and then he erected an earth wall behind him. The sound of the impacts took place, and they didn't stop. Eventually, the wall began to crack…

"They want to buy time for him to run away or do something…" Aion said and then clicked his tongue. "I can try to take him as fast as possible, but that will expose my back… it seems that the others aren't close, so I can do that."

In that game, more than one can play. In the end, Aion swung his hammer to the ground and then raised a dust curtain. Even without seeing it, he could tell that the wolfman was trying to head to the big building behind him, and Aion decided to let him so since he was busy summoning his death knight, and he summoned the earth mage that began to impale all of the enemies with earth spikes emerging from the ground.

You obtained 250 experience points.

You obtained 250 experience points.

You obtained 250 experience points.

While the death knight was doing the cleanup, Aion chased the wolfman and saw him entering the building and closing the entrance. As if something like a door would stop him… Aion blasted the whole thing away with wind magic. Still, he slowly approached after that since he wasn't much durable in the necromancer class.

Although the interior was a bit dark, Aion could see many boxes with weapons, gold, gems, random materials, and even drinks. That sure was where they stocked their goods, so it was surprising that the enemy would choose to fight in such a place…

The wolfman was nowhere to be seen, so Aion considered using his mana to find him. However, before he could do that, he felt the enemy's bloodlust again. It seemed that he had found something that raised his spirits. Perhaps some sort of item that healed his wounds or a magic weapon that would increase his attack power…

From behind a pile of boxes, the wolf man suddenly jumped over and then landed a couple of meters away while making a weird metallic sound… it had been a while since Aion heard something like that. It felt like the sound of heavy machinery… but he only saw the wolfman standing in front of him. His arms and legs were being covered by some pieces of armor that made them look robotic… it was quite a weird addition to that armor…

"You won't go far wearing an armor that splits into four parts and doesn't protect your torso," Aion said.

The enemy ignored that and just charged. as one would expect, his speed increased, and Aion didn't want to test his new strength. So, he summoned an ice wall in front of him, but the enemy just punched to destroy it.

"Ground freeze!" Aion said.

The first attack didn't stop the enemy, so Aion decided to help him approach faster. He froze the ground of the entire warehouse, and then the wolfman began to slide uncontrollably.

Aion used the ice with his magic to move to the side without taking a single step, and then the enemy passed by him. When Aion turned around to attack, he saw that guy raising one leg and then kicking the ground, making all the ice around shatter… Aion clicked his tongue in annoyance, but then he decided to turn one of the enemy's strengths into his weakness.

When the wolfman prepared to attack, Aion used his fire magic to increase the temperature of the room, making all of the shards of ice melt and raising the steam. The wolfman covered his nostrils since he didn't like the scent of steam rising from the ground. With the other arm, he assumed a defensive stance.

However, not moving made things a lot easier for Aion… the enemy never noticed Aion controlling the steam and making it approach the wolfman. That was driven from his mana, so such a thing was possible.

The pirate noticed that the steam wasn't dissipating, in fact, it was getting denser, and the temperature around him was increasing… the wolfman tried to move away from the steam, but the cloud followed him all around. He eventually tried to attack Aion, but he was no longer where the enemy saw him before.

Aion was flying above and watching the enemy, confused while he prepared the next attack. Defeating the enemy up close was one option, and it would boost Aion's ego, but in the end, he needed to work faster and help the others. So, after a few seconds of focus, he hit the steam cloud with a thunderbolt.

"You shouldn't stay wear so much metal agaisnt someone that can use lightning magic. I thought you knew about the fact that I could use it, but…" Aion said. "Whatever…"

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