The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

Chapter 518 - The Cheng Family’s Operation
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Chapter 518: The Cheng Family’s Operation

Xing Meng’s tone also sounded very nervous. She quickly added, “The Cheng family will probably make a big move next Tuesday. According to my second uncle, their family has at least a dozen experts who are proficient in internal energy! I suspect that the Cheng family’s target this time is the entire capital!”

When Mo Zhu heard this, she lowered her head and frowned slightly. Before she could reply, Xing Meng said righteously, “Mo Zhu, this matter concerns so many noble families in Beijing. With so many living lives in front of you, I know that it’s impossible for you not to interfere. The Xing family is a martial arts family that has been hidden for many years. No matter what plan you have, feel free to ask if you need the Xing family. I will definitely persuade my grandfather to listen to your arrangements!”

Seeing that the girl believed in her so much, Mo Zhu put down her grudge with Xing Meng and replied readily, “Alright, I’ll definitely contact you in time after I’ve thought it through.”

After saying this, Mo Zhu hung up the phone with a heavy heart.

At this moment, Huo Xuan had already stopped the car and arrived at the entrance. Seeing that Mo Zhu was still standing at the entrance, he took two steps forward and grabbed the girl’s hand. He asked softly, “What’s wrong? Who called just now?”

Mo Zhu kept her phone in her pocket and said softly, “Xing Meng, she has news that the Cheng family will most likely take action next Tuesday.”

Huo Xuan raised his hand and wrapped it around the girl’s thin shoulder. He continued to ask, “The Xing family does have a unique method of investigating information. Did she say what major actions the Cheng family will take?”

When Mo Zhu heard this, she shook her head lightly and sighed. “No, this is what worries me. According to the information she provided, not only does Old Master Cheng have the terrifying power of the mysterious army, but he also has more than ten experts who know internal energy. Just the black-robed youth from last time was already very troublesome. In addition, he has more than ten of them at the same time this time. I’m thinking about how to avoid fighting them head-on.”

Huo Xuan took two steps forward and opened the door of the small mansion. As he hugged Mo Zhu and entered the house, he comforted her softly, “If the news about the Xing family is true, there are still two days before the operation. Let’s think about how to solve it!”

After returning to the small mansion, in the evening, Mo Zhu received a message just after dinner. She had received an email from Yun Jing anonymously. She opened the email and took a simple look. Mo Zhu immediately could not hold back anymore and picked up her phone to make a call.

The phone rang twice before it was picked up by Yun Jing. Just as he said, “Hello,” Mo Zhu asked anxiously, “The Guan Yin statue you mentioned in your email! Is there a similar photo in the relevant information?”

When he heard that the call was from Mo Zhu, he recalled the email he had sent the girl just now. Yun Jing coughed lightly and replied, “No, my brother had to investigate for a few days before he found such useful information. That ancient and sinister technology had long been lost in South America. I didn’t expect it to appear in Beijing many years later!”

When Mo Zhu heard this, she lowered her eyes and pondered for a moment. She seemed to have thought of something and continued asking, “Can the medicine made by soaking the Guan Yin statue really cure this poison that controls one’s soul?”


Yun Jing nodded seriously and said with absolute certainty, “There’s no other way now. If we can’t kidnap one in time to test the medicine, we can only try our best!”

After a pause, he quickly added, “My brother is very reliable. As long as the symptoms and characteristics you described to me previously are correct, the prescription he gave me will definitely be effective! Even if we can’t make them lose all their mobility, we can at least control them briefly for a period of time!”

These words were true. After knowing Yun Jing for so long, he rarely said anything that he was not confident in. Thinking of this, Mo Zhu answered lightly to indicate that she understood what he said.

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