The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

Chapter 515 - It’s The Mysterious Person
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Chapter 515: It’s The Mysterious Person

𝗳𝙧𝘦𝒆𝑤𝙚𝘣𝙣𝘰𝘃ℯ𝑙. 𝐜𝐨𝑚

When Huo Xuan heard this, he turned to look at Mo Zhu and continued asking with a serious expression, “Apart from the information you have mentioned, does the Love Pavilion have any other useful information? We know very little about the current situation. I’m afraid we won’t be able to make preparations in time if anything happens.”

Mo Zhu waved her hand and replied according to Huo Xuan’s words, “That’s not the only news that the Love Pavilion has found. Cheng Yi and the others have photographed Cheng Tang, the daughter of the Cheng family, bringing the mysterious person in and out of Old Master Cheng’s small courtyard recently. If I’m not wrong, the mastermind behind all of this is most likely this Old Master Cheng, who has been hiding in the dark and has never appeared!”

Huo Xuan lowered his eyes and pondered for a moment. He recalled the massacre in the village many years ago. After a while, he seemed to have recalled some key information and his eyes lit up as he added, “Now that you mention it, I remember that when the tragedy happened in the village previously, Xu Huan and I did vaguely see the charred corpses at the scene when we passed by…”

Before he could finish, Xu Huan, who was quietly listening to everyone’s conversation, also recalled something and suddenly slammed the table. He scratched his head and emphasized, “That’s right. I was still young back then and was very curious about these corpses. I even stuck my head out of the car to take a few more looks. Now that Brother Huo has mentioned it, I remember that there was a layer of red livor mortis on the skin where the corpses weren’t burned.”

After a pause, he continued, “If it’s true, then the livor mortis is the same as the disgusting marks on the mysterious person who kidnapped me!”

Upon hearing this, Mo Zhu’s expression instantly turned grave. “Originally, I was just guessing that Old Master Cheng had participated in the massacre of these villages many years ago. Now that so many clues are pointing at the Cheng family, the truth is most likely like this.”

Affected by everyone’s serious expressions, an idea flashed across Mo Wu’s mind. He asked belatedly, “Ms. Mo, if all of this is true, how did Old Master Cheng turn ordinary people into terrifying creatures like the mysterious person?”

Mo Zhu looked up at Mo Wu indifferently and rubbed her palms slightly. Her eyes were empty as she turned to look out the window. She explained coldly, “Now that we have the information, other than the various new types of poison hidden in the dark, Old Master Cheng must have also placed many chemical and biological experts in Beijing. He secretly organized such a huge and mysterious army and even caused such a huge chaos without the leaders noticing. This Old Master Cheng is definitely not simple!”

When Xu Huan heard this, he thought that Old Master Cheng might have a conflict with the mysterious army after he took action. He reminded her with lingering fear, “Little Bamboo, if we really have to fight them, those terrifying creatures don’t feel pain. What can we do to reduce our losses and control them?”

Upon hearing Xu Huan’s question, Mo Zhu lowered her eyes and knocked on the table again. She seemed to have thought of something and replied with a cold smile, “We’ll deal with whatever comes our way. No matter what creature it is, as long as it can be created, it definitely has a weakness.”

After a pause, she recalled the young man she had met in the Kang family who also knew internal energy. Mo Zhu frowned slightly and added in a low voice, “What really worries me is the mysterious young man who appeared in the Kang family previously. Cheng Yi said that the people Cheng Tang brought to Old Master Cheng recently are very strange. I suspect that those people are experts who have mastered internal energy!”

“What? What should we do?” Xu Huan asked anxiously when he heard this.

Mo Zhu raised her hand and touched her chin. She retracted her gaze and comforted her seriously, “Hurry up and investigate these things before they do anything. If we take the initiative, we might have a chance of winning!”

Just as she finished speaking, the phone Mo Zhu had placed on the table vibrated. She looked down at the caller ID and her eyes lit up. She picked up the call very straightforwardly. “It’s me. What’s the matter?”

Just as the call was picked up, a man’s clear voice came from the other end. “K, I have good news for you. I’m coming back to Country Z!”

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