The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

Chapter 514 - Not Leaving Any Health Problems
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Chapter 514: Not Leaving Any Health Problems

Upon hearing this good news, Ming Mei held Mo Zhuโ€™s hand and rambled on for a while. As the two of them spoke, Jin Fang had already tidied up and came out of the washroom.

After arriving at the main hall and writing the prescription for Jin Fang, Mo Zhu handed it to Ming Mei and did not ask the two of them to stay. She only instructed Jin Fang to go back and eat some light vegetables and rest well.

She acutely sensed that Mo Zhu was also a little tired at this moment. Although Ming Mei also wanted to thank the girl properly, she really didnโ€™t want to delay Mo Zhuโ€™s rest in this situation. After thanking her simply, she thought that she would prepare a small gift to visit the Huo family next time and left the small mansion with Jin Fang.

After the two of them left, Mo Zhu received a call from Lu Zheng. On the phone, he mentioned that after a day of recuperation, not only had Old Master Lu woken up and regained his senses, but his body had also gradually recovered after taking the pill Mo Zhu had given him. At this moment, he could already speak a few simple words.

After thanking Mo Zhu repeatedly, Lu Zheng suggested going to her house to thank her personally. โ€œMs. Mo, although Grandpa can only say a few simple and slow words, I know what he means. The first thing he wants to do when he wakes up is to thank you personally. I wonder when it will be convenient for you. I heard that youโ€™re a student of Cloud City. Before you leave Beijing, please give the Lu family the chance to visit!โ€

When Mo Zhu heard this, she sat on the sofa in the main hall and knocked her fingers lightly on the table. She seemed to have thought of something and replied indifferently a few seconds later, โ€œThis matter is not urgent. Letโ€™s wait until Old Master Lu has fully recovered.โ€

After a pause, she recalled Chen Manโ€™s suggestion and rubbed her palms slightly. Mo Zhu smiled and added, โ€œGood things are coming. We might really have a chance to meet a while later.โ€

Upon hearing Mo Zhuโ€™s words, Lu Zheng lowered his eyes and pondered seriously. Good news was coming? What would Ms. Moโ€™s good news be?

Ms. Mo was unfamiliar with the people and places in Beijing. Although she was capable, on the surface, she only had the Huo family as her backer. Could it be? Her and Huo Xuan?

Thinking of this, Lu Zhengโ€™s eyes lit up when he came back to his senses. He immediately agreed happily. โ€œNo problem. Ms. Mo has given the Lu family a new lease of life. Ms. Moโ€™s happy event is naturally a huge matter for the Lu family. When the time comes, my grandfather and I will definitely prepare a generous gift to the Huo family to connect and continue our relationship!โ€

It had to be said that Mo Zhu was very satisfied with this answer. She nodded slightly, and hung up the phone neatly.

She returned to her room to take a nap, when the sky gradually darkened, Huo Xuan returned to the small mansion under the moonlight.

Xu Huan and Mo Wu returned with him.

A servant had already prepared a hot dinner in the kitchen. Everyone sat at the dining table and prepared to eat. Just as Mo Zhu started eating, she heard Huo Xuan look up at Mo Wu and ask, โ€œHowโ€™s the news that I asked you to investigate with the Dark Forces?โ€

When Mo Wu heard this, he quickly put down the bowl in his hand and reported seriously, โ€œYoung Master, Young Master Xu is right. According to the information compiled by the Dark Forces, many mysterious people did appear in various streets and alleys in Beijing yesterday.โ€ freewebnovel(.)com

โ€œHowever, they were all dressed in black and had black masks covering their faces. If we couldnโ€™t look at them at a close distance, we wouldnโ€™t be able to determine the true appearance of the person hiding under the black clothes just by looking at the shadows that flashed past in the surveillance camera!โ€

Upon hearing Mo Wuโ€™s words, Mo Zhu also raised her eyebrows with interest. She raised her hand and knocked on the table in front of her. She took the initiative to continue what Mo Wu had just said, โ€œWhat a coincidence. The information I found at the Love Pavilion today is similar to the information you mentioned. It seems like there have been many mysterious people appearing quietly in Beijing recently!โ€

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