The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

Chapter 492 - Another Argument
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Chapter 492: Another Argument

Accompanied by this furious male voice, Old Lin’s voice sounded from outside the door. “Second Master, don’t be angry. Let’s talk things out nicely. There must be a misunderstanding. Now that our young master is meeting a VIP in the room, he can’t come out to see you for the time being. If you have something important to look for him, why don’t you wait in the main hall first? I’ll go in and report to you immediately after Young Master is done!”

The person who came was Lu Wei, who had just heard Lu Tian complain in the courtyard.

Upon hearing this, Lu Wei thought that Lu Zheng was deliberately ignoring him and not giving his family face. He immediately frowned and suddenly raised his hand to knock on Lu Zheng’s door. He shouted unhappily, “Lu Zheng! I know you’re hiding from me on purpose. Why? You don’t have the guts to admit it since you dare to touch my family? Someone, pry open this door. I must teach this arrogant brat a lesson today!”

“Second Master, why do you have to be so angry and insist on barging into our Young Master’s bedroom? Now that Old Master has handed the Lu family’s business to our Young Master to manage, it won’t be good if our families’ peace and harmony are hurt!”

Another cold voice came. This voice was quite recognizable. It sounded inexplicably familiar to Mo Zhu’s ears, as if she had heard it somewhere before. Please visit ƒ𝔯ℯe𝘄𝐞𝐛𝒏𝐨ѵ𝘦𝒍. com

Upon hearing this, Lu Wei did not give the person who came any face at all. He slammed the door of Lu Zheng’s room twice again and reprimanded coldly, “Just because the old master values this little bastard doesn’t mean that the other families acknowledge his identity. Lu Zheng is just an illegitimate son born by a b*tch outside. What right does he have to inherit the Lu family with a hundred years of foundation? Why doesn’t he take a piss and look at himself? Is he worthy of fighting with my family?”

After saying this, he paused for a few seconds. He seemed to have thought of something and continued to mock, “Also, when did it become a servant’s turn to criticize the master of the Lu family? Don’t think that just because you can say a few words in front of the old master, you’re lawless enough to compete with my family. Hurry up and get Lu Zheng to get out of the house. Otherwise, I’ll go in and see him personally later. He’ll suffer!”

Knowing that Lu Wei would not give up until he achieved his goal, the person who spoke just now stood at the door and protected the man’s door seriously. He said, “Second Master, Young Master asked us to guard the door and that is our duty. Not to mention you coming today, even if Old Master gets better and comes here personally to see Young Master, he has to agree to it. In short, give up. I won’t let you barge into Young Master’s room!”

Upon hearing this, Mo Zhu’s eyes lit up. She rubbed her palms quietly and recalled who this person was.

She had met Lu Zheng briefly at the Gao family’s auction previously. At that time, Mo Zhu had noticed that there were a few martial artists following behind the man. This person had spoken to Lu Zheng in front of her, so she had taken the opportunity to listen to their conversation then.

From the deep meaning in Lu Wei’s words just now, it seemed like this person was either Lu Zheng’s bodyguard or Old Master Lu’s right-hand man.

Just as Mo Zhu had guessed, the person who came was called Fang Qiang and before Old Master Lu fell ill, he had been by his side to protect him. Now that Old Master Lu was poisoned, in order to find the antidote for him, he had joined Lu Zheng’s side.

Lu Wei, who was outside the door, was agitated by Fang Qiang’s words. Seeing that the mere servants in the Lu family’s mansion who were taught by Lu Zheng, dared to criticize him, he immediately gritted his teeth and shouted, “Good, very good. All of you are so obedient to Lu Zheng. I’ll deal with all of you together today!”


After a pause, Lu Wei waved his hand behind him and ordered coldly, “Someone, deal with these two people blocking the way first. Then, break open this stupid door!”

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