The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

Chapter 30
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Chapter 30: An Existence One Cannot Provoke

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Meng Ran was taken away by Jiang Xun. When she saw this scene, she was very anxious. “Jiang Xun, don’t worry about me. Quickly go and save Sister Mo.”

Although she had seen Mo Zhu’s skills last time, this was different. Li Lu and the others were students, whereas these people had undergone training.

Jiang Xun looked in the direction of Mo Zhu and calmly told her that he didn’t need to save her.

When Meng Ran saw the scene in front of her, she stopped talking.

The leader looked at the girl in front of him with contempt. Mrs. Li had made a mountain out of a molehill, sending them to teach her a lesson. However, he still had to complete the mission.

He threw a punch at Mo Zhu. Mo Zhu stood there and did not dodge. In the next second, he felt a gust of wind and the person in front of him disappeared. He was suddenly kicked from behind and flew a few meters away.

In a few seconds, those people had already collapsed. Mo Zhu patted the nonexistent dust on her clothes coolly and she looked at Meng Ran and Jiang Xun saying, “Let’s go and eat.”

In the Li family’s house, Xu Qing slapped the man in front of her. “Trash! You can’t even kill a wild girl. What did the Li family raise you for?” The group of people who ambushed Mo Zhu knelt in front of Xu Qing in a sorry state.

Xu Qing was waiting for their news at home, but when these people appeared in front of her, they were all injured. “Did that wild girl have assistance from others?”

“No.” Fear filled his eyes when he thought of the girl. If she hadn’t shown mercy, they would all be dead now.

“No? A bunch of trash! Scram!”

“What’s wrong? Why are you so angry?” The Li family’s master returned from outside and saw the scene.

“It’s all because of your precious daughter. Lulu is very angry every time she comes back home and it’s all because of that wild girl, Mo Zhu. She has never suffered such grievances in her life. Li Xun, you have to avenge your daughter.”

“How dare that blind girl bully my daughter. I’ll teach her a lesson.” Li Xun was furious. He had been busy with business these few days and did not pay attention to his family matters. He did not expect to hear that his daughter was being bullied the moment he came back. He was furious.

“Mr. Li, listen to my advice and let this matter rest.” Li Xun was planning how to make Mo Zhu pay the price but Zhu Rong advised him while looked at him, his expression deep with meaning. They were discussing business when Xu Qing had called to ask him to return home and Zhu Rong had followed him back.

“Brother Zhu, why do you say that?”

“That’s all I’m going to say. She’s someone you can’t afford to offend.” After saying that, he left without continuing the business discussion.

Someone he couldn’t afford to offend? Li Xun thought through the list of influential families in Cloud City. There was no one with the surname Mo.

Had Zhu Rong misunderstood something?

“Dad, you’re finally back!” Li Lu didn’t expect that not even a dozen bodyguards could defeat Mo Zhu.

In order to avoid suspicion, she had returned to the classroom when she saw them start fighting. For the entire afternoon, she had waited for news of Mo Zhu getting beaten up, but it had never come.

In the afternoon, she saw that Mo Zhu was still having lessons in Class Eight, looking perfectly fine.

Damn it. She’d gotten away with it again.

Now that Li Xun was home, Li Lu’s hope was reignited.


“Dad, you have to avenge me.” Li Lu cried as she hugged Li Xun.

She was punished by the school and transferred to another class. Her schoolmates had also started to neglect her because of that video, and now, she sees Jiang Xun eating with Mo Zhu every day. And every single day, she’d be thinking about how she could make Mo Zhu disappear. Make her disappear from this world. She was just a wild girl who came from the countryside. Why did Jiang Xun like her?!

“Lulu, don’t worry. I’ll take revenge for you and make the person who bullied you pay the price.” Seeing his precious daughter in so much pain, Li Xun had completely forgotten his friend’s warning. Or perhaps, he didn’t feel that Mo Zhu was the person that Zhu Rong mentioned that he couldn’t afford to offend.

“Hey, I’d give you 100,000 yuan. Help me kill someone.” After Li Xun promised his daughter, he went to the balcony to make a call. When he came back, his expression was really complicated.

“What’s wrong?”

When he heard Xu Qing’s question, Li Xun remembered that when he was on the phone, the other party had hung up the moment he heard Mo Zhu’s name.

Then, he asked his friend for help. The other party replied, “I won’t accept it even if it’s one billion dollars.”

One billion yuan? Country Y’s president’s net worth was only three hundred million yuan. What kind of existence was Mo Zhu? Li Xun broke out in a cold sweat. He was afraid of what kind of person he had almost offended.

“I’ll change Lulu’s school tomorrow,” he said, ignoring his wife’s shocked expression.

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