The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

Chapter 27
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Chapter 27: Helpless

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Do you really think I can’t afford the medical bills?”

“It’s just a mere 100,000 yuan, and you’re here to find trouble with to my grandmother.” Mo Zhu suddenly stood up. Before Qin Ya could see how Mo Zhu moved, she saw her standing in front of her.

“Do you really think that I don’t dare to touch you?” A dangerous storm brewed in Mo Zhu’s eyes. In the next second, she grabbed Qin Ya’s neck.

Qin Ya struggled in panic. She did not expect Mo Zhu to be so strong. She could not break free no matter what.

The girl’s eyes were red, as if a sleeping demon had been awakened.

Xu Huan was a little worried when she saw Mo Zhu in this state. He had never seen her like this before.

Huo Xuan gave Xu Huan a look. They should let her vent her anger. It was Mo Zhu’s choice how she wanted to deal with the situation. She should have the authority to do so. She just had to do what she wanted and she could hand over the rest to him. However, when he thought about the girl’s speed just now, a strange light flashed across the man’s eyes.

“Xiao Zhu, don’t.” Zhang Fen had already recovered from her discomfort. Seeing this, she was a little anxious.

“She’s your mother. If you hurt her, you’ll be cursed.”

“She was daring enough to hurt you.” When Mo Zhu heard Zhang Fen’s voice, her expression loosened, but she still did not let go.

“I’m fine. Xiao Zhu, don’t do anything stupid. It’s not worth it to get into trouble for her.” Zhang Fen shook her head anxiously.

“Cough cough cough.”

Hearing Zhang Fen cough, Mo Zhu immediately let go of Qin Ya and returned to the bed.

Qin Ya, who was standing by the side, had already turned ashen from fright. She stood rooted to the ground in a daze. She had truly felt the aura of death from Mo Zhu, she really wanted to kill her.

Zhang Fen held onto Mo Zhu’s hand and said, “I’m fine. As long as you’re fine, I will be relieved.”

“Xiao Zhu, let her go.”

The girl did not speak. After a while, she looked behind her and coldly spat out a word, “Scram.”

Qin Ya reacted and ran out of the ward in a panic.

“Xiao Zhu, from now on, don’t take action on others whenever you want. If you do this, who will be willing to be friends with you?”

Since she was young, Mo Zhu had been different from other children. She liked to read quietly, play with the computer, and did not like to go to school. Although so, she believed Mo Zhu when she said that she knew everything.

If she didn’t want to go to school, then so be it. Zhang Fen was just worried that Mo Zhu would be lonely and unable to make friends.

“Who are these two gentlemen?” Zhang Fen had noticed Huo Xuan and Xu Huan when they entered, but she only had the chance to ask now.

Just with one look, one could tell that these two people had extraordinary temperament. One look was enough to tell that they were rich or noble, especially the person standing next to Mo Zhu.

“Hello, grandma. My name is Xu Huan. I’m a friend of Mo Zhu.” After Qin Ya left, Xu Huan’s tense face relaxed and he greeted Zhang Fen happily.

“I’m Huo Xuan, Xiao Zhu’s fiancé.” Huo Xuan looked at Zhang Fen with a rare hint of nervousness.

“You’re the one from the Huo family that Qin Ya mentioned? The one that Xiao Zhu married on behalf of Fang Ran?” Zhang Fen’s expression was complicated when she heard Huo Xuan’s words.

She did not want Xiao Zhu to get married so early. Besides, Qin Ya was the one who asked Xiao Zhu to marry on the behalf of Fang Ran, so she was even more against it.

However, Zhang Fen changed her mind when she saw that Mo Zhu did not reject his existence. Although Mo Zhu had always disliked being close to others, she looked a little more relaxed when she was with him.

“Good, good. I’ll leave Xiao Zhu in your hands.” Zhang Fen said the word ‘good’ twice in a row.

She did not know how long she could live as well. When she leaves, the person whom she wouldn’t be able to let go would be Mo Zhu, who had been by her side since she was young. Although her granddaughter did not seem to care about anything, she knew that Mo Zhu valued relationships the most.

She knew her own body very well, she should have been gone long ago. It was all thanks to Mo Zhu who kept her alive using all sorts of medicine. However, there would come a day when she would leave. She did not know what would happen to Mo Zhu after she left and she did not dare to think about it either. She did not want to see Mo Zhu being all alone after she left.

Her words sounded like she was instructing them on what to do after her death. Mo Zhu was a little irritated.


“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.” The man’s tone was very gentle.

Zhang Fen nodded and looked a little tired. Huo Xuan and Xu Huan then left the room, leaving Mo Zhu alone with her.

Huo Xuan and Xu Huan left the ward and entered the office of Zhang Fen’s doctor-in-charge.

“Young Master Huo, Young Master Xu, what brings you here?” Upon seeing Huo Xuan and Xu Huan, the doctor was instantly a little frightened.

“Doctor Ren, please take good care of the patient in room 7.”

“Is it Madam Zhang Fen? Don’t worry, Young Master Huo, I will.”

“But we can’t do anything about her illness. We can only control her condition with the special medicine.” Doctor Ren sounded a little helpless.

When the two heard Doctor Ren’s words, their expressions were complicated. Huo Xuan nodded and left the office.

“Master Huo, what kind of illness do you think Mo Zhu’s grandmother has? Even with Mo Zhu’s excellent medical skills, she can’t save her grandmother?” Xu Huan was a little puzzled.

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