The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

Chapter 23
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Chapter 23: Monthly Examinations

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Mo Zhu returned, Huo Xuan was making a call in the living room. When he saw her return, he poured her a glass of water.

Huo Xuan wasn’t speaking a local language and he didn’t avoid Mo Zhu.

Soon, Huo Xuan hung up and sat down beside Mo Zhu. “I heard that your results aren’t very good?”

“It’s alright.” Mo Zhu opened her phone and casually replied Huo Xuan as she replied her messages.

“Xu Huan bought you some questions.” Huo Xuan looked at Mo Wu, who brought him a thick stack of questions.

Mo Wu felt sorry for Xu Huan. He was about to suffer Ms. Mo’s wrath.

Although Ms. Mo didn’t like to talk, when she looked at someone with her eyes were cold and evil, this expression meant that the person was going to be in trouble. One couldn’t deny that she was exactly like Master Huo in this aspect.

However, the questions were not bought by Xu Huan.

The people from Beijing received a call from Young Master Huo today. He had asked them to collate the questions for the college entrance examination. After buying them, he sent someone to bring them back. Coincidentally, Mo Zhu had returned when the questions arrived. These questions couldn’t be found in the market.

This was the first time Huo Xuan had seen the disdain in the girl’s eyes. As this was the first time he had seen Mo Zhu reveal such an expression, he found it rather amusing.

Mo Zhu turned to Huo Xuan, her almond-shaped eyes faintly misty as she stared at him.

“Would a student that the principal of Jingyang High School chose be afraid of these questions?” Huo Xuan admitted that when Mo Zhu looked at him, he had to compromise. However, it was still the child’s studies that were important.

He had heard from Xu Huan that Mo Zhu entered the school with a recommendation letter from the principal. The Fang family did not believe it, but he believed that Mo Zhu would not lie.

Mo Zhu kept silent and went upstairs.

Ms. Mo only behaves like this in front of Master Huo, right? The way she looked at others usually was frighteningly cold, Mo Wu thought.

The next day was the first day of the monthly examination of Jingyang High School. Huo Xuan sent Mo Zhu to school early.

In Class Eight, Li Xiao announced the rules of the exam in the classroom before handing out the exam papers. From the past two days, everyone had gotten used to the examination process and they started to do the exam papers.

The first subject was Chinese. Mo Zhu only filled in the blanks for the first few choices. She wrote the answers very quickly, as if she was writing without thinking. Before she finished the rest of the essay, Mo Zhu laid down and slept.

After Chinese was Mathematics. Like the previous papers, Mo Zhu filled the multiple choice questions in a few seconds, chose one of the big questions to complete and continued sleeping.

Meng Ran only heard Mo Zhu write quickly and then began to sleep.

It was the same for physics. She only chose to complete one question from the back section.

The last subject was English and almost all of it was multiple choice questions. Mo Zhu filled up the entire answer sheet.

While they were taking the English test, Duan Xu was discussing the test with the other physics teachers in the office of the physics teachers.

“The questions this time are a little difficult.” Especially the last question, which was beyond the standard of a high school student.

He did not expect the first monthly examination to be so difficult. He was worried that it would affect the students’ confidence.

The last question was found from the Physics Olympiad website. He did not have much hope for this question.

He casually flipped through the exam papers. Although most of them were blank, he saw that one of the papers was not. He looked at it with rapt attention and was a little excited. The answer was correct!

However, the process that it was done with was different from the standard answer. He took a closer look and realized that the solution to the question was even simpler and clearer than the standard answer. He felt that his thoughts had been opened up at that instant.

Duan Xu was excited that there was such a potential in the third year students this year.

When the other teachers saw how agitated Duan Xu was, with curiosity, he asked him what was up.

“Someone has solved the last question!”

The other teachers couldn’t sit still any longer. They were very curious about which student it was.

“Class One’s Xu Zhang has always had good physics results. Could it be him?”

“There’s also Fang Ran from Class One. Her results have always been one of the best.”

The two teachers were guessing.

“No, this student isn’t from class one.” Duan Xu denied.


“The student is not from Class One?” The outstanding students from Jingyang High School were all gathered in Class One. Duan Xu said he was not from Class One, that was strange. Why would such a talent be in another class?

Some of the teachers could not hold back and looked at the position where the papers were placed. They guessed that the papers were from Class Eight, but because the names were concealed, they did not know who it was from.

“Class Eight, that should be Meng Ran,” a teacher who had some impression of Class Eight quickly said.

When Duan Xu found Li Xiao, Li Xiao was confused.

“Mr. Duan, what’s the matter?”

“I’m looking for Meng Ran from Class Eight,” Duan Xu answered.

Li Xiao did not know why Duan Xu was looking for Meng Ran, but he still asked Meng Ran out. Duan Xu brought Meng Ran to the physics office and eagerly asked if the paper was hers. Meng Ran was a little confused and she replied, “I didn’t solve the last question.”

“You didn’t manage to solve it?” Duan Xu was a little disappointed. “Alright, Meng Ran.”

“But my desk mate had solved it.” She did see Mo Zhu pick a question to answer, and this was the question she had solved.

“Can you ask your desk mate to come out?” Duan Xu couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted to recruit such a talent.. The physics office had been quiet for too long.

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