The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

Chapter 17
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Chapter 17: Fang Ran

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chen Man left after dinner. However, because of Chen Man’s arrival, Mo Wu and Xu Huan were not around either. There was only Huo Xuan and Mo Zhu left in the huge Huo residence.

After Mo Zhu had finished her meal, she sat on the sofa and played her game while Huo Xuan was reading some documents. Neither of them spoke, but the atmosphere was strangely heartwarming.

They had gotten used to such interactions over the past few days.

Huo Xuan looked up and saw the speed of the girl’s hand across her phone screen. His gaze froze for a few seconds.

The girl’s hands were slender and white. Her maneuvering skills were so fast that only after-images were left behind.

One could not blame Xu Huan for being tortured by Mo Zhu.

“The treatment will be over in three days.” Mo Zhu had just finished a game, and she looked at Huo Xuan with her cold eyes.

The man paused for a few seconds. “You’re leaving?”


“My mom really likes you,” Huo Xuan said, his deep eyes filled with seriousness.

Mo Zhu did not speak. After a while, the girl closed the game interface in frustration and went upstairs.

Huo Xuan raised his head, and his gaze lingered on the direction in which Mo Zhu had left.

After returning to his room, Mo Zhu turned on her computer and logged into an account. A notification popped up.

Mo Zhu opened it. It was a video and in the video, there was a gun. She looked at it, took out a piece of paper and her hands moved quickly across the paper.

In the Fang manor, Fang Ran and her family had just finished dinner.

Usually, at this time, Fang Ran would leave to practice her piano. But today, Fang Ran did not leave the dining table immediately.

Qin Ya asked curiously, “Ran Ran, what’s wrong?”

“Mom, there’s something I want to tell you. It’s about my sister.” Fang Ran told Qin Ya about what happened on the forum.

“How could your sister do such a thing? No, we can’t let Young Master Huo know about this. Otherwise, the Fang family will be implicated.”

Qin Ya’s voice suddenly became shrill as she neared the end of her words.

She was angry and anxious. After all, the Mo Zhu had come from her womb. It was impossible to say that she had no feelings for her.

Although both of them had come out from her womb, why was there such a huge difference? If Mo Zhu could catch up to Fang Ran by half a point, Qin Ya would not be so cruel to Mo Zhu.

However, very soon, Qin Ya realized how serious the consequences of this incident would be.

If Young Master Huo knew that Mo Zhu went to meet another man behind his back, he would definitely fly into a rage. He might even implicate the Fang family and her, the person who married Mo Zhu to them.

“Ran Ran, you have to make Young Master Huo like you as soon as possible. Go to the Huo residence tomorrow and cultivate your relationship with Huo Xuan,” Qin Ya quickly said to Fang Ran.

“But will Young Master Huo like me?” Fang Ran asked softly.

“Don’t worry, Ran Ran. You’re so outstanding, your sister can’t even compare to one-tenth of you.” Qin Ya was still very confident in this daughter she had personally nurtured.

The next day, Fang Ran appeared at Huo Mansion with gifts and fruits.

“Mom was worried that my sister wouldn’t be used to living in the Huo family, so she asked me to come and visit her.” Fang Ran’s eyes fell on Huo Xuan.

Mo Zhu sneered. Would Qin Ya be so kind?

Fang Ran looked around. She hadn’t seen a single servant since she entered. Even the door was opened by Huo Xuan.

Was there only Mo Zhu and Young Master Huo in the house? Fang Ran felt even more jealous.

“Ms. Fang, have you had breakfast?”

“No.” Fang Ran lowered her head with a red face when she heard Huo Xuan’s question.

As she remembered that she was going to see Huo Xuan today, she hadn’t slept a wink last night. She had asked the driver to send her here early in the morning.


“Ms. Fang, you came at the right time. Why don’t you go make breakfast?” The man said lightly.

Fang Ran did not know what to do. He wants her to cook? Why not let Mo Zhu cook instead?

Fang Ran looked at Mo Zhu, who was playing with her phone on the sofa.

Realizing that the man was not joking, she suppressed the indignation in her eyes and walked towards the kitchen.

She really knew how to cook. Although she didn’t need to cook because of her status, cooking was also one of the things that the young ladies from rich families had to learn.

Fang Ran wondered if Young Master Huo had asked her to cook for him with the intention of testing her. She was secretly delighted when she thought of this, and happily prepared breakfast for Huo Xuan.

“Do you want me to chase her away?” In the main hall, Huo Xuan looked at Mo Zhu and asked softly.

“It’s alright.” Mo Zhu looked up. Her expression was still cold as usual, and she looked a little tired, as if she hadn’t slept the entire night.

Soon, Fang Ran brought out the breakfast she had made. “Young Master Huo, Sister, it’s time for breakfast.”

Mo Zhu did not stand on ceremony. She sat down at the dining table and Huo Xuan sat on her left.. As Fang Ran did not want to sit next to Mo Zhu, she could only sit opposite them.

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