The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

Chapter 14
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Chapter 14: The Storm on the Forum

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Mo Zhu and Meng Ran entered the classroom, Jiang Xun was about to look for them.

“What happened?” There was a conspicuous red mark on Meng Ran’s arm. Although so, Jiang Xun was not worried that anything would happen to Mo Zhu.

“It’s that admirer of yours, she’s causing trouble for Sister Mo.” Meng Ran was a little angry.

“Li Lu?” Jiang Xun frowned as he looked at the other empty seat.

“You took action?” Zhang Xuan turned to Mo Zhu.

Mo Zhu did not speak. She propped her chin on her hand and tapped her phone as if she was replying a message.

“Sister Mo was so cool just now. She flipped those people to the ground in an instant.” When she said this, Meng Ran became excited, but there wasn’t any change in Jiang Xun’s expression.

As they were talking, Mo Zhu took out a small white ointment tube from her bag and squeezed it on Meng Ran’s arm.

Meng Ran only felt that her arm was cold and it felt very comfortable. The red mark disappeared after a few seconds, and there was no trace of it left.

Meng Ran did not see the tube and only asked excitedly when Mo Zhu had bought the medicine.

“Jiang Xun bought it.”

“At least you have a conscience.”

Jiang Xun took a glance at Mo Zhu, but he didn’t speak, and his expression was slightly helpless.

In the afternoon, Mo Zhu did not go to lunch with them. She only excused herself with the reason that she had something to do and left.

After Jiang Xun and the others had finished eating, they saw Mo Zhu walk into the classroom unhurriedly with a thermos box in her hand, and she placed it on Jiang Xun’s table.


“Uncle Jiang gave it to me.”

“Tsk, my father doesn’t even care about his own son as much.” Jiang Xun was jealous.

“Oh, here you go.”

“What did my father say?”

“He told me to keep an eye on you and study hard.” Mo Zhu curled her arms and she looked a little wild as she looked at Jiang Xun with a teasing gaze.

Meng Ran felt that they had known each other for a long time. Jiang Xun listened to Mo Zhu really obediently, but she could tell that their relationship was not one that was romantic.

It was Li Xiao’s class in the afternoon. Li Xiao taught physics and for many people, it was the most difficult subject.

Li Xiao was pleased to see that Mo Zhu was focused during his lessons and did not sleep. However, he did not know whether Mo Zhu understood what he was teaching.

Li Xiao even specially came to Mo Zhu and asked her how she was doing. He told her that if she did not understand anything, she could go to him after class. Mo Zhu nodded and Li Xiao left in satisfaction.

“Sister Mo, did you notice the strange look in Li Lu’s eyes?” Li Lu had just returned to the classroom in the afternoon, and she had a feeling that something was wrong the moment she returned.

During the break between classes, the students in the class suddenly exploded into an uproar. They were enthusiastically discussing something, and almost everyone cast strange looks at Mo Zhu.

Most of the girls were sneering at her with mocking expressions on their faces.

“I can’t believe that the transfer student is such a person.”

“Exactly, exactly. She looks so pure and arrogant, but behind our backs…”

The few people in the front spoke a little loudly, and they turned their heads to look at Mo Zhu from time to time. Meng Ran was really angry when she heard it and she said, “What are all of you talking about!”

Jiang Xun noticed it as well, and he grabbed one of his lackey and asked.

“Brother Jiang, look at the school forum.”

Jiang Xun and Meng Ran went onto the school forum and saw the most popular post on the forum. The title was “A girl from Jingyang High School is a sugar baby”, and a picture was attached below it.

In the photo was a man with his back facing the camera and in front of him was a girl with a cold expression on her face. That girl was obviously Mo Zhu.

There was already more than ten thousand comments under the post. After reading a few comments, Meng Ran could not stand it anymore. It was unbearable to look at. She looked at Mo Zhu worriedly. She believed that Mo Zhu was not such a person.

“All of you shut the f*ck up! If anyone dares to say another word, you don’t have to come to school tomorrow.” Jiang Xun knocked his fist on the table, and the young man’s face was filled with ruthlessness.

No one dared to continue speaking, but all sorts of gazes were still falling on Mo Zhu.


In no time, the teacher was alarmed. Li Xiao called Mo Zhu to his office.

The teachers looked at Mo Zhu strangely, especially Yang Rong. When she saw Mo Zhu walk in, she sneered, “A person like this is ruining the school’s reputation.”

“Ms. Yang, please don’t spout nonsense without finding out the cause and reason for it. I believe that Mo Zhu is not such a person.”

Li Xiao was a little angry when he heard this. How could she say this in front of the student?

Li Xiao made Mo Zhu sit down and he looked at her. He did not say anything, but his eyes were filled with his trust towards her.

Mo Zhu sat down with her back nestled in the chair. She was a sitting a little lazily as she said lightly, “That’s my uncle.”

Li Xiao looked at the other teachers. The teachers were hesitant. This matter not only concerned the students themselves, but also the reputation of the school and the teachers.

“Can you ask him to come over to explain it to everyone?” Li Xiao looked kindly at Mo Zhu and asked softly.

“Sure.” Mo Zhu’s answer was clear-cut.

The girl picked up her phone and made a call. It was a man’s voice on the phone and it sounded very imposing.. For some reason, everyone felt that this voice was somewhat familiar.

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