The Substitute Bride and the Cripple

Chapter 73 - Unspeakable
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Chapter 73: Unspeakable

“It’s a little tough, but if I put my mind to it, I’ll reap many valuable benefits.” Tang Qiu comforted herself, but when she thought of those books, she wanted to cry. Really, there were so many…

When the two of them arrived at the club, Qian Hongwei introduced her to a few members of the club. Tang Qiu was amazed. All of them were top students with honors. There were also a few young doctors who were already working in the hospital!

Qian Hongwei asked her, “What do you want to learn?”

Tang Qiu explained Jiang Shaocheng’s situation. “Do you have any alternative methods of treatment to suggest?”

Qian Hongwei’s eyes flashed. “Of course. You won’t go wrong with acupressure. All you’ll need is to find a few key acupuncture points and some herbs.”

Tang Qiu felt that this technique was feasible to try, so Qian Hongwei began to explain the acupuncture points to her using a human anatomy diagram. She listened attentively and even took notes, so she did not see the coldness in Qian Hongwei’s eyes. Afterwards, he handed her a box of essential oil and told her to try it out on her own.

Tang Qiu nodded seriously, thinking of the massage she would give her husband. Then she picked up her heavy school bag and left.

When she was gone, a male student walked to Qian Hongwei’s side and asked the president in a low voice, “There seems to be something wrong with the acupuncture points you mentioned just now. If she places pressure on the wrong spots, not only will the patient not recover, their condition might worsen.”

Qian Hongwei narrowed his cold eyes and stared at the man who had dared question him. “You’re mistaken,” he said with a smile. “I modified the technique according to the needs of the patient.”

“Ah, I see. But that girl is really pretty, especially when she smiles. Is she your girlfriend, President?” the student asked with a laugh.

Qian Hongwei’s eyes flashed and his lips curled up. “Of course.” Not now–but she would be.


Tang Qiu returned home and set her heavy bag down with a thump. She rubbed her shoulders and turned around to see Jiang Shaocheng. “I’m home, dear,” she greeted with a smile.

“I can see that, Qiu,” he replied, smiling back.

Tang Qiu cupped his face and kissed him on the lips. “I have a surprise for you tonight, dear!” She glanced at the empty kitchen. Did Ke Liuyi not make dinner today? Guilt rolled through her. Ke Liuyi was a doctor; it wasn’t fair to keep expecting her to cook their meals. She promptly rolled up her sleeves and went to the kitchen to make dinner.

Jiang Shaocheng pushed his wheelchair in. Back then, he hadn’t known his way around the kitchen, but after helping her out, he had learnt how to wash and cut vegetables, and even familiarized himself with the various cooking utensils. After he was done washing the vegetables, he immediately requested a reward, and his reward was–naturally–a kiss from her.

Not that Tang Qiu wasn’t happy to oblige him. Her smile, sweet and adorable, set him itching and on edge. His mind was full of embarrassingly vivid fantasies, some of which took place in the kitchen.

Just then, Ke Liuyi walked in and saw the two of them flirting in the kitchen. Rage rose like lava in her stomach, threatening to erupt as a pool of blood on the floor. It just wasn’t right. Tang Qiu must have played some tricks on him, for a noble man like Jiang Shaocheng to endure the grease and smoke of the kitchen to help her in her cooking.

Tang Qiu was an efficient worker; in half an hour, she had prepared three dishes and a soup. She called Ke Liuyi and He Lei over for dinner.

But Jiang Shaocheng said, “They’ve already had dinner. Come, let’s eat.”

“He Lei, Doctor Ke, you’ve both eaten?” Tang Qiu asked, puzzled.

Ke Liuyi hadn’t had dinner yet, but He Lei answered for her. “Yes, Young Mistress. We ate together earlier. Do enjoy your meal. Call us if you need anything.”

Ke Liuyi glared at him. She hadn’t eaten, so why would he say otherwise?

He Lei shot her a look, warning her not to air her grievances in front of them. Helplessly, Ke Liuyi bit back her anger and let him lead her out.


When they reached the courtyard, He Lei made sure that Tang Qiu hadn’t followed them before informing her, “Doctor Ke, you’re still new here, so you might not understand how things work. In the future, whenever the young mistress makes dinner, you’re not to eat with them. The young master doesn’t like it when others eat the food his wife prepared.”

Ke Liuyi burst into an outraged laugh. “I’ve eaten her food before. Why didn’t he get angry then?”

“That was when you first arrived. The young mistress wanted to be a good host, so the young master kept quiet about it. The second time, the young mistress was just being polite. But the young master won’t let there be a third time.”

“But they ate the meals I cooked too,” she protested, indignant.

“It’s different when it’s his wife doing the cooking. Besides, you helped out of your own accord; why would the young master stop the young mistress from trying your food? Also, try to avoid the kitchen in the future, so you won’t intrude on their, ah, time alone.”

“Time alone?” she echoed, fighting to keep her voice level.

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