The Student Council President's Secret Laid Bare

Chapter 6 - Things Get Even More Extreme in Her Room!?
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Chapter 6 - Things Get Even More Extreme in Her Room!?

A few days after the beauty pageant, Akiya sat in his classroom desk and breathed a sigh deeper than the sea as his awful friend showed him a few photographs.


(I’d expected this, but it’s still hard to look at…)

Needless to say, the photos were of Yunori at that photo shoot. He might have allowed it if they were only of the swimsuit, but there were even some in her uniform, in her underwear, and with only her hands covering her breasts.

No matter how much one tried to ensure secrecy, this kind of thing always found a way of getting out.


He breathed an even deeper sigh as he realized the photos really had spread to everyone.

“What’s that sigh for? If these photos are going to make you do anything, it should be making a run for the bathroom.”

His awful friend’s tone of voice was enough to know exactly what he had done after getting his hands on these photos, so for the time being…


Akiya punched him.

“What the hell was that for!?”

“Sorry. My hand slipped.”

That was obviously a lie, but he could hardly explain why he had punched him.

“Honestly, how does your hand slip right into someone’s gut? And as a fist no less?”

He ignored him. If possible, he wished the boy would forget all about the photos in his anger, but that was never going to happen.

That awful friend grabbed the photos from his hand.

“I worked hard to get these photos, you know?”

He grinned while showing them off and Akiya started thinking he should let his fist “slip” right into that face.

“I never thought she would dress like this. I’m so jealous of the guys chosen for that photo shoot.”

“If you had been there, I’d have shoved you off the roof not one second into it.”

“You say something?”

“No, nothing.”

He pretended he had not said the words that slipped from his mouth.

He did not enjoy having other people see Yunori like this, but he did abandon the idea of confiscating all of the photos. It was far too late for that.

“By the way, Hihiro. Are you free today?”


“I have an even more amazing photo. It’s so good I didn’t bring it to school because I was afraid it’d be confiscated. It’s a super-rare nip-…why are you glaring at me?”

“No reason.”

He had apparently narrowed his eyes without meaning to. And it was a truly murderous look.

“Well, whatever. If you don’t have any plans…”

“Excuse me. Is Hihiro Akiya-kun here?”

Just before he made plans to visit his awful friend’s house, he suddenly heard a kind and beautiful voice from the classroom door.

The voice was enough to know exactly who it was.

He had slept with her almost every day since making that sex tape.

“Yuno-…President, do you need something?”

He asked what she wanted while choosing not to use her name in front of his classmates. He doubted she had come here to tell him about what sexual plans she had for them, so it had to be something urgent.

“Eh? Well, I don’t really ‘need’ something, but do you have any plans for today?”

“No, not really. I just have homeroom left and then I’m leaving.”

He picked up on what she was trying to say. This was a roundabout way of inviting him to have sex.

“That’s good. Then grab your bag and come with me.”

She must have been in a hurry because she entered the classroom, grabbed his bag from his desk, and pulled on his hand even with everyone watching.

“W-wait!? Where are we going? And I still have homeroom.”

“I will inform your teacher.”

She was in an incredibly good mood as she walked through the hall. She seemed on the verge of skipping.

He could tell any kind of argument would be useless.

This was the same as when her fetish had been out of control. The only way to stop her would be to take her here and now.

“So where are you taking me?”

He gathered his resolve and asked the crucial question.

They had already had sex several times, but never in a normal place. Just the day before, they had done it roughly behind the school building afterschool.

“Today, we’re going to do it somewhere amazing.”

They changed from their slippers to their shoes and moved to the schoolyard.

“And where is that?”

In a way, he had already given up. Being seen turned her on, so she would never be satisfied with normal sex. That meant only an unbelievable answer could be coming.

He just prayed that it was not somewhere where they were certain to be caught like the middle of the schoolyard or the street corner.

“Heh heh. Today is special…so we’ll be doing it in my room.”

When he saw the full smile on her face in front of the car, Akiya felt relaxed about the coming sex for the very first time.

(Is this really a personal residence?)

Akiya nervously walked with Yunori down a large red-carpeted hallway.

After twenty or thirty minutes in the car that had picked them up, they had finally reached the president’s house which he could hardly believe existed in Japan.

It looked like a Western mansion. The exterior was exactly that and there were maids and butlers lined up to greet her.

Its size truly was that of a mansion rather than a house. It was even larger than the school building and a car could easily have driven down the hallway they were walking down.

It looked like the ridiculous home of a rich character from a drama or anime.

“What’s the matter? You’ve been silent ever since arriving here.”

“Oh, it’s nothing…”

It was not that he wanted to be silent. He simply did not know what to say.

For one thing, he had no idea where he was aside from “her home”.

Even if he was willing to accept that there was both an outer gate and an inner gate, he could not understand how there had been a ten minute car ride between.

“You don’t need to be so nervous just because it’s your first time at my house.”


His surprise had been limiting his speech as much as his tension, but Yunori could not understand that since she had been raised here ever since birth.

“I have been busy preparing for t-today ever since deciding yesterday I would invite you to my room.”

The queen of the school looked a little embarrassed as she looked at him from the side.


Her words and behavior filled him with happiness.

Preparing since the day before definitely meant she wanted to leave a good impression on him. And her embarrassment was the unique brand of sex appeal she always showed before they had sex.

They would be alone together in a newly tidied up room. Akiya began to think that the intense arousal of the beauty pageant and filmed sex afterwards had cured her fetish. He was a little surprised by the change while also excited about having sex in her room.

“Yuno-…Yunori, your room must be beautiful.”

“Don’t look at me like that. It’s embarrassing.”

They could have normal sex. The happiness of that thought lightened his step and somewhat quickened his pace.

They naturally started holding hands and their shoulders touched, so they looked like a new couple as they walked down the hallway.

“That’s my room over there.”

The door she pointed to was far from normal.

He could tell at once that it belonged to someone special. It was a little bigger than the others, it contained colorful carved decorations, and a maid stood outside to welcome the room’s owner.

(I didn’t think anyone actually lived like this.)

Shocked by the surreal living environment, he arrived in front of the door with Yunori. The obedient maid gave a dignified bow.

“Welcome home, my lady. Do you need anything?”

“No, nothing at all. I will prepare a drink for him, so please do not approach his room for a while.”

“Understood. I will inform the others.”

The maid must have realized what the two of them would be doing in there alone because Akiya spotted a shadow briefly fall over her face, but she was a true maid. She said nothing more, bowed, and left.

“Now, come on in.”

Akiya’s heart pounded as the president opened the door.

He had dreamed of having normal sex like this, so his face naturally softened and he could not stop himself from smiling.

“This is my room.”


As soon as he stepped inside, he was too surprised to say anything more.

It was large enough to make his own room look like a doghouse. It may have even been larger than his entire house.

It was tall, the windows let in a lot of light, and it was filled with fancy furniture.

It even contained a kitchenette that was likely meant to make tea, so it looked like someone could live without ever leaving the room.

“You don’t have to look so surprised.”

“Y-you can’t just tell me not to be surprised…”

His surprise was unavoidable. Plus, the size and interior of the room was not the only source of surprise.

The pink king-sized bed was surrounded by some objects that clearly did not belong.

“Wh-what are those?”

An unpleasant sweat appeared on his forehead as his hopes for normal sex crumbled.

“You have to ask? They’re obviously cameras.”

She spoke readily and without hesitation, as if the answer was obvious.

But in what world did a girl have dozens of cameras set up around her bed? They were placed around the bed from every angle, including low angles just off the ground and high angles on the ceiling.

“What are you planning to-…”

“This is amazing. All of the cameras can record at once. And…”

As she spoke, the queen of the school pulled out a remote, pointed it toward the wall, and pressed a button. With the sound of motors, the wall rose, revealing the kind of giant monitor found in concert halls.

(This is like some kind of secret base.)

Unsure whether to be exasperated or shocked, he could not work up the willpower to say anything at all.

“Look, Akiya. When I do this…”

She hit another button and the monitor displayed a number of different images at once. They were from different angles, but they all showed the king-sized bed.

“I couldn’t forget that feeling from the beauty pageant.”

The photo shoot and the sex tape they had filmed afterwards seemed to have awoken a new fetish inside her. Delight filled her face as her blue eyes reflected the large screen and she booted up the computer sitting in the room.

“This is connected to that TV.”

“That’s fine, but what do you need the computer for?”

She may have wanted to show off her system, but he could not figure out why she was booting up the computer.

But for some reason, seeing her do so filled him with unease.

“It’s just about time. I wonder if many people are watching.”

The large monitor switched to the front page of an adult website and each new click brought her to an even more suspicious place.

Also, she showed no hesitation as she operated the mouse.

“Oh, don’t worry. I made this site.”

Realizing what he was thinking, the president kindly smiled and told him this was not a problem. However, that only made him worry about the fact that she would make a site like this.

“And it’s connected.”

She spoke happily and looked to the large monitor to check.

It had been displaying the computer screen before, but it had returned to the multi-angle footage of the bed. That alone told him that footage was being streamed on the internet.

“I wonder if anyone’s watching yet.”

A few seconds later, the same words came from the large monitor.

“Yunori, surely you aren’t planning to have us do it here…”

“That’s exactly what I’m planning. Didn’t I tell you I can’t forget how horny I got during the beauty pageant? But doing that again and again would cause problems.”

As she spoke, her cheeks grew a little flushed from the embarrassment of exposing her skin. However, her arousal won out over the embarrassment, so heat filled her breaths and her large flesh fruits jiggled below her uniform.

(And I was so excited too…)

Strength left him.

He had expected to have sex all alone here, but it had transformed into a studio to allow an unknown number of complete strangers watch them live.

“Yunori, it’s not too late to call this off.”

“Why would I? Do you not want to sleep with me?”

“I didn’t say that…”

Part of it came from not wanting others to see her having sex, but it also had to do with how his penis shriveled up at the situation.

“Please, Akiya. Show everyone that I’m yours. If you do that, other boys will stop approaching me.”

He had his doubts about using this to ward off boys, but based on her fetish, he knew she was serious.

She wanted to let this unspecified number of people see her having sex to prove that she belonged to someone already.

It was true that letting everyone see them intensely making love would let it be known that he was her lover, but he was pretty sure there were better ways of doing that.

“I can’t do it. I can’t let people see us having sex…”

“Th-that’s right… Sorry. I wasn’t thinking about your feelings. But it’s almost time…”

She sounded disappointed and she turned her blue eyes toward the large monitor.

Sensing that something had happened, he looked there too and saw something unbelievable beginning.

“When’s it gonna start?” “I hope the girl’s cute.” “I’m already rock hard.”

Text scrolled along the screen and the number of connected accounts displayed at the bottom of the screen was rising abnormally fast.

“If I called this off now, it would cause problems.”

“Oh, I heard a voice!” “She sounded pretty cute.” “Hurry up and let me cum.”

The president’s voice had elicited several responses from over the internet.

“Akiya, you only have to watch from here. I’ll do it alone.”

She gave him a somewhat sad smile and slowly climbed onto the king-sized bed.

“She’s sexy as hell!” “Ohhhhh! She’s super cute!” “A girl like this is really gonna let us see her fuck?” “I’m already hard! Get sucking!”

Even more text scrolled by when she appeared on the screen.

The text briefly covered her up, so the viewers quickly restrained themselves.

“Everyone watching this, thank you very much for responding to my request.”

More text scrolled across the screen.

“But my boyfriend said he doesn’t want to be part of the internet stream.”

“What a loser!” “Tell me where you are and I’ll take his place.” “Whelp, there goes my boner…”

(Shut the hell up!)

The online viewers said whatever they wanted without any thought to what Akiya might think. It rubbed him the wrong way and pissed him off.

“So today you’ll have to settle for watching me…m-masturbate.”

After her embarrassed announcement, she greeted them by pulling up her uniform’s skirt to reveal her thighs covered in white knee socks and her pink-frilled sexy white panties.

“Panties! Panties spotted!” “White! They’re white!” “God I love those sexy panties!”

“Wh-what do you think of my underwear? …I-I’ll show you the rest too.”

At first, the text scrolling by on the screen and the act of exposing her skin on her own seemed to bring more embarrassment than arousal.

She could not speak smoothly and tears began to well up in her blue eyes. Her hands were trembling as she tried to remove her red vest and she rubbed her thighs together to try to hide her panties.

But that behavior only aroused the viewers more. The comments were telling her to strip and were filled with dirty words.

“Now, I’ll show you my ch-chest too…”


“Eh? Ky-kyahh!?”

He could not leave her alone any longer when she was that embarrassed.

Irritated by the text on the screen, Akiya climbed onto the bed, sat next to Yunori, reached around from her back and began groping her flesh fruits so the camera in front of them could see.

As he fondled the soft mounds over her uniform, he could feel her warm body temperature and perfect elasticity. Each time he moved his hands in a circle, a moan escaped her lips.

“Who’s that guy?” “A guy out of nowhere. And now some titty groping.” “Forced plug-in incoming. wwwwww”

“A-Akiya…nn…I won’t be able to stop…”

“I know.”

As the text scrolled by, the president told him she would not be able to stop having sex once they started, but he was already well aware.

He did not want to make her go through this embarrassment alone, so he dug his fingers in through her clothing and warped the shape of her soft mounds to inform everyone that she was his.

“Fwah…my…my breasts…want you so bad…pant, pant…”

The queen of the school had grown incredibly horny after seeing herself displayed from multiple angles with the text scrolling by, so she began panting and went limp when he showed up.

“I’ll be removing your clothes.”

“Eh? O-okay…”

With her permission, he grabbed her vest with his fondling hands, quickly unbuttoned it, and removed it from her slender upper body.

He had only removed a single layer of clothing, but her flesh fruits jiggled inside the thin blouse and lots of aroused words scrolled across the monitor.

“Tits in a blouse spotted! wwwww” “Nothing’s hotter than a bra seen through a blouse!” “I’m already fapping.” “Why can’t you record this?”

The text gave an extreme reaction just from seeing her bra through the thin blouse. When she saw that, her body temperature rose, her skin trembled, and the skin of her breasts tightened.

Her thighs rubbed together as they yearned for stimulation and her white skin grew a little sweaty.

“It looks like…everyone’s really horny…”

“You’re making them that way, Yunori.”

She had claimed this was to prove she was his, but he pressed his lips together a little as he wondered if it had all really been for her own arousal. Regardless, he reached for her blouse’s buttons and slowly unbuttoned them from the top in order to tease both the viewers and her.

“Nnh… They…they can all see me…”

As soon as he unbuttoned down to her chest, her body sensed the gazes of the cameras and aroused sweat began dripping from her.

The opening in her blouse revealed her soft mounds contained in a strapless white half-cup bra with the same design as her usual one. The skin of her breasts was tight enough to tell just how aroused she was.

“Pant, pant, pant…nnah!”

As soon as he finished unbuttoning the blouse and fully opened the front, Yunori let out a shriek, leaned back her head, and caused her large flesh fruits to bounce inside the bra.

“Damn, I wish I was that guy.” “They’re surprisingly big.” “Hurry up and show us those tits. And then grope them.” “I want to grope them, I want to grope them, I want to grope them so bad.”

Countless lines of text scrolled across the monitor as Yunori showed off her upper body with only the sexy half-cup bra and the red necktie around her neck.

As the text grew, so did her body temperature. Her nipples quickly pushed visibly out against the bra.

The camera picked up her pale areolae as they poked out from the edge of the bra’s cups, so people other than Akiya saw their lovely color.

“I see areola!” “What a pretty color.” “Pull down that bra and show us those nips!”

“Nnahhh, hahh…Akiya…”

As he looked to her skin while she gasped with a longing tone in her voice, he obeyed the monitor’s words by pulling down her bra and revealing the large bowl-shaped flesh fruits below.

“Ah… They can all see…see my breasts…”

She sensed the gazes of the cameras before any text could scroll by, those beautiful peaks bounced, and beads of sweat dripped down the cleavage.

Even more heat filled her breath while the light pink nipples and areolae both swelled out to a point.

“If you’re this horny, I’ve got to make sure you feel even better.”

“Hyan! Hahhhhh!”

He suddenly placed her seductively trembling nipples in his mouth, gently bit them, and licked at them with the tip of his tongue. A sweet milk-like aroma quickly filled his nose and he felt a gummy-like elasticity on his teeth and tongue tip.

“Just…just sucking on them isn’t enough…”

“Then I’ll fondle them too.”

Since she said the nipples alone were insufficient, he removed his mouth and started groping the flesh fruits from below, bounced them around, and dug his fingers into the resiliency pressing back at his hand.

“…Fwah…My breasts…belong to you… They belong to you now, Akiyaaaa!”

The president raised an alluring voice as if to inform the viewers.

As his hands altered the shape of those large soft mounds, several cameras recorded and broadcast it while aroused text scrolled across the monitor.

The stimulation to those soft mounds and the arousal of being seen caused her to spread her legs and reveal her panties. The lines of her tensed muscles were visible along her inner thighs and an obscene stain spread across the white cloth.

“Giant squishy tits.” “Let me suck them too.” “Hey, the panties angle is amazing.”

While most of the scrolling comments were focused on her bowl-shaped flesh fruits, a single comment diverted everyone’s attention to the footage providing a close-up view up her skirt.

“Ohhhhh! You’re right!” “Twitching thighs and a trembling crotch.” “Her panties are wet.” “Did having your tits grope feel that good?”

Seeing the scrolling comments only aroused Yunori further. Her breasts bounced up and down as she breathed and even more aroused sweat poured down her, adding a seductive sheen to her soft skin.

Her legs trembled, the muscles of her inner thigh twitched, and her peach-like butt moved slowly back and forth as if begging for something.

“Nnah…pant, pant, pant… Everyone’s looking at…at my panties…”

“Then we’ve got to give them a better look.”

Akiya had been hesitant at first, but he was completely onboard with letting everyone see them have sex now.

He moved his hands from her breasts down to her lower body. He tickled at her thighs and then spread her legs.

“Nfhhh…hyahn…pant, pant, pant…”

Her breathing quickened and her exposed flesh fruits bounced up and down again and again.

He enjoyed the elasticity of the nipple that grew even further in his mouth while the shape of her trembling pussy lips became readily apparent through her fully-exposed panties.

“That tickles…that tickles too much…nn…”

The stimulation of having her breasts fondled and sucked on while also having her thighs stroked was enough for a single tear to drip from the damp blue eyes below the lowered ends of her eyebrows.

But that tear only made her look all the more erotic at the moment.

“I’m going to touch it.”

“Y-yes… Touch me as much as you-…khnnnnn!”

Akiya knew the tear did not come from embarrassment or sadness. It came from her inability to stand the throbbing inside her panties, so he reached for those panties and began to rub the vertical line visible through the cloth.

Her entire body gave a jerk and she tried in vain to hold back her voice by squeezing her pink lips shut. Her sweaty skin trembled and hot female nectar seeped from her panties.

“Ahh… It feels…feels so good…”

Simply rubbing her pussy through the cloth was enough to elicit a damp voice from her lips. One of the angles displayed on the large monitor showed her panties as his finger rubbed against her pussy. With each movement of his finger, the love juices spread and made the white cloth nearly transparent.

“This girl’s super hot.” “It’s growing see-through.” “I’m dripping precum.”

“Nnahh… Everyone…everyone is looking at…at my pussy…”

The scrolling comments aroused her even more and increased the amount of love juices. He used his rubbing fingers to spread her pussy lips and started feeling the somewhat hard hidden hole further in. Each time his fingertips pressed against the flesh inside those lips, love juices would seep from the silk material and wrap around his fingers.

“You’re such a lewd girl, Yunori. Everyone watching has to be horny as hell.”

“Ah…ahhh… That…that isn’t true…”

When he removed his mouth from her nipple and whispered to her while looking her in the eye, she replied with a blank look in her eyes.

“Just look how hard I am. Everyone watching must be rubbing theirs already.”


His words tickled at her sense of embarrassment, so she reacted by giving a large bounce of her breasts. The damp moans escaping her well-formed lips gained more heat and a more obscene tone as they echoed around the large room along with the wet sounds of him fingering her pussy.

“Nhah… My body…my body is so hot… Hurry, Akiya… Hurry up and put it inside me…”

“You want me to pleasure you even more?”

The way she begged for him to penetrate her and the sensation of her hidden hole sucking at his fingers through the cloth both filled his penis with heat. When he whispered his question, she nodded in response.

“But I think I want you to pleasure me before I put it in.”

“Eh? Ah…you don’t mean…”

When he let go of her breasts, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his erect penis, the president realized what he meant and looked hesitant.

“This cutie’s about to start sucking a dick.” “Get sucking already.” “Hell, yeah! Live blowjob!”

Even if she was willing to show off her skin, she had apparently not expected to pleasure him during this live show. However, the scrolling text was insisting that she give a blowjob and would not be taking no for an answer.

She had not pleasured him like this since that first time, so his penis throbbed with expectation even though she had not even touched it yet.

“Hurry up.”

“Eh? But they’re watching…hyan!”

When she tried to reject the idea, he gathered strength in the fingers on her pussy and pressed one fingertip into her hidden hole through the silk material.

The hole tightened down on his fingertip like a love bite and wriggled as if to swallow the foreign object deeper.

“If you won’t do it, I’ll stop here.”

“But…but…I’ll be letting everyone see me sucking a dick…”

The president intermittently moved her butt forward and back to gain more stimulation on her hidden hole, but she still rejected the idea while panting. Still, he did not want to give up on this blowjob.

He pulled out the fingertip he had shoved inside her hole through the cloth and started rolling around the feminine bud creating a small bump in her panties.

“Fwaah! Ahh… Not…not there… It…it feels too good…”

As he attacked her clitoris through the cloth, the hood pulled back and the more direct stimulation caused her to swing her chestnut hair around and moan.

The stain on her sexy panties grew further, gave an even clearer view of her pussy lips, and allowed the camera to record her hidden hole as love juices flowed from it.

“Then I’ll move back here.”

He returned his finger to her hidden hole and resumed attacking it through the cloth, but this time he did not stick his fingertip inside.

He only brought the fingertip to the edges of the hole that opened and closed a little like it was breathing. While teasing her body, he thrust his penis up against her a few times to ask her to suck it.

“Fwah…nn…this is…this is too cruel… My body can’t stand this….”

“Then will you suck my dick? If not, I’ll quit having sex right here.”

Since she refused to give him a blowjob, he gently removed his fingers from her pussy.

“Ahh… I-I’ll do it…I’ll suck your dick…”

Since she did not want to stop having sex, she finally agreed, climbed down from the bed, kneeled in front of him with her peach-like butt on the floor, and brought her lips to his crotch.

The arousal of anticipation made the shaft a size thicker than normal and caused precum to drip from the tip.

“Hurry up and suck it! wwwww” “I’m too horny to wait any longer.” “We’ll be watching every second as you suck it.” “Shit, I’m so horny I’ve got a nosebleed.”

Plenty of comments focused on her mouth scrolled by.

Yunori watched those comments as she opened her pink lips, brushed aside the hair falling on her cheeks, and embarrassedly grabbed the rod.

“It’s been a while since I did this…and this time everyone’s watching…”


The head was held inside a warm space and her lips tightened around the shaft.

This first blowjob since that first time sent a tingling sensation along the shaft and the tip swelled out even further.

His hands naturally reached around the queen of the school’s chestnut-colored head and assisted her back and forth motion, bringing the tip to the back of her throat.

“H-how do you like my lips…nnn…nn…nn…nn…”

Her tongue wrapped around the shaft and the flesh of her narrow throat held the head as she asked a muffled question.

However, he could not answer her.

The sensation of her tongue and narrow throat on his penis caused it to grow even harder and an itching impatience spread throughout his entire lower body. He naturally began moving hips back and forth on the bed, pushing her lips in and out around the shaft, inserting the rod all the way to the base, and sticking the tip deep into her throat.

“Nnhahnn, nn, nchp, nn…ahh…”

It was a somewhat rough blowjob, but the president still moved her head back and forth and accepted his penis.

The obscene sound of the oral sex act and her muffled voice echoed through the room and further aroused the viewers.

“That girl looks like she loves the taste of dick. wwww” “Suck mine too!” “Listen to that sound!”

Comments scrolled along the screen.

When Akiya looked at them, he also checked each angle of footage being shown. One showed her face as she coated the shaft in saliva and let it push her lips in and out. Another showed a close up of her butt.

(So that’s what it looks like.)

He could not help but think that when he saw her blushing face moving back and forth with the lips being pushed obscenely in and out. He also saw the drool dripping down her chin, her breasts bouncing up and down, her skirt pulled up, and the way her butt’s peach shape was perfectly visible through the tightly-fitting white panties. He could not normally see any of that when she was pleasuring him like this.

“This is amazing, Yunori. Look.”


She took in the penis up to the base and the head pressed out against her throat, but when she looked at the monitor, her blue eyes widened.

“Tha’s…tha’s all me…nnhhhhhh!”

This was Akiya’s first time to see footage like that, so it was of course her first time as well.

Seeing herself orally pleasuring a boy caused her entire body to tingle and love juices sprayed through her panties.

The monitor displaying her butt showed her panties growing wet and see-through due to the arousal of being seen. Even the love juices dripping to the floor were broadcast out to the internet.

“She just sprayed something!” “Her panties are so see-through you can see every last part of her butt.” “Did she just piss herself?” “Bouncing tits with hard nipples!”

The people seeing the same footage posted their own comments which scrolled across the screen.

However, those too added to her arousal, so her blowjob grew even more intense.

Her chestnut-colored head picked up speed as it moved forward and back, her tongue licked across the head and shaft like a living creature, and she smeared even more saliva onto it. She began sucking even harder, the noise grew even more indecent, and her sucked-in cheeks even touched the shaft.

With the penis in up to the base, her body trembled with a wet sheen of aroused sweat while love juices dripped from the panties that were transparent enough to give a perfect view of her pussy lips.

“Whoa, now that’s a blowjob.” “She’s like a living vacuum cleaner.” “Suck mine too!” “Sucking dick turns her on? What a slut. wwww”

“Npaaahhh. I…I can’t last much longer. My pussy…is throbbing…”

The scrolling text caused Yunori to realize the viewers were seeing more than just her mouth as she pleasured him. They were also looking at her flesh fruits that were shining from the sweat and saliva covering them, at her butt, and at her pussy that was producing so much love juices. The gathered gazes caused her entire body to throb.

When she spat out the penis, it glowed wetly from her saliva and a bridge of that saliva connected back to her mouth.

“Fwah…Akiya…Akiya! I’ll use everything I have…to pleasure this…this massive thing…nn, nn, nn!”

“Everything? Oh! Ohhh!”

She pressed her breasts together, held the rod between those flesh fruits, and began sucking the tip again.

While receiving his first titjob, his eyes were glued to her and the sensation of those soft mounds rubbing against his penis caused his hips to start moving back and forth.

He could feel the elastic and yet tense sensation of the skin. The head of his penis was enclosed in a warm space, the tip of her tongue attacked the very tip again and again, and he felt like she was tickling inside his penis as well.


“Nnah…ahn…nmh…chp…mh…nn, nn, nn! Slurp!”

She was entirely caught up in pleasuring him with her breasts and mouth.

She did not even notice him clenching his teeth as she moved her large flesh fruits up and down, held the head in her mouth, and noisily sucked at his penis.

As it received this intense service, his rod gradually swelled out and throbbed more quickly. He was about to lose his mind at the ticklishness of seemingly having the inside of his penis toyed with.

He quickly thrust his hips as if trying to penetrate her large breasts and lips. With each thrust, her saliva flew and began soaking into the sheets of her bed.

“Now she’s giving a titty-blowjob with those giant things. wwwww” “I’m about to cum!” “What a slut! I’ll pay, so suck me off too!”

The scrolling comments only made her pleasure him even more intensely.

Her panties had grown so see-through she might as well have not been wearing any, love juices dripped from the bottom, and they formed an obscene puddle on the floor of her room.

“Yuno…Yunori. Keep this up and I’m going to cum.”

“Nfah…nchp…hnn…nn… You can…you can cum in my mouth…I’ll swallow it all…nn…”

He tried to get her to stop because he could not stand the double pleasure of her breasts and mouth and he was about to cum, but the queen of the school made no attempt to stop. She almost seemed possessed as she swung her long chestnut hair around and intensely used her breasts and mouth to stimulate his penis.

Her excessive attempt to pleasure him made his penis tingle more and more while the hole at the tip spread wide.

“I-I can’t hold back…kwaaah!”

“Nn…nn, nn, nn…nchp! Fmhhhhh!?”

Unable to resist with her intense double service, a milky liquid raced up his rod and burst out into her mouth.


He had not cum inside her mouth since that first time, so she seemed surprised. She stopped moving her flesh fruits and mouth as she tried to endure the bursts of semen spraying into her throat.

“He came in her mouth! wwww” “It must’ve tasted good to suck that hard.” “Shit, I’m cumming too.” “I want to cum in there too. Suck mine tooooooo!”

Several comments scrolled across her as she took the cum into her mouth.

His penis was still throbbing as it fired the remaining milky liquid into her mouth.


“Wah! Kh…”

As soon as he had sent it all surging into her mouth, she began swallowing all of the semen.

She began stroking the rod with her flesh fruits again to squeeze out the thick fluids remaining inside.

“Gulp, gulp, gulp…gulp…pant, pant, pant… Nn…I swallowed…all of it…”

After swallowing all of the cum, she removed her lips from the head and gave him a blushing smile.

The breasts she had used to pleasure him shook softly as if they had grown in size and a stream of aroused sweat poured down the cleavage that had held his rod.

“Nn…pant, pant, pant… It’s still so hard…”

As she swallowed the last bits remaining in her mouth and caught her breath, the queen of the school smiled happily at his penis.

Even after ejaculating once, his penis was still erect.

“Yunori, I…I want to do it too, so get up on the bed!”

“Eh? But…kyah!?”

When she prepared to pleasure his still-erect penis again, he pulled on her hand to force her to her feet and then onto the bed.

His penis began throbbing again and the tip moved up and down as if demanding her hidden hole.

“Wh-what am I supposed to do?”

“Just straddle my face.”

“Straddle? I couldn’t…kyah!”

He lay on his back, forcibly grabbed her legs as she tried to reject the idea, and placed her over his face.

Her blouse was opened, her bra was slid down, and only the tie around her neck covered her chest. When placed over his face, she naturally pitched forward onto all fours.

“Wh-what am I supposed to-…!?”

Before she finished her question, Akiya moved the crotch of her panties to the side of her feminine flesh to expose the pussy with its thin bush and spread lips.

“You’re completely soaking wet down here…”

“Fwahh! Ah…ahhhh!”

He could not hold back after having such a lewd body part placed before his eyes.

He had calmed down some after cumming in her mouth, but he buried his face in her pussy and sent his tongue to the hidden hole that was a bit harder than the surrounding flesh.

“N-no… Don’t lick me there…”

He was not going to stop no matter what she said.

Each time his tongue tip traced along the edge of her hidden hole, her thighs would tremble inside their white knee socks and her upper body would collapse on top of him while shaking.

Her large flesh fruits maintained their shape even when pointing downwards, but he used his body to squish them and roll the nipples around inside the soft mounds of flesh.

Her red face breathed heavily near his crotch and her lips were about to touch his saliva-covered penis.

“Yunori, do it like before.”

“Eh? Pant, pant… Okay…chp.”

After he thrust his penis up in front of her face a few times, she gently placed her lips around it.

As her tongue wrapped around it in that warm space, another itching impatience ran through it and he subconsciously started thrusting his hips to penetrate her mouth.

The footage of them attacking each other’s genitals in the sixty-nine position was captured by the cameras so it could arouse the viewers and bring a great stream of scrolling comments.

“Amazing, Yunori. The hole meant for me is twitching and I can see everything writhing around inside.”

“Don’t say that, Akiya. I don’t want to hear that…”

As soon as the state of her vagina was conveyed to the people watching over the internet, the queen of the school shook her blushing face in embarrassment while giving another blowjob.

However, she was not truly upset.

The verbal assault caused her entire body to tremble and thick love juices flowed from her hidden hole and down her thighs where they soaked into her knee socks.

After his comment, the viewers had apparently switched to footage of her pussy and the monitor was quickly filled by obscene words.

“Nhah… Everyone is peeking into my pussy…peeking inside of meeeeee!”

When Yunori saw the text scrolling across the screen, she felt all the gazes on her pussy and raised a shrill cry.

The stimulation of being seen caused her twitching pussy lips to spread wide, reveal salmon pink flesh and the wriggling hidden hole inside, and spray lots of love juices on his face.

“That was a lot. Are you about at your limit?”

“I am… I am!”

He asked while placing his fingertips on the edge of her dripping hole and she answered immediately.

The stimulation racing through her body kept her from focusing on blowing him. The lips she had brought toward his erection were only being used to breath and showed no sign of wrapping around the head.

“Then climb on top for today. You can show everyone your most sexual side.”

“Ahh…nn…yes…on top…”

The president obeyed him by unsteadily sitting up and changing her position.

“Docking in the cowgirl position? wwwwww” “Penetrating a sexy girl from below.” “She’s putting it in herself? How slutty is this girl?” “They’re finally putting it in! But the underwear’s in the way.”

“I-I’ll remove them…”

After responding to the comment she happened to see on the monitor, she reached to her back to remove the slid-down strapless bra and the red tie. She then reached both hands into her skirt and pulled down her soaking wet panties.

The multi-angle footage recorded every part of the queen of the school as she stripped off her underwear and aroused comments filled the screen.


After removing her underwear while being watched, she breathed his name and slowly straddled his crotch.

He naturally gulped as he saw her straddling him in only her open blouse, miniskirt, and knee socks.

He was more or less looking right up her skirt and he could see everything the cameras could not: her dripping hidden hole, her bush plastered to her skin, and her clitoris poking out from its hood.

“D-don’t look so closely. Your gaze gets me the most…”


He apologized, but he did not look away.

“I-I’ll put it in…hahh!? Nnahhhh…”

The president embarrassedly lowered her peach-like butt and her hidden hole swallowed the head of his penis.

His long caresses and the gazes of the cameras had completely softened it, so it made a wet sound as it wrapped around his rod. She lowered herself on top of him as if to show off the penetration scene to the camera pointed toward her butt.


Once she took half of his rod inside her, she was unable to endure the sensation of the penis inside her vagina, so she threw her head back and dropped the rest of the way down onto his crotch.

She cried out while the countless folds of flesh inside her wrapped around the penis she had just taken inside. They stimulated every part of the rod as if licking at it.

Her vagina had grown very used to his penis over the past few days, so the vaginal walls squeezed down on it as if they remembered its shape and the womb lowered down so the tip could hit its entrance.

“Ahh…ahh…you’re hitting me…you’re hitting me deep inside…hyah!”

The president held her bowl-shaped breasts forward as if to show them off, pressed against his lower stomach with both hands, and told everyone that his penis was hitting her womb.

Lowering her slender hips had lifted up her miniskirt, so their point of union was recorded by several cameras, revealing the way her hidden hole distorted its shape to tighten down on the base of his rod.

“Kwah… You’re even tighter than usual…”

“Hh, nnah…You’re filling me… You’re filling me up even more than usual!”

With his penis entirely contained in her vagina, Yunori trembled as her peach butt sat on his crotch.

The arousal of being seen by so many people over the internet seemed to intensify the movement of the flesh inside her, so she could only sit there and breathe so heavily her large breasts shook up and down.

“I’ll move. I’ll move, Yunori. I’ll thrust up into you to stir you up inside!”

“Fwaaah! Ah! W-wait…Wait a little-…ahh!”

Just as she was feeling more pleasure than normal, Akiya could not help put start moving his hips as she squeezed down on him so hard.

Even if he tried to stay still, the stimulation of the writhing folds of flesh sent a tickling itchiness through his penis and caused his hips to thrust up on their own.

He used both hands to grab the bouncing flesh fruits from below and grope them while thrusting up into her hidden hole.

“N-no fair…ah! I said to wait…! You’re…you’re so rough!”

She responded to her excessive pleasure by complaining in a damp voice, but he could not stop his hips now.

As he fondled her breasts while thrusting up into her, she shook and moved on top of his crotch and the obscene sound of their insertion echoed through the large room.

The comments scrolling along the multi-angle footage briefly stopped to get a better look at her, so the screen showed nothing but different angles of the queen of the school moaning as a penis was thrust up inside her.

“Fwah…ah…I…I’m going to go crazy…ahh! I feel like I’m on fire…and inside, I’m already…”

She started getting used to the extreme pleasure, so she began moving on her own to gain even greater stimulation from his thrusting.

She matched the movements of his hips to send her peach butt up until his penis just about came out and then drop her body back down to slam her pussy against his crotch.

The wet sound of insertion grew even louder, the cameras’ microphones picked it up, and it was sent out onto the internet for all to hear.

“Hyah! Yes… This is amazing! Ahh, ah…I can feel it all inside me… My pussy is about to melt!”

The head of his penis pulled back all the folds of flesh on its way back toward the entrance of her hidden hole, but then he would thrust it right back up to the entrance of her womb. The intense stimulation was enough for her to twist her hips around.

And due to that twisting, the head rubbed harshly against her vaginal walls, struck the entrance of her womb, and filled with an impatience that made him think he could cum at any time.

She bounced up and down on his body, an incredible amount of aroused sweat scattered from her nipples, and love juices flowed endlessly from her hidden hole to soak into her bed sheets.

“Kwah… Oh, no. I’m gonna cum.”

The tingling feeling in his rod filled his penis with the sensation of a coming ejaculation, so he clenched his teeth to bear with it. All the while, his thrusting hips never stopped.

Her hidden hole clamped down on his penis as if to keep him from removing it, so each time he pulled back, some of the inner walls would be pulled from the entrance and he was guided ever closer to climax.

“G-go ahead, Akiya. Cum… You can cum at any time!”

When she noticed the throbbing of his rod, she shouted for him to cum while still moving up and down on top of him, but he did not want to cum so quickly when her vagina was stimulating his entire penis like this.

Plus, this was being broadcast online. Cumming before she did would hurt his pride as a man.

“W-wait. Let’s change positions.”

“Nn…pant, pant… Why?”

He held her bouncing body against his crotch and rolled over from the cowgirl position to the missionary position.

“Y-you’re going to cum like this?”

“I’m not done yet. I need to show you off in an even more embarrassing pose.”

“Eh? Wait…kyahhhnnnhn!?”

While in the missionary position, he forcibly grabbed her legs and placed them up on his shoulders. The president quickly held down her skirt.

That may have been a conditioned reflex for a girl, but it was meaningless here.

He half-forced her lower body up, so her large flesh fruits shook without losing their bowl-like shape, her skirt completely fell away from her pussy, and the cameras captured her hidden hole as it took a penis inside.

“Nice position choice, guy.” “Uncensored sex and the insertion’s completely exposed. wwwww” “I want to put mine in. I want to jam mine in her pussy, too.” “Shit, I just keep cumming.”

“Fwah…no, Akiya! They can see…they can see everything!”

When Yunori saw all the comments posted by the viewers getting a perfect view of the point of insertion, she shook her long chestnut hair around and raised her voice. The arousal from those gazes sent juices squirting from her penis-filled hole and splattered across her large breasts.

“Fwaaahh! Ahh… It’s embarrassing…it’s so embarrassing, Akiya! Nnah…ah…kyahhhhhh!”

While thinking it was a little late to be saying that, he used his body weight to plunge his penis as deep as it would go after it almost came out while changing positions.

“Khah…ahh…kh!? Nnaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!”

Pressing his body weight down to thrust in as deep as possible seemed to bend her body in two and then something unexpected happened.

The tip was supposed to push the folds of flesh in and then reach the entrance to her womb, but it kept going, forced open that somewhat hard opening, and settled into that sanctuary entrance.

He felt like his penis had penetrated another vagina inside her vagina and the gentle squeezing on the tip sent an intense tingling through the inside of the shaft.

“Ahh…you’re inside…you’re so deep inside…you’re inside my womb!”

She wrinkled her brow and spoke in an agonized tone, but she did not seem to be feeling any pain like when she had lost her virginity.

Having the penis penetrate her womb’s entrance caused her entire body to tremble, aroused sweat to drip down her cleavage, and her entire vagina to wriggle and tighten on his penis.

“Here I go, Yunori.”

“Eh? Ah…wait…ahh…ah, ah…hnnnnhnnhnnh!”

The sensation of her womb’s entrance sucking at the tip was enough to drive him insane.

With her legs still held up, he thrust his hips like mad sending his itching and throbbing penis back into that entrance again and again.

Loud, wet, and obscene sounds as well as her moans echoed through the room, love juices poured from her hidden hole like a fountain each time he pulled his rod back, and those juices seductively covered her bouncing flesh fruits and her stomach.

The footage of their intense sex was covered by scrolling comments like “I’m cumming” or “I’m squirting it everywhere” which were reflected in her damp blue eyes.

“Nnnah…ahh…everyone is…everyone is seeing me while…hyahn! I’m…I’m going to…!”

The new position allowed his penis to reach her deepest point, so she was beginning to approach climax.

The pitch of her lewd moaning rose, her large flesh fruits bounced so much they seemed ready to tear off, and the tips had grown darker in color and so erect they seemed ready to burst.

Waves of motion ran through her smooth, flat belly in a vertical line from her pussy to her navel to match the movements inside her vagina. Even her womb’s entrance started to contract as if trying to suck the semen from the head of his penis.

“Oh…I’m…I’m going to…to cum…”

“Ahh…ah…pant, pant, pant…nnhhhh! Cum…hurry…hurry up and cum inside meeeeeeeeeeee!”

The movement and tightening of her vagina plus the sucking of her womb’s entrance brought his itching and tingling penis to its limit. Its throbbing sped up, the tingling reached the base, and the head was filled with an itchiness similar to the desire to pee.

He completely forgot about the cameras and thought about nothing but thrusting his hips to penetrate her while watching her moan.

“Fwah…amazing…this tingling…hyah! Nnah…ah, ah…fwaaaah!”

Even though he was almost forcing her to bend in half, she arched her back, pointed her breasts toward the ceiling, squeezed the sheets in her hands, and let out muffled moans.

Her skin was visibly trembling and her body half convulsed while growing stiff.

“Kh…I’m cumming. I’m cumming, Yunori!”

Even her writhing vaginal walls trembled and stimulated his penis while squeezing down on it, so he arrived at his limit as well. An intense impatient feeling raced up his penis along with the thick liquid and the head swelled out even more while sticking into her womb’s entrance.

The almost painful itching leading up to ejaculation raced up the rod and his mind grew blank.

Her flesh fruits shook enough they seemed ready to tear off at the base and her smooth belly undulated intensely just like the movement in her vagina as she sensed his ejaculation coming.

“Kwah…I’m cumming…I’m…kwaaaah!”

“Fwahn, nn, nn, nn…I’m…I’m cumming too…I’m cumming!?”

As he thrust down into her and embedded the tip into her womb’s entrance, seemingly with enough force to break it, tons of milky liquid shot out.

“Fwaaaah! Ahh…ah…nnaah! It’s so hot…and…it’s filling me up…ahh! Hyaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hh!!”

The heat and sensation of the semen being sprayed directly into her womb seemed to have brought her to climax. She bent her back as if to lift up Akiya as he rode her pussy, her small urethra opened wide enough for a pinky finger to fit inside, and it sprayed fluids out.

Again and again, he felt the intense painful pleasure brought by clumps of thick liquid rising through his rod. Each time it was fired from the tip, the thick liquid was pumped into Yunori’s womb.

“Kh! I’m still…cumming…!”

“Hyaaahhh! Ahh…Amazing…hyah! Khhnnhnnh!”

He could not stop ejaculating.

They had had sex several times already, but this was a first.

The intense squeezing as the folds of flesh wrapped around him continued to fill his penis with a tingling sensation and the repeated expansion and contraction of her womb brought out so much semen that he felt like he was peeing.

After achieving climax from the semen filling her womb, the queen of the school convulsed, let her cries echo through the room, and soaked her breast and face with the juices she herself sprayed.

“Fwah…nnh! Ah…ahh!”

He could not move with his penis inserted up to the base and he felt like he was pumping all of his energy into her.

With each surge of milky liquid, he grew more exhausted and felt all thoughts leaving his mind.

“Hee…nn…ah…so…much…my body…is melting…kyaaahhh!? Nnaahaaaahaaahaaaahhhh!”

As soon as he moved his hips a few more times and pumped every last drop of semen into her, a mixture of love juices and semen audibly spilled from her hidden hole and began flowing between her butt cheeks and down her convulsing stomach.

The sensation of all those fluids flowing from her seemed to have brought her to yet another orgasm, so she cried out while her stiff body convulsed.

“Khh…kh…pant…pant, pant, pant…”

“Fwaaaah! Ahh…ah…ahhh…! Pant, pant, pant…”

Their long ejaculation and orgasm finally ended and all strength left their bodies.

They could not move a finger.

Their energy dropped like a rock after the intense sex, so breathing was all they could manage.

The president was still convulsing with her lower body lifted up from the bed. Her stomach continued to undulate as her body tried to bring the overflowing semen back into her womb.

As their fluids flowed from her hidden hole, it covered her butt and belly that was still undergoing its orgasmic convulsions and then it soaked into her school miniskirt that was completely pulled back.


As she convulsed from the last remnants of her orgasm, she let out one final spray of fluids and her body went limp.

With her strength gone, the queen of the school dropped her legs from Akiya’s shoulders, bringing them into the missionary position where they both gasped for breath.


For a few minutes, Akiya rested on top of her while breathing, but then she spoke up in a trembling voice.

“That…that was amazing… You came…so much inside me…”


When she gave a shocked but happy and kind smile, he apologized without thinking.

Even he was shocked by how much he had cum, so it was kind of embarrassing.

“You don’t need to…pant, pant…apologize…”

She placed a hand on her belly to tell him she was delighted with all the semen inside her womb and vagina. The look of ecstasy on her young features seemed somehow proud and made her look as beautiful as a goddess.

“I’m sure everyone else also loved-…!?”

“What is it, Yuno-…!?”

She gained a look of surprise when she looked to the monitor.

Wondering what had happened, he checked the screen too, but he was at as much of a loss for words as her.

The monitor was filled with so many scrolling comments that the two of them were completely hidden.

“A cum-covered cumming cutie.” “My screen’s completely white.” “He’s knocked her up for sure.” “Congrats on the pregnancy! wwww We’re the witnesses to the baby’s conception. wwwww”


The comments seemed to have reignited her fetish for being seen.

The folds of flesh began wrapping around his nearly flaccid penis while the vaginal walls and entrance tightened down on him.

“A-Akiya… O-once more…”

He weakly moved off of her and gently removing his penis, but she stood up on top of the bed.


He did not know what she was trying to do.

He watched her in confusion as she removed her blouse and skirt so the cameras could see and even removed her white knee socks to bare all of her skin.

Comments complimenting her body filled the screen. Her hidden hole remained open after the penis was removed, so a mixture of their juices flowed out and dripped down between her slender legs while leaving sticky threads behind.

“Please, Akiya… Once more…just once more!”


As she happily exposed every inch of her body, she seductively touched his penis and wrapped her tongue around it. His rod was sensitive so soon after cumming, so another tingling sensation ran through it and it visibly started to harden.

“I belong to you now, Akiya… So I’m willing to have your baby at any time… Please, Akiya. Once more with this…nchp! Nn, nn, nn!”

Pushed on by the scrolling comments, she began giving him a blowjob. Her muffled breathing and moaning echoed through the room and more itching impatience raced through his penis.

“S-sure, Yunori. We can do it again and we can show everyone just how horny a girl you are!”

“Y-yes. Let’s show them how sexual I can be and that I belong to you, so keep sticking this hard thing in lewd places!”

When she heard him, she almost yelled back her response, moved away from his penis, lay on her back, and spread her legs to invite him in. Her slender fingers spread her pussy lips to ask him to stick it in and she even lifted her peach butt to raise the hidden hole that still had semen flowing from it.

“H-here I go, Yunori!”

“Nhaaaaaaaahh! You’re inside me again…and all the way to the womb! Yes…jam it inside me again!”

More wet sounds of insertion echoed through the room and countless comments scrolled across the monitor.

Unable to contain their arousal, the two of them indulged in each other’s bodies more and more as the cameras watched on. They let a great many people watch as he ejaculated inside her another two times.

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