The Strongest Wizard Becomes a Countryside Guardsman After Taking an Arrow to the Knee

Chapter 452 - Giscard, the Hero
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Chapter 452 – Giscard, the Hero

300 years had passed, so it was natural for him to look this old.

The big hole in his chest had closed, but that was likely because his body had shrunk.

Moko approached his old hero.


「Moko, you’ve gone thin. Are you okay?」

The old man reached up and stroked Moko’s head.


Moko gently licked the old hero.

「You’ve had it rough because of me…」

「It’s nothing.」

「Yes, that’s Moko for you.」

Then the hero looked over at us.

「You had it rough as well. It must have been hard work.」

「Yeah, it was very hard.」

And when I said that, the hero smiled.

「I’m Giscard. I used to be called a hero many years ago. I killed the king of the humans, so I don’t know what I’m called any more.」

「It was 300 years ago, so I don’t think anyone knows.」

「History is only known by scholars and royals.」

When Luka said this, Giscard nodded with a smile,

「Isn’t my name known? I’m glad it’s not. I told the healer not to mention it.」

「Why did you do so?」

「I have no regrets about crushing the royals and accepting blessings from the demon god. I think those devils were treated so poorly that I couldn’t do anything else.」

「Yes, well there are still problems, but they’re much better.」

「Good. But again, what I did cannot be forgiven.」

Giscard caused a war, resulting in the bloodshed of enemies and allies.

Then he became a cruel, immortal demon.

That’s why he was happy with his name as a hero disappearing.

「What IS happening in the world today?」

Luka briefly explained all that had happened in the last 300 years.

He listened to it all with interest.

「Thank you, and could you give me your names, as those that defeated me?」

So we all gave our names to Giscard.

We simply introduced ourselves as we did to Moko.

We began with Cruz the new hero, and the lord of the holy god.

Giscard was more surprised that I guarded Mulg than that I was a magic lord.

「Mulg is still there? Then I’m happy.」

「Yes, everyone is happily living there.」

「It should be safe if the magic lord is protecting it.」

And saying that, Giscard laughed,

「Thank you lords for working together, because I would have slaughtered countless people if let go.」

Then he asked,

「Do you know what happened to my friends?」

I was worried about how to answer.

So Moko answered softly,

「Master, the healer became a king. He was quite talented, and his descendants are still kings.」


「See Belda? She’s the niece of the current king. See the similarity?」

「She is? I thought she looked the same, beautiful, smart, and kind.」

「Thank you very much.」

Moko had said the same as well. And when he did, she had a strange expression.

「And the demon lord withdrew to the forest. Moko has no idea where.」

「I see. If Lindobal said so, then I guess he did.」

「Did you say Lindobal?」

Vi-Vi said to Moko.

「Yes, that’s right.」

「My name is Vi-Vi Lindobal. I grew up in a big forest.」

「…I see.」

Both Giscard and Moko seemed surprised.

「So you don’t know what happened to him?」

「I didn’t even know that the name of the demon lord friend of yours was Lindobal!」

Vi-Vi was raised by her sister, after all.

Her mother had died when she was young, and she knew nothing about her grandparents and great-grandparents.

「I see. I don’t know either, but I’d like to have children like I assume he did. So what’s going on with your family now?」

「My sister, Valliimie Lindobal is the viscount of Lingen and she owns that forest of Lindobal.」

「Well, even devils can become aristocrats now.」

Giscard looked at her happily.

And then Ecces said,

「And I’m marquis Ecces Halewood.」

「So you must be related to King Halewood?」

Giscard stared at Ecces,

「You know him?」

「Yes, Alra, Halewood was a fellow that helped me destroy the power of the old demon lord.」

The same as Luka in this generation.

「They are all living well, and even Moko has descendants.」

「Moko’s granddaughter Femm leads the wolves around Mulg.」

Giscard now turned to Femm.

「Femm, will you come here?」


Giscard stroked Femm.

「Exactly the same.」

『I’m honored.』

After stroking Femm a while, Giscard asked Moko,

And the mage?

「Hard to say, but it seems he became a lord of the undead and attacked Elkay trying to get into the dungeon.」

「And he was beaten?」

「Yes, by me.」

Hearing this, Giscard nodded.

「I’m sure that’s what he wanted. To be defeated by the current magic lord.」

Then he closed his eyes.

「Maybe he was trying to save me. I should have remained a human.」

Giscard seemed to regret it more than be sad.

Then Moko said to him,

「I am very happy you have returned.」

「Yes, I’m grateful as well.」

「Let’s go to the countryside and live peacefully together.」

「Yes, it would be nice if I could.」

「Yeah, I will go to Mulg with you master. I’ll get you some food, so just sleep.」

「Sounds good.」


They seemed to have fun talking about it, and then,


「It’s okay! You’re just tired, master.」

Moko tried to cover what Giscard was about to say.

But Giscard stroked the wolf as if to remind him.

「Humans can’t live for 300 years.」

「It’s okay! There’s magic, and you can heal quickly!」

Moko said, trying to sound happy, but I could see his tail wasn’t wagging.

Giscard would die…he was almost there.

He was barely alive as the demon in him left.

It wouldn’t be surprising if it happened suddenly, but he had an hour left at most.

「Moko, I was happy to see you at the end and hear about everyone else.」

「Master…don’t die…I waited for 300 years.」

「Yes, and it was a very hard time, so live long.」

「If you die, then I too…」

「No, Moko, this is my command. Be happy.」

Then Giscard looked at us.

「Take care of him. And Mulg Village.」


「Thank you again…for freeing me after all this suffering of 300 years.」


「And all of the lords that came to your aid. Thank you.」

「Would you like to see Mulg before you die?」

It would have to be fast, if we were to take him.

But he shook his head.

「Thank you…I can’t make it in time…and I’m losing my sight.」

「I see.」

He seemed to be aging even faster now. And there was no magic that Yureena could use to stop it.

「If I could be selfish one last time, bury my bones in Mulg.」

「That’s no problem. I will.」

And Giscard nodded, satisfied, at me.

「Moko, are you there?」

「I’m here, master.」

Moko leaned down and licked Giscard’s face.

He hugged the wolf tightly and stroked his back.

「You are still fluffy…」

And that was the last word the hero said.

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