The Strongest Wizard Becomes a Countryside Guardsman After Taking an Arrow to the Knee

Chapter 450 - The Immortal Demon
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450 – The Immortal Demon

I looked around.

「Are we ready?」


「Always.」「Let’s go.」

Cruz had her sword out and ready to use.

Luka had hers out as well, and was looking alert.

Yureena had her cane and was behind Moko.


「Moo moo!」「PiggI!」「ryaa!」

「I’m ready.」

「Get ready!」

And so all the rest of the crew were ready to go.

Timi and Ecces as well.

「I may not be useful, but I can do what I must.」

『I’m ready.』

And so Moko and Femm were also ready.

Everyone was ready to go. So I said,

「Be mindful. The enemy is a former hero, but now is an immortal demon. Don’t waste time trying to talk.」

If you try to talk to someone like that, you’re only wasting time. Especially when that person was formerly a good person. We’re all just too kind. But it’s better to think he doesn’t have any feelings whatsoever.

Everyone nodded to me seriously.

「Death for this hero is salvation from god. It would be his wish when he was still human.」

「I know, Moko, just leave it to us.」


So I asked Belda,


「Yes, my heart is set…」

「Then touch the sphere whenever you feel ready.」


Moofy crouched down. Belda breathed out and slowly reached out to the sphere. Her palm steadily made contact with it, and three seconds later,


There was the sound of a high-pitched jarring.

The sound rang out and the back wall broke in half and opened like a door. The room behind it was the same height as the room here. But the depth was much farther, about 100 men’s arms outstretched back.

The walls, floor, ceiling, all were covered in ancient script.

The room itself was a magic seal.

It wouldn’t break easy from a magical or physical attack.

A young man stood with his eyes closed inside of a small study in this sturdy and spacious room.

The demon immortal. 300 year old hero. Looking only like a man.

He was tied in layers of a shining chain, which now suddenly broke, as it was connected to the seal.


Moko’s voice trembled when he saw the hero.

The hero opened his eyes, and they were red as blood.

He silently waved his hand and blades made with magical power flew towards us.

Everyone sprung back, but I put up a barrier to protect Moko.

「Don’t worry about me!」

「It’s not a drag on me!」

The hero continued to attack without a word.

I was actually grateful there was no talking this time.


「Got him!」

She was fast and already at him, ready to slash. His expression changed when he saw her holy sword.

Maybe because that was his favorite weapon when he was the hero.

He slashed out and deflected her with his own magical sword.

I could hardly keep track of the clanging swords, while Luka and Ecces approached and also attacked him.

Even so, his skin seemed to harden. Even with Cruz’ sword strikes, he was only hurt a tiny bit.

They slashed at him mercilessly, but the scratches all vanished in under a second.

The speed only increases as the three girls slashed at him over and over.

「Go, Moofy!」

「Moo moo!」

Just then Moofy charged in with Vi-Vi on top, while she carved magical circles into the floor.

「She’s gotten better again…」

I said to myself.

She started to cast the circles now, instead of just tediously inscribing them.

Magical bullets and charges pop out of the circle and fly towards the former hero.

She attacks him from far away, but he simply accepts all the attacks without attempting defense.

「Are you really immortal?」

Vi-Vi says, but now his wounds heal instantly.

He doesn’t even need defense.

Cruz, Luka, and Ecces have received wounds as well, but Yureena heals them from afar.

Timi was standing by Yureena, working as defense.

She was there to protect Yureena in an emergency.

Timi was also firing magical attacks at him.

「This guy! He’s tougher than a dragon!」

Even the magic of an ancient dragon seemed not to affect him.

So I decided to attack myself while riding Femm.

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