The Strongest Wizard Becomes a Countryside Guardsman After Taking an Arrow to the Knee

Chapter 14 - Devil-Style Livestock Production
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Chapter 14 – Devil-Style Livestock Production

Translator: ランザン

When we got back to the village, all the villagers ran excitedly up to us.

All we had done was destroy a magic circle. There was no reason for them to be so excited.

「Yeah? The magic circle is erased.」

「Oh, is that so. Good work. But instead of that…how was Millet?」

The chief said to me with a grin on his face.

「Millet? Uh…yeah…she did fine.」

There was nothing really special that she did. I mean, she acted like the chief as if he had gone, watching, right?

I guess she did fine if all she was doing was observing.

「I see.」

The chief nodded with a satisfied look.

Millet’s younger sister Collette ran up to her sister.

「Sthister! Wasth the old man niceth to you?!」

「Yeah. Mister Al is always very kind.」

「I sthee. Old man, geeeeet it?」

Collette said while looking at me.

Collette had told me before that Millet “liked” me. She was trying to say something about it again.

「What about it, Collette?」

Collette noisily scruffed her hair and shouted 「Wee hee hee」.

Vi-Vi was watching all of this unhappily and shouted,

「Why does no one praise me?! I’m the one that erased the thing!」

「The Sub-Boss girrrrl」

「Magiccc cirrcle, wow!」

The village kids surrounded her and began shouting again. Collette joined the loud commotion.

Popular with the kids, just like usual.

Seeing all this, I asked,

「Chief. Have you decided what to do with Vi-Vi yet?」

「We all talked about it, but…couldn’t decide.」

The chief was acting evasive about the answer.

The reason being, there wasn’t that much damage caused, so it was hard for the villagers to commit to a real punishment.

The magic boars had eaten all the magical herbs…that was trouble. But even then it wasn’t that big of a deal.

In fact, the real reason for trouble was because the villagers were scared of all the wolves near the village.

At least, that’s what they all thought.

I looked at the offender in the case, I mean the wolffender Femm silently.


Femm sat down and turned its eyes away.

Even so, I just kept staring at Femm.


Femm fell on the ground and turned over. It showed its belly to me.

I guess the only thing I could do is forgive it.

「No choice, huh?」

I scratched Femm’s belly as a sign of forgiveness.

Seeing all this go one made the chief spring to the next topic.

「So, Al…」


「Sorry to say, but, could you can keep Vi-Vi in your guardhouse with you?」

Even a normal devil was still a devil. And the only one in the village keeping her in check would be me.

The reason why, is that if no one was watching her, she would most likely grow some other magical creature and cause trouble.

「What if we just handed her over to the local authorities?」

「We thought about that as well, but the local lord is famous for cruelty with devils…and we wouldn’t want her to be executed.」

「I see. Then I guess you can depend on me.」

「Thank you so much!」

The chief bowed deeply to me.

「We villagers will help too!」

「Thank you!」


The chief called Millet over to him.

「What is it, chief?」

「I’m very sorry, but Alfred will be watching over Vi-Vi from now on.」


「I’d like you to make sure that Vi-Vi is adequately taken care of as well.」

「So that means I’ll be hanging around Alfred’s house more? You got it!」

Millet responded happily.

I finally got to go home and then told Vi-Vi to fix the roof of my house.

「Why do I have to…」


「Okay, okay, I’ll do it!」

Just like usual, Femm threatened Vi-Vi into obedience.

「Why does this happen to meeee…」

As she complained, she hammered wood to the roof.

There was already boards of appropriate size around the house, so all she had to do is hammer them in.

Actually, while I was at the swamp, the villagers had placed them there for her.

Vi-Vi quickly finished the job, and she had done so clumsily as expected, but it was still a well-done job.

「Good job.」

「Of course!」

Vi-Vi was proud of herself, as usual.

The next day. I took Vi-Vi over to the livestock stable.

Millet was waiting for both of us.

「Mr. Al, this one should be perfect.」


Millet backed off with the cow and prepared it.

「Vi-Vi, make a magic circle and grow this cow.」

「Why do I have to do boring crap like this for a bunch of low-life creatures, hm?」

「You caused trouble for all of them. This is so you won’t have any further punishment.」

「I have no idea what you low-lives want out of me sometimes.」

I would have had Femm bark at her again, but that would be boring.

「I thought that with your skill, Vi-Vi, that making a cow big with a magic circle would be EASY.」

「WHAT?! Of course it’s easy.」

「No. It seems like it’s a job that’s just too hard for someone like you.」

「HAH! I don’t even have to try!」

「Nah, it’s okay…don’t push yourself. An immature magician such as yourself shouldn’t use too much magic – you could get hurt!」

「Stop mocking me! I’ll show you!」

Vi-Vi took to the challenge with interest.

She explained what she was doing as she etched the magic circle in the ground.

She was used to doing the process so it only took an hour to complete the circle.

「See? There!」

「You did well.」


Vi-Vi put on a proud face after Millet and I complimented her.

She stuck out her chest with pride.

We met the chief again after taking Millet home.

「Alfred! Thanks for the hard work. So, how is your knee doing?」

「Thanks to the village, it’s feeling a bit better.」

「I see. That’s fine! Oh, yes! If you’re done for the day, why not enjoy the hot springs?」

「May I?」


The chief had given me a wonderful invitation, which I, of course, accepted.

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