The Strongest Interstellar Commander

Chapter 215: Zola Alliance Joining The Fray
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Chapter 215: Zola Alliance Joining The Fray.

Inside the Uranos’ bridge, Lin Fan was looking at the image of the Star Cannon under construction.

It looked similar to an ultimate weapon in an anime that Lin Fan had watched in his previous life. Though, the portrayal in the anime irked him a bit, since the beams fired were always colorful lights when it wasn’t in actuality.

But then again, he couldn’t really complain since they had never seen a real one and it was just a work of fiction.

The real gamma ray cannon was invisible to the naked eye once fired.

After watching the construction for a while, Lin Fan waved his hand and the holographic projection immediately turned into a probability map of the entire Stat Defense Network.

The current progress of each link was clearly marked on the map. It could be seen that the current overall project progress had reached 89%.

In fact, the defense platform on the peripheral defense node had almost been completed. It was just that the progress of the Star Cannon was a little slow. Currently, it was only 68%. It was expected to take 2 years to complete and put into use.

But this didn’t affect Lin Fan. After all, he didn’t lack the time.

While the various combat preparations in Shanhai Pass were in full swing, unexpected changes had occurred in the Galaxy War!

The Zola Alliance had announced its participation in the war!

This made all of the forces bewildered. Wasn’t the Zola Alliance always claiming not to participate in this Galaxy War, and maintain neutrality? Why did they suddenly announce their participation in the war, with such a high profile at that?

Speaking of the war between the two Major Alliances in the past year, the two sides fought on the Silver Heart Channel. Each of them had lost more than 200 billion warships in one year. The combined losses of the two sides had reached nearly 10 billion.

In this case, even if the production lines of the two Major Alliances were in full operation, some of them would not be able to keep up with the losses. As a last resort, they would have to purchase arms and materials from the other two Major Alliances.

The problem lies here. At the beginning of the period, everything was fine, and everyone bought their own.

But half a year ago, a fleet of Theo Alliance attacked a batch of new warships from the Zola Alliance that were being transported to the Freedom Alliance, on the Third Spiral Arm and Fourth Spiral Arm.

This made the Zola Alliance furious. The reason why the two major Alliances could cooperate in the past six months was because no one wanted to provoke the Zola Alliance.

After all, the strength of the four Major Alliances were similar to each other, so one-on-one was fine. But one-vs-two would be obviously disadvantageous.

No one thought that the Freedom Alliance and the Vera Alliance wouldn’t take action, and rather it was the Theo Alliance instead.

An angry Hussein immediately seeked Sith and asked for an explanation, but Sith naturally denied it. Simply saying that it was someone wanting to frame the Theo Alliance.

After all, no matter who wins or loses in the battle between the two major Alliances, they would become very weak after the war. By that time, the other two major Alliances that did not participate in the war could sweep them up. Therefore, the force who wanted to frame the Theo Alliance was most likely one of these two warring Major Alliances.

A key thing to note was that the Theo Alliance had no motive to attack the Zola Alliance.

Hussain, who had calmed down, also agreed with Sith’s analysis. Therefore, after the secret discussion between the two, they decided to release bait on the Galactic Channel to lure in the attackers to attack again!

Baits were released, wave after wave, but the attacker never reappeared. Just when Hussein was about to lose his patience, the fourth wave of bait finally caught something!

The two major alliances that had planned for a long time immediately used the long-arranged Warp Blocking Technology to block the entire void. Immediately after, a large number of fleets warped into the locked area, and began a siege operation against the attackers.

However, what the two Major Alliance fleets did not expect was that these attackers were ruthless. After seeing that there was no hope of escaping, they self-destructed. One after another, the battleships turned into fireballs, and no evidence was left.

When the two Major Alliances thought that the battle was a failure, they were pleasantly surprised to find that one of the warships did not explode, and immediately arranged a forced boarding!

The result was obvious. Within 10 minutes, the warship was captured.

In addition to those who were killed, a total of 178 people were captured alive. When Hussein and Sith saw these people, they were instantly furious.

Everyone was from the Vera Alliance!

Soon, the two Major Alliances joined forces to interrogate the prisoners, torture them, use drugs, or read their memories through technological means (which can cause brain damage, and were usually prohibited from being used). It took only a few days before information was obtained from the 178 prisoners.

They belonged to the Vera Federation, the secret special fleet directly under Verto. They do the dirty missions that the Alliance cannot do on the surface. This time their mission was to provoke the Zola Alliance and Theo Alliance, to prevent the two from taking advantage of the war.

As for why one warship did not detonate, the answer given by the prisoners was that there was a problem with the self-detonation system.

In this regard, the two Major Alliances also carefully inspected the warship. They finally came to the conclusion that there was indeed a problem with the self-destruction system, which may be due to the previous damage done during the encounter.

In this way, everything had been concluded under the joint investigation of the two Major Alliances. The Vera Alliance was the mastermind, and their purpose was to cause conflict between the other two Major Alliances!

This conclusion made Hussein burst forth in full fury.

“What the hell does that Verto want to do?”

In the virtual conference room, Hussein angrily slammed the table.

“Hussein, what are you going to do with this matter?”

Looking at Hussein, full of anger, Sith asked.

“Hmph, what else can I do? Didn’t Verto want me to join the war? Then I’ll do what he wants!”

“No. Hussein, are you really going to do it?”

“That’s right, also would there be a problem borrowing from you? After all, the only ones connected to the First Main Spiral Arm on the Silver Heart Channel are your Second Main Spiral Arm and the Fourth Main Spiral Arm of the Freedom Alliance!”

“It’s fine, but think about it.”

“There’s no need to think about it anymore!”

After that, Hussein exited the virtual conference room.

However, since he had already withdrawn, he did not see that the corner of Sith’s mouth rise upwards.

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