The Strongest Interstellar Commander

Chapter 212: Combat Readiness Conference (part 2)
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Chapter 212: Combat Readiness Conference (part 2).

Sitting in the main seat, Lin Fan looked at Victor and nodded. There was a hint of admiration on his face.

“Does anyone else have anything to say?”

Lin Fan made a “you can now sit down” gesture to Victor and continued.

“Commander, I also have some ideas!”

A female voice sounded. Lin Fan didn’t even have to look to know who it was. After all, he was all too familiar with this voice.

“Go ahead, Emma.”

“Yes, Commander. I have the same basic idea as Victor. We can’t stick to the Star Path. Otherwise, even if we can win, the casualties will not be light. However, in terms of the specifics, I want to add things!”

“We can use these three years to manufacture a large number of rail guns and deploy them outside the detection range of the other party. Everyone knows that the rail gun projectiles are extremely small, and wouldn’t be noticed!”

“Which brings me to my next point. We can use a large number of rail guns to continuously cover and bombard a certain area. If we calculate the timing, we can lead the enemy to this area! At the same time, since we are only deploying simple rail gun installations, and not warships, ultra-precise arrangements can be made to achieve dense coverage bombardment. Once successful, even a Level 4 Civilization will definitely not be unscathed.”

“The most important thing is that the rail guns are simple to manufacture and are of low cost. We will have no problem producing tens of millions of them in three years. If conditions permit, we can even add a few small thrusters to the rail guns, which can be used to adjust and control their positions. This way, they can be used more flexibly!”

The rail gun Emma mentioned was the weapon used by most of the Level 3 Civilization. It’s power was only slightly worse than that of the energy weapon of a Level 3 Civilization.

Generally speaking, in Level 3 Civilizations, rail guns had been developed relatively strongly. They could shoot projectiles at 0.5 times the speed of light. Its power should be slightly smaller than that of the ion beam guns used on warships, from when the Human Federation was still a Level 3 Civilization.

However, railguns do have one benefit, and that was range!

Although energy weapons were powerful, they had a limited range. Take the plasma cannon currently used by Humans for example, 4 million kilometers was already the limit.

Meanwhile, as long as there was no obstacle on the path, the rail gun’s projectile could shoot all the way. In theory, it could achieve an infinite range. Moreover, as Emma said, the projectile was small and contained no energy, it wouldn’t be easily detected.

Therefore, Emma’s proposal to manufacture a large number of rail guns was an interesting tactic to use as an ambush. Lin Fan also found it very intriguing.

The main fact was that they were simple to manufacture. With the current productivity and resource supply of the Shanhai Pass, it wouldn’t be a big deal to manufacture 20 to 30 million of them in three years!

Moreover, the 0.5 times the speed of light mentioned before was only the limit of Level 3 Civilizations. If the current Humans were to produce rail guns, it would have no problem reaching 0.7-0.8 times the speed of light.

At 0.7-0.8 times the speed of light, even if it was purely physical attacks that solely rely on raw impact, its power was already very close to the level of a Level 4 Civilization weapon.

“Commander, I also have some suggestions that I want to share!”

While Lin Fan was thinking about the feasibility of the rail guns, another female voice sounded. Speaking of which, Lin Fan was also quite familiar with this female voice.

Standing up at this moment was Sophia Duncan, of the 5th Fleet of the 1st Legion.

Lin Fan raised his head to look at Sophia and felt a headache. What does this crazy woman have to say this time?

Although Sophia was very skilled in fighting, her fiery personality gave Lin Fan mild depression.

“Alright, Sophia. I understand what you’re thinking, you can sit down!”

“Commander, I haven’t said it yet!”

“I know, but I already understand. Don’t you just want to say to let the enemy in and then fight?”

“Indeed, wait… No, there are others!”

“Well, I understand. It’s ‘we should break through the enemy’s line to create chaos, and then look for opportunities to win’, right?”


Sophia was a little confused, while the other commanders around, who also knew Sophia’s temperament, couldn’t help laughing.

It could be said that in the entire Shanhai Pass, Lin Fan, Liang Xue, and Emma were the only ones who could control Sophia.

Especially Lin Fan, who often made Sophia unable to speak, which would then make Sophia extremely depressed and vent to Li Cangduo.

With Lin Fan saying everything she wanted to say first, Sophia grudgingly sat down, and glared at Li Cangduo next to her.

Li Cangduo looked at Sophia’s eyes and saw a threatening expression that he was all too familiar with.

“Commander Lin Fan!”

Another sweet voice sounded. When Lin Fan looked in the direction of the voice, he found that it was the commander of the 2nd Legion of the Queen’s Guard Fleet of the Io Federation, Bernice!

“Please go ahead, Commander Bernice!”

“Commander Lin Fan, it’s like this. We actually have quite a few fleets in the rear. Gathering tens of millions of warships would be no problem! Moreover, through the wormhole, the fleet can arrive here in 3 months, so why not ask for support?”

Bernice had always been puzzled by this. After all, the Human Federation and the Io Federation were not without support!

The Shanhai Pass only had 1.08 million warships. Of which, only 980,000 warships can participate in this battle, but the enemy had 3 million.

“Commander Bernice, your question relates to our overall grand strategy.”

“What is coming to us now, is only a small part of the Babawi Empire. According to the analysis, the leading force should be responsible for the intelligence reconnaissance of the Secondary Arm! Its Main Fleet, according to the previous intelligence of the Theo Alliance, would at least need ten years before they reach the Shanhai Pass.”

“And our base camp is currently accelerating the unification of the Secondary Arm. At this time, it is not suitable to divide troops to provide support to the Shanhai Pass. After all, this will slow down the unification of the base camp. If a real battle between us and the Babawi Empire happens before the Secondary Arm is unified, we will be leaving hidden dangers amongst our camp!”

“Although the base camp has indeed asked whether we need support, I am confident that we can rely on our own strength in the Shanhai Pass to defeat this Babawi Empire fleet! Therefore, I rejected the support proposal from the headquarters.”

“Basically, we cannot sacrifice the future groundwork in this early confrontation!”

For Lin Fan, winning this battle was not difficult. He just needed to prepare as much as possible and execute it properly to minimize the casualties.

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