The Strongest Interstellar Commander

Chapter 211: Combat Readiness Conference (part 1)
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Chapter 211: Combat Readiness Conference (part 1).

Orion’s Support Arm, Secondary Arm, Shanhai Pass.

“Commander, according to the last information, all of the enemy warships have warped away. After doing some calculations, it was determined that their direction was towards Taylor.”

Inside the bridge of the Uranus, Liang Xue reported the latest information to Lin Fan.

“En, the other party should have decided to take the Star Path. Alright, we have to step up preparations!”

According to the information fed back by the Great Interstellar Wall monitoring network, Lin Fan could easily judge that the other party had given up continuing to search for a warpable area, and instead decided to go through the Star Path.

Lin Fan was not surprised by this. The purpose of building the Great Interstellar Wall in the first place, was to restrict the Babawi Empire. Limiting their movement, so that they could only advance through the Star Path, therefore giving the Shanhai Pass defenders a greater advantage.

“Help me convene this message to all of the fleet-level and above Commanders. Tell them that we will be holding a virtual meeting!”

“Yes, Commander!”

Ten minutes later, Lin Fan and Liang Xue came to an empty conference room, but after Liang Xue operated the portable terminal on her arm, the scene of the entire conference room changed.

What was originally a small conference room that could accommodate a few people, suddenly turned into a large conference room that could accommodate hundreds of people. Of course, this was a scene created by virtual projection.

3 Legion Commanders, 22 Human Commanders, and 18 Angel Commanders were currently seated in this ‘room’.

“Everyone has arrived, let’s start!”

Lin Fan, after going to the main seat, said after sweeping through the crowd.

“First of all, I want to inform everyone that the Babawi Empire fleet, which has been looking for a break through point along the Great Interstellar Great Wall, has now all assembled towards Taylor. As per my analysis, the other party was unable to find one and instead opted to go through the Star Path between Taylor and the Shanhai Pass.”

“I believe everyone understands what this means. It means that our first head-to-head confrontation with the Babawi Empire is about to begin! And the time is just three years away. The specific time depends on when the other party entered the Star Path.”

“At the same time, according to the information returned by the monitoring network during this period, the number of the opponent’s first wave of offensive should be around 3 million warships. All of which are the main warships of the Babawi Empire. Their performance is no worse than the main warships of our Federations!”

“We currently only have 980,000 warships that can be used, excluding the 100,000 warships guarding the border of the Orr Republic.”

“Now, how should we fight this battle? Everyone can say what they think!”

After saying so, Lin Fan stopped and looked at the Commanders below.

Although Lin Fan already had a draft in his mind, on how to go about the battle, he wanted to see what his Commanders had in mind.

Lin Fan didn’t want people who only obeyed his orders and fought without thinking. He needed them to be capable of independent decisions.

“I would like to report my idea!”

Lin Fan followed the voice and looked over. The first person to speak was Boris, Commander of the Seventh Fleet of the 5th Legion.

“Boris, what do you suggest?”

“Commander, I propose to block the exit of the Star Path with a massive swarm of mines.”

Before Lin Fan could even speak, many already saw Chris Rhodes, who was the head of the 5th Legion, covering his face with his hands.

“Okay Chris, don’t just cover your face. Tell him why he can’t do that.”

“Yes, Commander!”

Being called, Chris had to stand up and explain.

“First reason: Mines have limited damage to warships, especially warships of Level 4 Civilizations, which can almost withstand the simultaneous bombardment of dozens or hundreds of mines.”

“Second reason: Once the enemy has created a safe zone amidst the mines at the cost of just losing thousands of warships, will you attack or not?”

“If you attack, then you would also be clearing your own mines.”

“If you don’t attack, then you can only watch the other side clear the mines. They will gradually expand their safe area and gather more warships! Not only that, they can also fire at you!”

After listening to Chris’s words, Boris was enlightened. Indeed, the mines would not only fail to cause enough damage to the other party, but would also make his own side suffer, which was stupid.

“Sorry Commander, I was thinking too much!”

“Okay, you two sit down. Do the others have any ideas?”

Lin Fan didn’t care much about the mistake. After all, the people from the 5th Legion had no actual combat experience, so it was normal that many details were not thought of yet.

After all, these were not taught in the Academy. Others, including Chris, only slowly understood it by relying on years of on-hand experience!

When Chris and Boris sat down, another person raised his hand. Lin Fan looked over and found that it was from the 5th Legion again, this time it was Victor; the commander of the 3rd Fleet!

It seemed that the people of the 5th Legion were all anxious to perform. But when one thought about it, it was understandable. Afterall, they didn’t have any chance to show off their skill since arriving in the Shanhai Pass.

Even when Lin Fan attacked before, he led the 1st Legion.

“Yes, Victor?”

Lin Fan nodded to Victor.

“Commander, I don’t think we can completely hang on the defense line of the Star Path. Although we do have an advantage in blocking it, the opponent is a Level 4 Civilization and has Energy Shields. Therefore, this advantage will not be as effective compared to that of a Level 3 Civilization.”

“If we stick to the defense line, we can indeed exchange a small loss of our own for a large amount of losses for the other party, due to the difference in quantity for the initial period of time. However, this will not be very long. According to my estimation, it would only be within one hour at most. As the number of opponents gradually increases, our advantages will become disadvantages!”

“So, my idea is to only stay in the Star Path for half an hour at most. Once the number of the opponents exceeds 300,000, we should take the initiative to give up the defense line and withdraw to the second line of defense. The defense network we have built would block the enemy ships, layer by layer.”

“In addition, I think the mine strategy mentioned by Boris just now can still be used. It just needs to be used in a different way!”

Victor spoke his thoughts, while Lin Fan listened with great interest.

The strategy he mentioned was somewhat similar to what Lin Fan had planned, except that many details were not considered too well.

But as a commander who had never participated in a large-scale battle, the thought of this was enough to illustrate his military talent.

‘This Victor is a good seedling and deserves to be cultivated,’ Lin Fan couldn’t help thinking in his heart.

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