The Strongest Guild Master Founded a Nation in a Week

Chapter 1 - Prologue
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Chapter 1 – Prologue

First chapter of After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

Machine translated. Read at your own risk. For now I will try to translate this for a month.


AN:Nice to meet you, I’m Nyūsankin-desu

This is my first post.

Although these are unpolished sentences, you’ll be pleased and jump when you glanced at them.


… Royal road fantasy action game of sword and magic “Einherjar”…

It was an online VR game that began to gather attention as the character creation is beautiful and has a high degree of freedom. I was addicted to it more than I imagined due to the main story that I can enjoy without having to go through billing as well as abundant interaction elements.

If you ask about what is the difference between Einherjar and other online games, it will be the “Large-scale Solo Guild”. Because of this system, I had to pay extra expenses every month.

The large-scale solo guild in question is a guild that can be made by one player. Even though you are alone, it is large scale. Though one might not understood what it means, this is the best element.

First, one player becomes the guild master. Then you can pay or use rare medal drops from boss monsters to build facilities and subordinates.

This facility and subordinate are the songs. The facility can be from japanese style castle to western style tower, or even a random huge pit dwelling and the colors can also be changed. Of course, inside and outside the facility such as a kitchen, open-air bath, tower, torii, maze type garden, etc… can be made with a surprising degree of freedom.

Since the subordinate characters use the same character making system as the players, you can prepare countless of full-time subordinates. Equipments and jobs also have the same degree of freedom as the players.

It is possible to bring 3 subordinates. Because the subordinates are easier to raise than a player, you will be able to enjoy without grinding them.

However, there is one problem. The drop rate of rare medal from boss monster is only about 1%.

As you can expect from the explanation so far, a large-scale solo guild is dying to get medals. Anyway, depending on the facility, it can cost as much as 100 medals. By the way, a subordinate costs 5.

Since boss monsters can be easily defeated, I, and even cripple players can’t complain.

However, 30 to 40 a day might be the limit.

In other words, the calculation is that you can create two subordinates in a month.

***TN: Average per day is 35. (35boss x 30days)1%drop rate = 10.5 medals***

Of course, I could not wait so much so I had to rely on monthly billing.

But wait. I want to make a few excuses.

I suddenly return to reality. One major reason why I have no time to defeat boss monsters is due to work.

Until now, my sales performance is above average so I spent most of my time in the game world at home.

However, my peaceful days were destroyed by the invention of a devil, the birth of GPS.

Records were kept which makes me unable to skip in order to prevent business sabotage.

As a result, the time for boss hunting, which was a daily routine, decreased. Ironically, product sales increased in proportion to operating result.

Who on earth can complain to me who ran into heavy charges under such circumstances?

Then, I spent such an unhealthy lifestyle for a year. The next day is a holiday so I diligently hunt boss monster by staying up all night.

A high end head mount is displayed in the world of Einherjar.

In this world, my appearance is an eye-catching, black haired, slender, tall, beautiful young man. My clothes are light armor made of scales from my personal favourite dragon.

The name is not Renjin Yanase like in the real world. My in game name is Ren Ren.

In the direction I’m facing is a deep forest nearby and at a distance is a gray-walled, red-roofed castle and a white-toned town.

Now, I’m standing at the top of a 1500 meters tall mountain.

「Is there something wrong?」

When I was looking at the scenery spreading under my eyes, I heard a woman’s voice a bit low from behind.

Looking back, a beautiful girl in a white dress is standing there. The girl who swayed her long blonde hair is staring where I am with a beautiful posture.

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Although she’s a beautiful girl whom anyone will unintentionally admire, she has a strange atmosphere due to the western sword she has in her right hand and a head of a black dragon that fell under her feet.

What is being stepped on by this girl is a 30 meter class black dragon which is the strongest boss monster on this continent.

I gaze the dragon’s corpse and the girl idly then silently move towards the girl.

Standing up in front of the girl who’s looking up at me, I open my mouth.


The moment when I murmured that single word, the scenery which was white mountain surface and blue sky changed completely. It turned into a hall with a high ceiling and a white lustrous wall.

It is the “G.I. Castle” which is the base of my guild.

***TN: The name of the castle is a pun.( ジーアイ城 – Ji-ai-jou) Jou is castle.***

In front of me is the girl who still expressionless but I did not mind and I look around.

The size of the hall is about 50 meters wide and about 100 meters from the double door entrance to the back.

Between are 1 meter in diameter round pillars with equal intervals. Light with the various light colors comes in from the big stained glass fitted in a wall.

A lavish red carpet with golden embroidery were laid somehow and only gold and silver flags that are attached to each pillar is the decoration of the hall.

On the left and right of the carpet that has been laid at the center of the hall are men and women of various race that are lined up. They are uniformly looking here.

Looking at it again, it is a strange sight.

This room is filled with 50 people of six different race; human, elf, dwarf, beastkin, demon, and fairy.

These are 50 people with top-class ability among the subordinates whom I brought up.

I took my gaze off my men and looked at the girl again.

The girls who’s looking up here and is not stirring is my first subordinate I created and trained to the maximum, the human Eleanor.

「Eleanor, Standby.」

「Yes, I understand.」

When I gave instructions, Eleanor replied and walked to the far side of the hall.

I followed Eleanor and headed to the depths of the hall then ignored her as she lined up with the other subordinates. I pass the 5 step stair of the luxurious throne that I made just in case.

There is a heavy silver double door on the back of the throne that will opens automatically on contrary to its appearance. There is a 12 tatami japanese style room there with one door at the back.

There is a simple-made paulownia dance table with a short, rounded back to the tatami mat. This is the only furniture in this room.

I made this room for fun, but it’s unexpectedly comfortable and like it. By the way there is a household size bath and toilet in the back. I’ve never used it cause it’s in the game.

I sat down cross-legged in front of the table and took a breath.

「I want to change job…」

I sighed and murmured then look up at the ceiling. On the ceiling is a simple decoration, a bare light bulb hanging down.

「But job hunting is troublesome…」

I became a sales person of medical care and nursing care product when I went job hunting. Although I was alone and was always getting yelled at, a year has already passed. It became easier when I had juniors and before I noticed it, five years already passed.

However, the year after it becomes miserable because of the hateful GPS.

Thanks to subscription, my number of subordinates surpassed 200 people, but around half of them are brought up in an honest way. The rest are around level 50 where leveling up is relatively easy. They also received the leftover equipments.

Well, it’s only a self-satisfaction play because it is not possible to walk with everyone. Still, this hard work that continued for more than five years is difficult to stop.

As for the G.I. castle, which is the guild’s stronghold, and its garden, there is no problem buying it but,

「Oh, I wonder if I could have win this in the public lottery…」

I uttered such an incongruous word and fell down on the table.

Because I was hunting for boss monsters all night, I was attacked by drowsiness just by sitting.

I shut my eyes and sighed shallowly.


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