The Strong Beauty is a Goddess in Showbiz

Chapter 98 - 98: Jin Si Is Qi Wu’s Debtholder
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Chapter 98: Jin Si Is Qi Wu’s Debtholder

Translator: CTCTRANS Editor: CTCTRANS

Chang Xun did not dare voice what he was truly thinking.

“It’S good that you’re fine. Have a good night,” he ended up saying.

Since Jin Si was no longer angry, Qi Wu should be fine, so Chang Xun did not continue asking about her.

Due to that, he missed out on a piece of explosive news.

Qi Wu bid him a good night as well.

There were still two more days of vacation. Jin Si did not go out again. Perhaps it was because Qi Wu was back.

The two of them lazed at home and quietly did their own thing.

That was until Qi Wu ran over to Jin Si and curiously asked him, “Jin Si, how do you handle love when you’re filming?”

Jin Si stared for a moment.

He raised his eyebrows. “I’ve never acted in a romance drama before.”

He did not need that kind of thing.

The roles that Jin Si favored were always characters that the other characters avoided. He looked at characters with romance storylines with contempt.

Even if there were actresses in the movies that he worked on, he could easily overwhelm them when they acted together. “…Alright then.”

Qi Wu lowered her head in disappointment. Her attempt to learn from Jin Si had failed.

“I can help you rehearse.”

Jin Si suddenly said as he stared at Qi Wu without blinking with a smile in his eyes. “However, I won’t do it for free.”

“What do you want?”

Jin Si thought for a moment and recalled the cookies from yesterday. Before he could think twice, he said, “Bake me more cookies.”

Qi Wu blinked and swiftly agreed. “Alright!”

Not long after that, Qi Wu appeared in the kitchen with Jin Si sitting by the kitchen counter, quietly waiting for his cookies to come out of the oven.

As he watched Qi Wu work, he noticed that his blank, white kitchen suddenly seemed colorful with her in it.

The smile in Jin Si’S eyes deepened.

He did not notice the change in his mood, however.

It was only when Qi Wu’s phone on the dining table vibrated that Jin Si lowered his eyes to take a look. It was a call from someone called Jiang Xuxu.

Jin Si was no stranger to this name. She was one of the few people who often hung around Qi Wu on the show.

“Jiang Xuxu is calling you.”

Qi Wu was focused on her baking. Hence, she said without looking back, “Jin Si, help me answer it.”

Jin Si clicked his tongue. “You’re getting used to ordering me around.”

However, he still took the phone and answered the call.

Jiang Xuxu’s energetic voice came from over the phone. “Good morning! Let me tell you a piece of good news. I’ve thought of a way to make you feel like you’re in love!”

The words that Jin Si was about to say suddenly stopped on the tip of his tongue. He paused for a moment. When he saw that Qi Wu did not react, he waited for Jiang Xuxu to continue.

“Recently, there’s a viral trend online called “Matching Couples”. It’S where people get to experience a day together as a couple on a date. I think you can try it out!”

Jin Si was puzzled.

Were the people hanging around Qi Wu idiots?

He couldn’t hold back his disgust and didn’t want to hear another word of Jiang Xuxu’S nonsense about encouraging Qi Wu to experience this so-called trend.

“She’s not free,” he coldly said.

Jiang Xuxu’S enthusiastic blabber abruptly stopped.

After a few seconds, she tentatively asked, “Sweetie, did you learn how to change your voice?”

The corners of Jin Si’S mouth twitched. She really was stupid.

Now, he was worried that Qi Wu would be assimilated by these people. She was already stupid enough…

Jin Si turned on the speakerphone so that Qi Wu could hear what Jiang Xuxu said. She took the time to turn around and explain, “Xuxu, I didn’t learn to do that. ”

Jiang Xuxu heaved a sigh of relief. She thought that Qi Wu would actually…wait. If that was not Qi Wu, then was it her debtholder?

Jiang Xuxu’S first thought was that they were living together.

She awkwardly smiled and did not dare to mention what had just happened.

” She’s very busy,” Jin Si reflexively answered.

Then, he said in a proud voice that sounded like he was boasting, “She’s busy baking cookies for me.” Jiang Xuxu was speechless.


A woman baking cookies for a man… The meaning behind that was self-evident.

Her mood was now gloomier than the gloomy skies of a rainy day.

Had Qi Wu been unable to get into character because she missed the debtholder she had not seen for over a month?

Did people always have to torment those who were forever alone?

Jiang Xuxu didn’t want to continue speaking to them anymore. “Haha, I won’t bother you anymore. May your happiness last for a hundred years.” After blurting the last sentence out on a whim, she swiftly hung up.

Jin Si was confused.

What did Jiang Xuxu mean by that?

However, before he could investigate further, Jiang Xuxu hung up.

He couldn’t be bothered with her, so he put the phone aside. freewe(b)novel.c(o)m

Jiang Xuxu, who had just hung up, suddenly felt a sense of familiarity from the voice over the phone.

Her confusion lasted until she heard a man speaking from the television in the living room outside the door.

Jiang Xuxu jumped up from the bed and ran out.

Her mother was shocked when she saw Jiang Xuxu suddenly run out. She couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you in a rush?”

“Mom, don’t say anything.”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xuxu sat beside her with a serious look on her face and started watching the movie being played on TV.

Seeing that, Mrs. Jiang could not hide her surprise.

“Did the sun rise from the west? You never wanted to watch a movie with me in the past.”

Jiang Xuxu did not respond.

Her emotions were a mess at that moment.

The television was playing The Seventh Chamber, one of the films Jin Si acted in where he won a Best Leading Actor award.

Her mother was a long-time fan of Jin Si. She would basically watch one of Jin Si’S movies every once in a while.

Why did Jiang Xuxu react like this?

That was because she realized, to her horror, that the man from the movie sounded exactly like the man who had just spoken to her on the phone.

The movies that Jin Si starred in were not dubbed over. Due to her mother’s influence, Jiang Xuxu was very familiar with Jin Si’S voice.

Therefore, she didn’t need to think about whether the voice was similar or not.

It was the same person!

Jiang Xuxu’s brain nearly broke down from shock and horror. She subconsciously muttered, “It can’t be…”

Puzzled, Mrs. Jiang placed a hand on her daughter’s forehead. “You don’t have a fever. What nonsense are you talking about?*

Jiang Xuxu ignored her mother and walked into her room in a daze.

By the time she fell onto the bed, it finally clicked that Jin Si was Qi Wu’s debtholder…

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