The Strong Beauty is a Goddess in Showbiz

Chapter 80 - 80: Guilty for Some Reason
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Chapter 80: Guilty for Some Reason

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Tong Luo eagerly looked at Qi Wu in a somewhat nervous manner.

When Qi Wu praised her, Tong Luo could not contain her joy anymore and made the gesture of victory.

Tong Luo’s old fans who were caught off-guard by the reaction all clicked their tongues.

Their painstaking efforts in voting for Tong Luo might not even make her happier than Qi Wu’s praise.

Jiang Yiran, Jiang Xuxu, Ke Lu…even Tan Song performed to the best they could on stage.

Tang Liuhua’s eyes turned red as she watched the new changes in Tan Song. Tan Song chose to perform Tang Liuhua’s “Refinement.”

As he had made some changes to the song, transforming it into something that was his, everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw the refreshing take on the song.

Tang Liuhua’s stern face finally eased up. There was a gentle lilt in her cold voice as she said, “I can see that you are searching for your own path.”

Tan Song did his best to restrain his excitement and nervously bowed toward Tang Liuhua when he heard that judgment.

Tang Liuhua continued with a smile, “Although you’re still new to this, you must persevere on this path. Don’t go down the wrong path again.” According to Tan Song’s talent, as long as he continued to persevere, it was only a matter of time before he reached her level.

When Tan Song heard “don’t go down the wrong path again,” his mind drifted off for a moment.

He thought of Qi Wu.

With such a dazzling being nearby, he would never go down the wrong path


Tan Song’s transformation was acknowledged by many fans.

‘I’m so happy that I can see the high-spirited young man from the past once more.’

‘In just a few years, he has regained the inspiration he lost. I look forward to what he does next.’

‘I don’t know if anyone still remembers it, but Tan Song is the only student that

Tang Liuhua handpicked. There’s no doubt about his talent!’

‘I look forward to Tan Song’s rebirth!’

Qi Wu was one of the last few contestants to perform.

She had been calm throughout the wait. Even so, she looked as flawlessly dignified as when she first started waiting.

Even Tong Luo could not help but yawn a few times. Still, Qi Wu remained still.

If it were not for the fact that she would tilt her head from time to time and answer Tong Luo’s questions, everyone would have thought she was one of those semi-petrified old monks frozen in meditation.

When Qi Wu’s name appeared on the screen, she calmly stood up as everyone turned to watch her.

With a straight back and an invisible sense of oppression around her, she walked onto the stage.

The contestants looked at her outfit and sighed. In their minds, Qi Wu was already halfway to winning with that outfit of hers.

Everyone paled in comparison to her.

No one could steal the spotlight away from her.

Meanwhile, Jin Si had just finished all his work and turned to glance at the clock on the wall.

When he saw that it was past 9.00 p.m., he frowned.

At this time, Qi Wu would surely be done with her performance.

However, he subconsciously clicked on Chaoyang TV’s website.

The stream was on the main page, so the moment the page loaded, he was greeted by the sight of Qi Wu in a red dress.

Astonishment flashed in his eyes as his cursors inched over and clicked into the stream.

Jin Si glanced down at his hand but did not say anything as he turned to watch

He had always remembered Qi Wu as someone who liked to wear plain clothes.

Her current outfit was very elaborate, including her makeup that included drawings of plum blossom petals that accentuated her beauty.

Despite the red dress she was wearing, she still looked holier than anyone around.

He was so engrossed with her performance that he instantly clenched his hands into fists when she fell.

Meanwhile, outside the room.

Xi Huanran snuck over to Jin Si’s bedroom door. She was very proud to see that Jin Si did not close the door again.

“He’s so careless!”

After sticking her tongue out at the door, she stealthily snuck through the gap.

The room was dimly lit as that was Jin Si’s preference, but she was not afraid.

She swiftly and quietly walked in, sneaking her way over to where Jin Si was.

In an attempt to scare him, she leaped out at him with her hands held next to her mouth as if they were fangs. “Boo! Give me lemon drops, now!”

Jin Si was frightened.

That was because he felt guilty for some reason.

He looked at the stream for a few silent moments before turning back to Xi


With raised eyebrows, he shot her an exasperated look.

There was no hiding the disdain in Jin Si’s voice as he said, “Enter without knocking one more time and I’ll send you over to your brother’s side.”

That terrified Xi Huanran.

When she recalled her brother’s schedule which was all filled up with classes. Fear ran down her spine.

Thus, she immediately crawled her way onto Jin Si’s lap to pleadingly say,

“Don’t send me away.”

The pathetic and sad look on her face made Jin Si click his tongue before he blankly picked her up by the collar of her shirt to place her on the floor.

Then, looking down at her, he said, “There are no lemon drops here. Go play by yourself. ”

Xi Huanran felt very wronged.

Her uncle was a heartless meanie!

Just as she was about to dejectedly leave the room, she noticed the stream playing on Jin Si’s computer.


With an exclamation of surprise, Xi Huanran turned around and nimbly climbed onto Jin Si’s chair.

She pointed to Qi Wu’s figure on the screen and asked, “Isn’t this the pretty lady you were watching on TV?”

She had a great memory. When she thought about how no one believed her, she clenched her fists. “Hmph! Grandpa and Dad don’t even believe me, but I’m not a liar.”

Jin Si was puzzled.

Realization soon struck him and his face darkened. “What did you tell them?”

Xi Huanran stared in shock when she noticed the abrupt change on Jin Si’s face.

Carefully, she replied, “I told them you like to watch a pretty lady on TV.”

Her voice was soft like all children’s voices were. Then, she angrily huffed out, “They didn’t believe me though. Hmph!”

When Jin Si heard that, he subconsciously sighed in relief.

His face reverted back to its usual state as he smiled and ruffled Xi Huanran’s hair. “True, they would not believe you..”

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