The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power

Chapter 7: Luxurious brothel’s soap play Part 3 ★ (Main event: Mat Play)
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Chapter 7: Luxurious brothel’s soap play Part 3 ★ (Main event: Mat Play)

First, fatima used her hand to apply lotion on my back.

「Then, here I come… Fufu~?」

As declared, my back got slimy with the lotion was being applied.


Feeling the big breasts on his back, her nipples are getting stiff.

Fatima’s small nipples are erect already.


While washing my back, a barrage of kisses can be felt.


Fatima changed her slimy posture and my legs was rubbed by her breasts.

After that, my pubic hair that’s being in the middle of my crotch is washed too.


Fatima isn’t the type who pants heavily during mat play

In my previous life, the woman’s breathing was mechanical, which turns me off. So, I’m really grateful for her kind of response

Fatima started to wash my other leg just like how she did earlier. With my slimy body facing down, my penis slips out of the gap.

「Fufu~……How is it? Does it feel good?」

「Yea, it feels good. Keep going.」

「Fufu? I like honest customers you know. Then I’ll do a small service for you?」

Fatima let go of my lower body and faced my butt

「Could you raise your ass a bit?」

I did as I was told.

「Then, excuse me… Mmm….*Kiss*….*Lick*…*Kiss*」

Fatima buried her face in my ass and started licking my anus.

「Mmf… *Lick*…*Kiss*…Oh dear-*Kiss*…Do you like being clean? Such consideration.」

Before coming to the brothel I used the skill “Clean” on my body.

I have already expected it, still being licked in the anus sends shivers down my spine.


Fatima, while licking my anus’ insides, plays with my testicles on one hand, and rubs my penis on the other.

With the synchronized stimulation, my rock hard dick turned to diamond.

「Oh My~、Amazing……*Kiss*……What are you going to do? Are you cumming already?」

「No…. I want to do it inside.」

「I understand… Then, face this way~」

Thus, Fatima held me, with the help of lotion I turned over.

「Well then, if you’ll excuse me……」

With that, my whole body was poured with lotion once again.


Both of my nipples were licked alternately.

The mat on my previous life wasn’t slippery, but this one seems to be water repellent, thus I slipped.

To make it easier for Fatima I held her body.

「*Kiss*……Fufufu……Thank you~? That’s it, should I wash you off?」

Saying that, she shifted to my lower body and sandwiched my dick in her breasts, then began titfucking.

「Mmm~……Mmm……Mmm~……It’s still amazingly hard……Mmm~……*Kiss*……Mmm~……」

She kissed my dick while continuing her paizuri.

I must say, Fatima is really skilled in mat play.

She’s always glued to my body.

「Aaahn~ I can’t take it anymore, I’m gonna put it in!」

Unable to suppress herself, Fatima straddled on my waist without even listening to my reply, then inserted my cock in her.

「Aah~! Haa~! A-amazing……! It has reached deep inside.……!」

Before Fatima caught her breath, I started moving my hips on a piston motion.

「Mm~! Aah~! Haa~! Amazing! Mmff~! This takes me away……!」

Lewd sounds mixed with lotion resounded the whole room.

「Mm! Mmmm~! Aahh~! Aaa~! 」

Seeing Fatima’s naughty breathing with her breasts bouncing up and down, I held her ass and thrusts with my hips.

「Mnn~ Hii!! D-don’t……! I … Should be the one… Moving……!」

I obediently stopped moving, letting Fatima move by herself. She then grabbed my hand and placed it in her breasts.

In which case, I didn’t hesitate to rub it.

「Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!」

Fatima sped up.

Her inter vaginal walls are tightening, I’m about to cum with the sensation.

「Aah~! Mm~! D-don’t! Gosh!」

The stiff Fatima tightened even further.

Unable to bear it anymore, the dick that has been played with in the mat, released a huge amount of semen once again.

*Do byu rururu* (TN: I don’t know what this means, that is the romanji by the way)

「Ah! Aaaaaahhh!! Don’t, I-It’s coming out!! Cumming!!!」


Hitting Fatima’s womb, I blowed a large tide. I reached climax.

「Ah, Aaah……!」

With her body reaching the climax, Fatima’s shaking body was supported by me.

「Aah~…T-this is the first time ……that I squirted on a sex with a customer……」

「Do you release a lot in private?」

「When masturbating, yes several times.……」

Fatima confessed easily while trying to catch her breath.


After that, we took off the lotion with hot water, caressed each other in the bath tub. I rose up the tub to finish bathing, rubbed my body with a towel and wore something something similar to bath gown.

Fatima also wears a bath gown.

I sat on the bed, drank honey wine when Fatima come to ask.

「Have you eaten dinner yet? I’ll order some food if not.」

「No, not yet. Can we order food here?」

「When staying for a night, isn’t that obvious. You can also order breakfast here. 」

「I don’t want to be stingy, but is this included in the payment? That’s quite a service you have there」

「Oh my, even though you have quite the money, you still mind it. Of course it’s included in the payment.」

「Then, please. 」


Laughing cheerfully, Fatima pulled the string, then a bell sounded the room.

Soon, a boy knocked on the door.


「Sorry to interrupt your fun, but, what would you like for dinner?」

「What would you take on our menu?」

「I can pick whatever?」

「Of course」

「Then, as long as it fills up my stomach, any meat meal will do.」

Come to think of it, I’ve only eaten apples since I came to this world.

I suddenly got hungry

「The usual sandwich for me.」

「Understood, Please wait for a while.」

The boy bowed and left the room.

In the bed, the two people sitting were silent.

Meanwhile, Fatima slid her hand in my gown. She then started stimulating the dick that does not show any signs of decline.

「To stay overnight, you must be a really wealthy merchant?」

「Let’s see, I do adventure sometimes, but my grandfather is a merchant」

「Do you find it difficult to work with elders Fatima?」

「Ufufu, let’s see, most people in their first time takes time to recover after their release. Dear customer is an amazing person.」

Fatima’s hand was heating up, she’s now in serious mode.

I gently grabbed her hand to stop, then whispered in her ear.

「Let’s leave it to later…. I’ll pour it inside you till your satisfied.」

There’s contraception magic used in the bodies of the prostitutes. I searched and confirmed this earlier.

Fatima’s body shook up and quivered.

「You’ll break me by then……」

Saying that, her eyes was filled with expectations.

Then, the boy delivered the food, we enjoyed eating it in the bed.

Because the texture was different from the meat I’ve eaten before, I asked Fatima-

「That’s the finest cut of a cow.」

-Is what she said.

Indeed. It tastes like cow meat, yet it’s as soft as chicken’s, it’s easy to eat.

When we finished eating, Fatima put the tableware in the tray and left it in the hallway.

Unable to wait anymore, I hugged her and led her to bed.

Before sleeping, I came eight times, Fatima had twelve, and the bed was wet with squirt seven times.

When I was satisfied, I slept with Fatima on the bed that stinks with love nectar and semen.

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