The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power

Chapter 5: Luxurious brothel’s soap play Part 1 ★ (Body Wash)
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Chapter 5: Luxurious brothel’s soap play Part 1 ★ (Body Wash)

With Fatima’s invitation, I entered the room. Inside was, well, a soapland similar to the ones I know from the previous life, yet a bit different.

The size of the room is three times larger though.

Speaking of which, the bed is double decked, there are two bathtubs. Instead of an air mat, the soft mat laying down in the bathroom seems to be made of sponge.

Probably the reason for having two bath tubs must be the other one is a hot bath.

It can’t be helped since water can’t be gathered quickly.

While I was looking around the room, Fatima bent forward and hugged and kissed me at the same time.

「Mmm~….chuu~….. Chu…. fufu… smooch」(TN: Chu = Kiss SFX)

After entwining our tongues together, we separated.

I was extremely aroused with such a passionate kiss.

「Well then, I’ll start stripping off your clothes… Fufu~」

Fatima skillfully removed my armor

She started talking halfway.

「There we go… It’s been so long since an an adventurer stayed for a night here. Usually our customers are merchants or old men.」 (TN: Those gang-rape old men you see in your NTR doujins/hentai anime. Yea, those kind of old men.)

「So, you prefer younger men?」

「Hmmm. Doing it with old men isn’t bad, but I do prefer the Vigor of young men as expected… This is ok already」

She placed the removed armor, mantle and sword in the closet.

「Then, shall we take off these clothes?」

To stop being mocked, I took of my black clothes.

The moment I took of my pants – It stood up.

「Oh dear….!」

She raised a fascinated voice when she saw my penis.

「It’s quite large isn’t it?」

「It’s still not fully erect yet.」

「Fufufu…. Is that true?」

I removed my pants fully while saying so.

My penis stood like a tower reaching for the sky.

「Amazing!! This is my first time to see this size… Will this fit in my mouth?」

While saying so, she knelt and started rubbing my rod and licking my glans.

「Should we start with my mouth first?」

「Mm~……*kiss*……*lick*……Should we do it in the bed? Or should we stay here?」

「Let’s just do it here.」

She started to service me while I remain standing.

After licking the glans, Fatima took my large penis in her mouth. Her fellatio began to make indecent sounds.

「Mm~……*slurp*……*drool*……*lick*……*Slurp*……」(TN: This sfx looks boring. lol, I’ll use romanji below. I just want to tease you.)

So this is the shop’s number one’s tongue, the quality is considerably good.

「Mm~……Jyuru……I’m sorry, I couldn’t take it all ……」

「You should go with what you can……」


Fatima’s hand is assisting her in doing the fellatio by playing with my scrotum. While her other hand plays with her secret place hidden inside her panties.

My desire to ejaculate increased as I look upon the sight.

「I’m going to cum……!」

The sentence ended with me vigorously ejaculating.

「Mmm! Mmmmf! *cough* *cough* I’m sorry, I couldn’t swallow it all. I didn’t expect it to be that much……」

「Don’t worry about it.」

「Ufu……Then, I’ll clean this up」

Fatima said so, she held my penis and began her fellatio again.

「Mm……mmmf……Jyuru……Amazing……It didn’t get limp after that……?」

「I told you already right? I can do it a lot of times.」

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「Mmf……Jyuruu……This would be fun……」

I wrapped my lower part with a towel after she finished her cleanup fellatio

「Could you please wait for a while in the bed? Do you want something to drink?」

「Bring me some alcohol」


Fatima took a bottle from the shelf, poured it in a glass and left it on the table.

This sweet aroma comes from a honey wine.

Fatima took of her veil and her panties. She’s now in her birthday suit. She quickly pinned long hair down.

Her erotic nape came into view.

「Fufu… Don’t stare too much, it’s embarrassing.」

「Your body is beautiful, flaunt it more」


In fact, Fatima’s body has a proportion of a model

Large chest, elastic yet not saggy, small areola which is unsuitable for a prostitute, and her pink nipples shivers.

Her pubic hair’s color is the same as her head, the thickness is normal, it seems to be the smooth type.

「Ufufu… Could you wait for a bit?」

While saying so, Fatima took the cup, brought herself to the bath, drank it’s contents, rinsed her mouth, and spat it out in the drain.

I laughed at the scene, afterwards I made a huge sigh

「……It doesn’t smell semen anymore.」

「To fight off the odor, you use mixed herbs, ain’t that expensive?」

I just released a lot a while ago in her mouth, yet the smell of semen can’t be perceived anymore.

It seems like the kiss play would be ok.

「Well then, let’s proceed… please watch your feet.」

Fatima removed the towel on my waist, held my hand and invited me to the bathroom.

Then, I sat on the wooden stool.

….You can find that kind of perverted person anywhere in the world

Fatima started to carefully wash my dick and my anus with her body that was foamed with soap beforehand.

「It’s really amazing…. It’s throbbing」

After being washed thoroughly, hot water was used to wash away the bubbles.

「Is the water okay? Is it too hot for you?」

「It’s fine」

「Next, we shall proceed with the body… fufufu」

Fatima proceeds to cling to my body, covering me with foam.


My chest was rubbed by her big breasts, my crotch being rubbed by her thighs. Her whole body is clinging me passionately.


While rubbing, Fatima felt it a little.

Unlike Emily, I’m not using charm.

With charm, even the most experienced prostitute would fall, that won’t be fun at all.

「Mmmmm…. Nn~…. Mchu… .Jyuru…」

With the mood rising, we started to exchange kisses.

I supported Fatima’s back with my hand, while the other massages her breasts.

「Ahn~? What a mischievous hand.」

Fatima kissed me once again, then washed away all the foam.

「Next, let’s enter the bath.」

「Bath first before mat play?」

「Yes, I’m really good at it, but we’ll do something else first okay?」

It seems that there’s another service.

I soaked my body in the hot water as told, and began to relax

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