The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power

Chapter 4: Choosing a prostitute
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Chapter 4: Choosing a prostitute

The news of the A-class group “Steel Hunter Party” being destroyed with only one survivor has spread completely in the city of Alias

At the same time, the news about the newbie swordsman defeated the Earth Dragon that destroyed the “Steel Hunter Party” was more surprising

Due to Emily’s survival and the evidence which is the scale of the dragon. The new adventurer Arc-Demon was given the S-class title and the gold reward which is 200,000

Hearing the location of the best inn from the guild, curious to see if there are merchants. Arc took Emily to the inn


「How rundown … Well, since it’s just a temporary residence to ward off rain and dew, isn’t it fine?」

Hearing Arc’s impression of the inn, Emily couldn’t believe her ears

Emily was an A-rank Adventurer, but she never lodged in such a high class inn.

This is the regular hotel the merchants who come to deal use to the alias which is a commercial city.

「This is rundown?… Man, you a rich heir form somewhere?」


Arc laughed lightly, he then proceed to get the apple in his waist leather bag and put it in the table

….Heck, how the hell did those apples fit in that bag?

「I already got permission to use the kitchen, Use this as ingredient, if this isn’t enough just ask me」

Arc casually removed 300 gold coins from his leather bag.


「I’ll head out, I’ll be back by tomorrow noon. If you want to run away, you’re free to do so」

「Eh? W-wait, where are you going?」


It may be embarrassing for some to say “brothel”, but he went and said it without regard

Even if I ran away, I have nowhere to return to.

Feeling helpless, Emily proceed to cut the apples.

「Cain… what am I doing?」

Emily said while sighing


Even if I’m somewhat close to a god and can’t attain enlightenment whenever I want to, it’s hopeless due to my natural character.

If I want to embrace a woman, I’d pick the best woman available

When I got to the street where it was filled with pedestrians, inside the alley, a suspicious world has spread

It’s dusk already, stores starting to light up the lamps for their banner to be seen.

The moment I entered, they’re already pulling customers

「Dear Customer, we have good girls here!」

「They cost 200 gold/hour only!」

I gave them a bitter smile and asked them where “Dragon’s cage” is

Since they are accustomed in entertaining customers, they honestly told me where it is.

Heading to “Dragon’s cage”, I heard a voice from behind.

「Please try our store! It’s a service」

I gave them a bitter smile and waved my hand.

Arriving at the location, in comparison to the other shops, there’s a single brothel with an elegant three floor levels.

Right now, this is the most luxurious place that I’ve seen

I called out to the guy who was standing in front of the gate

「This is the Dragon’s Cage isn’t it?」

「Yes it is.」

「How much for a night?」

「Is this your first time here dear customer?」


「Then, let me explain how the shop works

First-time customers have to pay 300 gold for collateral 」

「Cash Collateral?」

「Yes, this collateral money is held on to by the shop, and returned at the time the customer leaves the shop.」(TN: Thanks 87% senpai.)

It’s a system to prevent the customers from running away, I removed 500 gold from the leather bag and gave it to the boy

「D-dear customer, it seems that you gave too much」

「It’s fine, take it. Anything else from your system?」

「Y-yes! Thank you very much! You can choose from average to the finest girls we have here.」

「Of course, I’ll be choosing the finest lady」

「Understood..Please enter…」


The boy led me to the lounge and made me seat on a sofa

The furniture seem to be luxurious

「Then I’ll be calling all the available ladies, please choose from those girls」


I can see the face before paying… What a nice system.

I waited for a while, when the boy came back, he has 10 prostitute forming a line in front of me and greeted me.

「「「Thanks for coming today」」」

The girls are wearing thin veils that’s almost transparent, and they’re not wearing a bra.

Now then, which girl should I choose?

Their level can be compared with the entertainers from my previous life.

I casually used “Doctor” and “See through” skills to determine which girls are healthy and which girls contain STDs.

Using my skill, I concluded that none of them have sexually transmitted disease, maybe there’s no STD in this world

From the moment the girls entered the room, there was one that I deemed perfect. (TN: help on this line)

Long silver hair, a real beauty. She tops the other girls who are present in the room

Her age is similar to Emily’s. It’s just that, she has an aura of an “Erotic woman”, it feels like she was born to be embraced by men.

Her overall style is slim, but her breasts has the same size as Emily’s

Her ample bosom is emphasized by her slim body

I already like this silver haired woman, but I pretend to feign ignorance

「Hmmm, with such beauties it’s hard to decide.」

「You can make a request as long as it’s reasonable, how about it?」

「Ok then, show me your boobs」


When the boy said so, the girls smiled and took of their veil. All that’s left is their panties.

Various sizes of breasts are shown, it was a masterpiece.

This alone is enough to give someone a nosebleed, but I’m much greedier.

「Can I touch them?」

「That’s OK」


I got up from the sofa and started fondling their breasts, rubbing their nipples.





I like the reaction of the silver haired girl

If you look closely, you’ll notice that her skin is the whitest among them.

I already made my decision, but I decided to tease them further

「Hmmmm… I’m choosing between this silver haired woman here and that golden haired woman there. Anyone else can go back」

When I said so, the other girls grabbed their veils, smiled bitterly and left the room.

The staff sure are educated, this store sure is luxurious



The remaining girls, with their chests revealed, smiled.

The golden haired girl seemed to be second when it comes to beauty

「What would you like to do?」

「Let’s see… remain undressed. Introduce yourself, tell me what you can do and what’s your specialty」

「I understand… My name’s Fatima」

The boy prod her, the silver haired girl stepped forward

「My name is Fatima… there is no particular play that are no good, ah, but I dislike pain. My special skill is bubble wash……and my reputation is good for」

Next to her, the blonde girl steps forward.

「Katie, I’m not bad with any particular play. for SM, I’m good as long as long as it’s not hardcore. I’m good with blowjobs, oh, and anal is ok too. 」

「Hmmm. I’ll take Fatima, next time I get here, I’ll take Katie.」

「Please do visit us again, ok?」

Katie put on her veil, bowed, and left the room.

「Ufufu… Thank you for choosing me, I’ll make sure to send you to heaven」(TN: Death by snu snu)

「Umu, I’d take this lady. How much it is for a night?」

「Understood… You’ve got good eyes dear customer, She’s our number one lady here.」

「Ah… Do I have to pay in advance?」

「Yes. One night is 3000 gold.」

「Hm? When I asked in the city market, they said it was 2000, isn’t it?」

「Yes, for returning customers, 2,000 gold is enough, but in case they are first-timers, as whe don’t know what kind of people those customers are, we receive half the fare in concept of guarantee for their first time.」

I see…. It’s an insurance system, also they want to check if you have some weird fetish or violent against women.

「Hmm…. I’ll give you 5000 gold this time」

「5000 gold you say? It may be rude to ask, but do you seek for a weird play?」

「Ah, no. That’s not it. That 2000 gold is an advance payment for the next time. Think of it as token of patronage and my hope for a more flexible relationship. Also I’d like to try other plays」

While speaking, I took out 5000 gold from my item box and put it in the table.

Chaching~ The sound of money filled the room.

「Understood. If that’s how you want it. The room will be prepared immediately, please wait for a while」

「Fufu……See you later then.」

Talk about soap play.. This store must have a soapland then.

Just like the boy asked me to, I waited in the room while drinking alcohol.


Twenty minutes later, Fatima’s voice could be heard behind the curtains of the room.

「Sorry to keep you waiting……」

Fatima opened the curtains, sits on sieza, and made a bow.

「Preparations had been completed, fufu… Would you like to go to the restroom first?」

「Yea, no problem」

「Then, I’ll guide you to our room…. fufufu, this would be fun isn’t it?」

With a smile, Fatima led me to a room. I wonder what would a soap play feel like.

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