The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power

Chapter 3: Hit the Dragon, also Rape ★
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Chapter 3: Hit the Dragon, also Rape ★


Running to the camp with her feet speeding with magic, Emily’s breath is getting rough

It was a failure

That’s impossible, we who were waiting by a nest of a dragon to be caught in a trap easily…!

Our opponent was a Dragon, a veteran Dragon. It was called Nushi(ヌシ) by the townsfolk.

Emily with the members of “Steel Hunter Group” was waiting in the dragon nest, was confused by the falling rocks, and suddenly it came down from the sky

The group, with the sudden attack was scattered. Emily lost her consciousness. When she came to, the members of “Steel Hunter Group” was no more.

The healer isn’t supposed to leave the party…!

It’s too late for regrets

Anyway, if ever anything happened we decided to set a camp beforehand.

I reached the camp!

While Emily was having those thoughts, she saw a collapsed camp

The earth dragon was waiting in the camp

It was chewing some sort of meat

Don’t think what kind of meat that is.

I have to run away!

I thought to myself, but my legs was trembling in fear

A healer can’t do anything against a Earth Dragon

The earth dragon rushed aiming at me

Someone! Help me!

When Emily prayed so, something jumped from the air

「There we go」

That “something” pulled out a sword, swung it against the dragon, and it’s head fell.

「!? !? ??? !?」

Emily was confused, ‘That person’ cut off the dragon’s head easily.

「With this, 200,000 gold is mine」

Apparently this person is also an adventurer

Emily’s instincts are creaming “Don’t antagonize this person”

But still, I have to make sure

「H-Hey! You! Have you seen my party?」


「D-did you see my companions?」

「Now that you mentioned it, I saw a mountain of corpse behind the rock when I came here. They were around 19 bodies I guess.」


「I just remembered, there was another group that accepted this request, Ain’t you glad? It didn’t turn twenty」

「Cain!! Caiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!」

Emily cried while screaming the name of her lover.


My celebration has been spoilt

Even though I took the trouble saving this woman, She was crying and screaming a name of an unknown man.

(No… Ain’t this fun too?)

I grabbed her collar, looked in her eyes and murmured.

「Don’t cry」


With a light hypnosis added in my words, the woman shut up immediately


「Wha? I don’t want to!」

「Your robe looks expensive. I don’t mind slashing your clothes with my sword you know?」

After showing my sword, the woman reluctantly took of her clothes.

(That’s quite a nice body….)

The woman tries to cover it with her arms, but she can’t hide her ample bosom.

The large areola is colored pink.

The waist and hips are moderately narrow

The pubic hair is thin, and it’s color is chestnut

「Y-you’ve had enough right? Let me go already.」


When I chanted, The woman is bound by an invisible rope.

「He-y! Sto-!」

The woman fell on the ground

I hugged her body and started rubbing her chest.

「E-even though I don’t want it… why do I feel… 」

I’m adding charm on my hand while it fondles her boobs

With this, even she doesn’t want to, she’ll feel it gradually


Reminds me, how long has it been since I have touched a woman’s breasts?

Like a wolf, I massaged, fondled, and groped her body.

「Aah~… Ahn~…Even though you can’t….」

While licking her voluptuous breast, my hand reached for the lower region


With a charm on my finger, I reached for her vagina, It’s already wet. I slid a finger in and stimulated her G-spot intensely.

「Aaaaaaaaaaahhh! W-what’s this……I don’t know」

It seems it’s the first time for her G-spot to be stimulated.

I was massaging her breast, sucking the nipple on the other, fingering her G-Spot and rubbing her clitoris with my thumb at the same time.

「Ah~! Don’t!! Something’s coming! It’s cumming!!! I-It’s coming out!!」

The woman screamed while orgasming, she squirted

「Your squirt…hit me」

After saying so, I laid the woman down, unzipped my pants, and took out a superb article

「….Hiii! What is that?」

「What is it? It’s my dick, this is gonna be inside your vagina」

「I-imposible, that thing won’t fit in!」

「Be at ease, I’ll use lotion.」

I took out the all-purpose lotion from my item box and started pouring it in her secret crack.

「P-please…. stop this already!!」

「Don’t want to」

I sentenced so, my superb article inserted.

‘Michi michi’, The sound of my meat being wrapped around.


The woman screamed from the top of her lungs when her insides were pierced.

It does look painful for her, I continue to piston with no care.

「Gu… Aah, Ahh, Wha-What’s this…Even though it’s painful..ahh.. wa… ahh!」

My thing 『Generates』aphrodisiac, and I was pouring it in her vagina directly.

The feeling gradually increases as I thrust.

「Aahh… Ahn~….C-cain… I-I’m sorry…I’ve degenerated」

I rammed it in and ejaculated inside.

「Aah, Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!」

She orgasms while I pour my semen in her womb, and this time she urinated.

From my hips, I can hear the sound of piss, I decided not to question it.

My ejaculation was wonderful compared to my previous life.

「Uuu, uuuu…. are you done already?」

「Try to look at my meat stick, do you think it’s done already?」

I declared so, my dick inside her started throbbing and starts to get erect again.

「Two more rounds at least.」


I started moving my hips while ignoring her cries…


「Uuuu…. My insides are torn apart….」

The woman who saw blood mixed in semen sighed, and started casting magic on herself


「You, you can use healing magic?」

I asked while stripping the evidence from the head of the earth dragon… She didn’t answer.

「If you don’t want to talk, I can force you to using magic you know?」

「! This rapist! Yes! I’m a healer! Is there a problem with that!?」

「Nothing in particular」


I left the woman to hiss alone and headed for the rocks

「! W-wait! What are you doing!」

「What ? I’m collecting the guild card of those who died, isn’t it the rule of the guild?」


When she realized that her companions really died, she started crying again.


I walked up to the woman and grasped, dragged and raised the nape of her neck.

「Hii… Wha-what? A-are you possibly going to do something horrible to me again?」

「Hey woman! Can you make an apple pie?」


「I’m asking you if you can bake an apple pie!」

「Well, if I have the ingredients and the location」

Due to the unexpected question, the woman is confused.

「Then, be my companion」


「Be my companion and bake me some apple pie. I’m troubled because I bought too much, that’s why I want someone who can cook」


A woman answers reflexly and has the face which closed.

「My name is Fujiyama, no. Arc-Demon, Yours?」

「Emily… Feed….」

Thus I, formerly Fujiyama Shinsuke, Now Arc-demon had Harem member #1 as a companion

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