The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power

Chapter 29: Futanari beast girl, Kiki Part 2 ★ (Virgin Sex)
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Chapter 29: Futanari beast girl, Kiki Part 2 ★ (Virgin Sex)

「Mmf……*slurp*……*lick*……Boss、Does it feel good?」

Kiki’s tail is wagging and flapping as she lick my cock while looking up from below.

「It’s still not enough…No good. You still need more practice. Lick it properly….I will use this on your woman part from now on.」

「Fuwa~….*lick*…But, will this big thing fit in?*Kiss*」

「Don’t worry, I’ll use vaginal expansion magic and contraception magic」

I casted magic on Kiki’s abdomen, she separated her mouth from my dick in agony.

「Mmm……! What’s this? My insides are hot……!」

I let her crawl on all fours, her pussy seems to be in the same state as Lulu’s, I swirled my finger to make sure.


「If it’s this wet it should be fine… Good! Imma put it in」

「P-please be gentle….Aaah~!!」

I sink in my meat stick, immediately broke her hymen, and reached her womb.

Kiki’s vagina seems to be shallow.

「Ugh….It hurts…It hurts, boss!」

「I casted heal when I did put it in, so why are you saying it’s painful?」

I turn my hand in Kiki’s crotch, I gently held her cute erect penis.

「Hyaa~!! Don’t do both!! C-cumming!!」

I moved my hand lightly, holding Kiki’s male part, then a small amount of semen was released on my hand

「……I’m going to move.」

I moved my waist in and out her shallow vagina, reaching the cervix, and stimulate the G-spot.

「Hii! Ah~! Ah~! T-this! Even though it’s my first time! I-It feels good!!」

I lose my hand on her male part, and started focusing on her vagina, and once again, it turned erect.

With my hand wet with semen, I violently treated her penis.

「Ah~Ah~Ah~Ah~!!t-twat’s…sweryoslee..foing foth at the sham twime~….I’m turneeng weerd… I’m fweeling weerd」(That’s..seriously, doing both at the same time. I’m turning weird, I’m feeling weird.)

She’s about to cum, Kiki’s body convulses and her pussy tightens.

「Last Spurt!」

I kept pounding her cervix from behind, and at the same time, I also stimulate her male part.

「Aaah~!! Hiiiii!! I’m feeling weird……!! Cumming!! Cummiiiiiiiiing!!!!!」

She reached climax on both of her genitals, she squirted cutely, and her vagina tightened like a vise.

I thrusted violently inside her vagina and sprayed a lot of semen inside.


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Kiki’s body convulsed and finished her orgasm


「……And from now on, Kiki will live in this Mansion. Try to get along.」

I gathered the girls from the mansion and introduced Kiki

Kiki’s clothes were torn, so she’s hiding her body in my cloak

「I already thought this would happen….haah…」

Emily sighed

「Well, isn’t it fine Emily-sama, won’t the mansion be livelier with this」

「I don’t really know about that……How old are you?」

「Uhmm….I’m 18 years old……」

「……Same age as me……」

「Then master, how was this girl’s body?」

「Yeah, it was a fresh experience」


To surprise the woman who inclined her neck, I took off Kiki’s cloak

「Wha-! Wait stop it! It’s embarrassing」

「Oh my, this child has a penis.?」


「I-i’ve heard that beastkin are rare, this is my first time to see one.」

「……It’s so much smaller than master’s……」

「Here, if you look properly, there’s also a vagina.」

I had Kiki pose like she was peeing.

「Can this penis ejaculate?」

「Yeah…I used “search” and found that it can ejaculate, but it does not produce sperm」

「Oh my~」

「Well about that, it seems that Kiki has no experience with inserting her dick to a pussy. I wanted to give her a run gently, anyone wanna do it?」

「If it’s the usual day I would raise my hand, but sadly today is…」

「Same here, I have work tomorrow, so I’ll pass.」

「So Fatima and Emily is no go…What about you? Lulu? Mary?」

「I’m okay for today master, I have nothing special to do today」

「……If master tell me to do so, I will…I’m okay today」

「Good! Lulu, Mary, we’ll be enjoying this. Kiki, I’ll grant you “Clean” skill, use it freely and clean your own body.」

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