The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power

Chapter 28: Futanari beast girl, Kiki Part 1 ★ (Futanari Caress)
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Chapter 28: Futanari beast girl, Kiki Part 1 ★ (Futanari Caress)

The next day, an S-class subjugation request was sent to my house from the guild.

The opponent is “Gluttony Dragon” (TN: why all his enemies are all dragons? Poor dragons)

The dragon only eats dead meat, so they don’t damage livestock.

I immediately replied that I accept the quest, prepared slowly, and flew at the site in intervals.

Reaching the reported location, I saw the Gluttony Dragon indulging itself on the Earth Dragon’s corpse(TN:Not Sexually, Now Imagine a FUCKING DRAGON FUCKING A FUCKING DRAGON) (<-my reading list reference.)

I land in front of the gluttony dragon, then, I threw some stones to disturb his meal.

The gluttony dragon rushed at me as he was enraged because I disturbed his meal.

I sidestepped lightly at his charge, and had his neck fall in one swing.

With my Hearing MAX, I picked up a small sound, I was certain I heard a gulp from a distance.

The damn thief has come.

I pretended to take the evidence and fly away, I then came back invisible on the corpse of the gluttony dragon .

After a while of waiting, I saw a cute dog ear emerged from the thicket, walking unsteadily, the beast girl came out after looking around.

The girl has a tank top and hot pants as dress, a therianthrope (beastgirl), she has a tongue like dog ears and tail, other than that, she looks like a human.

Her height is the same as Lulu, and her round beautiful chest is the same as Mary’s

Her features are quite good, she also has a rich pet-like atmosphere.

The girl draw her knife, when she’s about to strip the materials from the gluttony dragon, I removed invisibility magic and grabbed her in the neck.


「Hii! Awawa……! Arc Demon!?」

The bound girl tries to escape by thrashing around.

「W-what is it? I haven’t done anything wrong you know!?」(TN: Boku-girl!)

There’s no point in arguing with this girl, so I pulled her tank top.

Nice body, Boing Her breast swayed.


I pinned the girl to the ground, rubbed her beautiful breasts and licked her nipples in a rotating motion.

「….this is your punishment for using someone else’s work for money making….you’ll be paying up with your body」

「No~, Mm~, Mm~, Don’t!!」

「How about here……?」

I tried placing my hand on top of her hot pants, the bound girl flailed wildly in resistance.

「Wait! That one’s off limits! I told you don’t!!」

But I didn’t hear her, I pulled her pants.

And then, something familiar can be seen in the girl’s crotch

「Hm? You’re a guy?」


There’s a fine pussy when I traced her with my finger.

It’s the woman’s usual clitoris -just a larger version, it’s around 12cm(4.7 inch), just a bit smaller than the average size of the erect penis of a Japanese male.

「Ooh….A hermaphrodite futanari, I’ve heard they were rare…It’s my first time to see one.」

「No! Don’t look!……」

I used “search”, I found out that it’s able to ejaculate, but it does not produce sperm. (TN: Genetics study)

While I treat her penis, I also swirl her pussy with my finger.

「Hiiuu! No! I’m feeling weird! I’m feeling weeeeeird!!」

I was curious on the unusual body, so I vigorously played with both genitals

「Aah~!! D-don’t!! Cumming!! It’s coming out!! I’m cumming!~~~~!!!!」

The girl’s body convulsed as her woman part was done, and there was a squirt from her penis.

「Haah……Haah……What’s this?……This is even better than masturbation……」

「You’re interesting, Your name?」

「Haah……Haah……Kiki……」(TN: read as Kinky(lol) just kidding)

「Well then, Kiki, what are you seeking by collecting the monster’s corpses? Because if you want to live a comfortable life you can live in my Mansion. You’ll have all the luxuries you know?」

「Eh?…. Really? Living in the Demon’s Mansion?」

「In exchange, I will be your master, when I call you out, you should be prepared with your body, isn’t that fine?」

「Uh, Ok, I’ll take it. B-but I’m still a virgin」

「Hmm… Then, I’ll take your virginity here….First, lick this」(TN: Author really likes fucking girls in front of dead dragon’s doesn’t he? maybe I should find my own dragon to kill too)

I removed Kiki’s bindings and stick out my dick in front of her eyes.

「It’s fine if I just lick this right? I’ll do my best.」

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