The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power

Chapter 23: Plucking a beautiful flower Part 1 ★ (Caress)
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Chapter 23: Plucking a beautiful flower Part 1 ★ (Caress)

After eating dinner, I took a bath with Emily, “I can’t wait to bury my dick inside Mary” -are my thoughts while cumming inside Emily’s mouth. I then got up from the bath and relaxed in the living room wearing a bathrobe.

Lulu then came in reporting.

「……Sorry to disturb your relaxation master, but Fatima and Mary had finished their preparations……」



I head to the bedroom while rubbing Lulu’s ass.

Opening the door, a strong scent from an incense tickled my nasal cavity.

Fatima loves this fragrance, it also has an aphrodisiac effect.

Behind the canopy bed’s veil, two women’s shadow can be seen.

「Ufufu….Come here master… This child is so stiff, she must be nervous. Hurry up and make her loose master. 」


I open the veil and climb onto the bed, I remove the bathrobe and become naked.



Fatima is just like usual, but Mary covered her face and averted her eyes from my erect cock

「Don’t avert your eyes Mary. From here on out, making you feel good is something you should be thankful for you know?」

「E-even if you tell me that……」

Mary trembles, she’s wearing a pink negligee, she’s not wearing a bra so her breasts are visible.

I asked Fatima, who was wearing a purple negligee.

「This negligee is your hobby? Fatima」

「Ufufu….That’s right. I hurriedly ordered this from the town’s number one clothing store…. Does it suit me?」

「Well done…I’ll give you lots of love later.」

「Fufu… I’m glad? But, give lots of love on this girl first, okay?」


I approached Mary on my knees, I then started fondling her breasts on top of her negligee.

「Aah~! D-don’t!」

Mary tries to hide her breast with her hands, Fatima restrained her.

「Nope~? Give it up and feel good already.」

「Aah~! Don’t! Mmm~! No~ Stop!!」

With Fatima holding her, Mary is powerless, so all I have in my mind is fondling her boobs.

「Mmmm~! T-this……! Don’t….I said don’t……!」

「Well…Let me get more serious with the fondling……」(TN: fondling breasts is a serious job.)

I released Sexual Ability MAX and resumed the breast massage, her nipples got erect, i pinched and twisted it.

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「Mmmmmmm~!! Why’s this….! My body won’t listen to me!!!」

I played with Mary’s Mammaries(Pun: Get it? Mary’s Mam-mary’s?) for a while, her nipple that was hidden by the negligee has been wet.

「Oh…..Mary, your body produces milk?」

「I-I don’t know such a thing…..! Aaaah~!」

「Oh my, that’s true…The amount may be a bit little, but it’s milk」

「I don’t know, I don’t know!!」

「Hmmm… should I block her mouth?」

Hearing me say that, Mary flinched and tried to move, but with Fatima restraining her, she can’t do anything.

「D-dont! It’s my first kiss……Mmmmffff!?」

Mary’s eyes turned white when I kissed her.

With my “Tongue Technique MAX” active, I licked Mary’s jewel like teeth and gums, coiling around her tongue, violating her to my heart’s content.

「Ah, Aaaaaah……」

Mary’s eyes are intoxicated after I finished kissing her.

「Fatima, massage Mary’s chest」

「Got it…. And what about master?」

「I’ll be doing this.」

Saying so, I traced Mary’s secret place on top of her panties.

「Aah~! You should touch that place….」

Mary tries to resist by twisting her body, but since earlier she’s got no strength.

It seems that the kiss worked.

Fatima restrains her by rubbing her chest. I removed her panties.


Mary covered her face in shame.

My finger has traces of love nectar shining, I stirred her with my sexual technique

「Aah~! Mm~! Such a thing! I don’t know such a thing! Mmmm~!!」

「It’s hot….also, there’s a lot of folds.」

「Oh my, could it be a rare vessel?」(名器)

「Might be… Good! Let’s put in a finger.」

So I declared, I stirred her vagina vigorously while stimulating her G-spot at the same time.

「Aah~!! W-what!? Something is coming!! D-dooooooooont!!!!」

Mary’s body trembles as she reached ecstasy

「Haah……Haah……Haah……I-I don’t know such a thing……」

Fatima let go of Mary’s limp body, my cock was treated three times.

「Now, It’s finally time for the main event……」

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