The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power

Chapter 22: One hundred million gold woman
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Chapter 22: One hundred million gold woman

I’ve heard this kind of story.

“I have a lot of money but I’m lonely, that’s why I go to places with a lot of people”

In the market, I gain a lot of profit from selling crystals, that the profit naturally made me the richest man in the city.

Of course, with my “Wisdom MAX”, and my “Mind Reading” skill available, I can determine when someone tries to deceive me.

With that said, selecting only lucrative goods makes my business the place where the other merchants gather

That day, Sean Rockwell visited as well, he approached me with investment as agenda.

Although Rockwell’s business is currently revolving on weapons, with the stability of the crystal supply, he’s trying to strengthen the business involving magic tools.

For that reason, in order to get funds, he is asking if he can loan from me, is the current story

As for the interest, Rockwell proposed to give 5% every quarter.

I, in my mind, evily snickered before the pig that presented himself on a silver platter, apple in mouth.

Continuing the talk, I brought four times the amount of what Mr. Rockwell desired, to his pleasant surprise he immediately concluded the contract then made me sign it, I headed home chuckling.

Then after 20 days…

The day before the first quarter payment, the residents of Rockwell mansion fell asleep because of someone’s magic, during that time, the storehouse had all of their cash and certificates were stolen, the incident turned Alias abuzz

The culprit is me of course. (TN: Charity girl, GET!)


Having all the people in the mansion been put to sleep with magic, at first I, who am a great magician, was suspected.

But, I had an alibi that I was playing with the prostitutes on “Dragon’s Cage” when the incident happened.

Because I was always rumored to be having fun with the prostitutes, the suspicion was cleared with people proving my alibi.

Of course, making an alibi is a simple work

I used “Clone Magic”, had it play in the Dragon’s cage, on the other hand, I perform the coma robbery, putting it in the item box, I stole several tens of millions of gold from Rockwell’s storehouse, burned the troublesome drafts, and left Rockwell penniless. (TN: Bunshin Mahou)

Because “Clone Magic” is a forgotten ancient magic, they won’t suspect my alibi.

Cumming inside a prostitute and stealing money at the same time, I’ve never tasted something like this before, the immorality was pleasurable.

Anyway, the people who loaned Rockwell was crowding in his mansion.

I was also there, asking him for his payment from his loan.

The merchants were getting noisy because they want to be the first one to withdraw the cash cash collateral from Rockwell, but when I told them the amount he owes me the they were overwhelmed and stayed silent.


「100 million gold!?」

「That’s right, I Arc Demon had lent Sean Rockwell 100 million gold. If someone else has loaned him an amount higher than that, I will give you the right to ask Mr.Rockwell for the payment first, Is there anyone?」


The merchants shook their head in silence.

I examined this beforehand.

The highest amount these guys lent Rockwell is 10 million.

「……Then, I’ll go first because I’m the largest creditor, is that okay? …. Well, Mr. Rockwell, can you return the 100 million?」

Rockwell swings his tired face sideways.

It’s natural because he’s penniless.

「That’s troublesome… Even if you were to sell all of your household goods it still won’t reach 100 million.」

The merchants gulped their saliva while watching.

「But, I’m not a Demon(Oni). If you give me what you value the most, I’ll forgive your 100 Million gold Debt.」

The merchants got noisy.

Mr. Rockwell asked me while clinging.

「T-that “What you value the most” would be?……」

「Isn’t that obvious? It’s Mary Rose」

When Rockwell heard that, He screamed and sat-in the floor.

「I have two conditions. You will turn over Miss Mary Rose Rockwell as compensation for 100 Million gold, you can’t complain on this matter. Second, any form of connection with Mary Rose will be cut, you won’t meet meet again. If you accept this condition, I’ll give you a bonus」


「After selling all of your household goods, I’ll provide five hundred thousand gold, without interest, for all of your creditors that are here, I won’t be asking for the repayment…… what? with 500,000 gold you can make a small weapon shop to pay for your debts」


I thought I need to give him another push, but Mary came in the door speaking.


「M-mary!? No good! Don’t come here, It’s no good!」

「Father, I’ve heard about it….If I can help father, I’d gladly be your wife.」


I laughed.

「You’re misunderstanding something Mary….You won’t be my “Wife”, you’ll be “My thing”」

Mary flinched for a moment, yet her decision remains unchanged.

「That’s fine…As long as father survives……」(TN: the sea of debt.)


「……Mr. Rockwell, would that be fine?」

Rockwell nodded feebly.

「With that, I got your permission to take your daughter.」

I said, I then lifted Mary with one hand.

「Kyaa! D-Demon-sama……」

「Call me “Master”」(TN: Danna-sama)


「After that, you’re all free to do what you want. After the Liquidation of his properties, I will send 500,000 gold to Mr. Rockwell 」

I held Mary up to the carriage and we went home.

After that, I heard that they stripped all of Rockwell’s possessions, not even a strand of hair was left.


「……And then you brought her? That’s evil……」

I ignored Emily’s complain.

「Lulu, lead Mary to the vacant room in the second floor.」

「……Yes Master……」

「Mary, I’ll grant you “Clean” skill. Clean yourself tonight.」

「Yes..De-.No, Master……」(TN: To make it clear, she’s about to say his name)

「Oh? You brought someone today」

Mary’s body stiffened when she heard Fatima

「Of course…Fatima, support her.」



「Don’t be so stiff…..Mary, In this mansion you’ll experience things you’ve never imagined.」

「Y-Yes, Master……」

「I’ll be embracing you tonight」

I declared. I headed to the study room after.

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