The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power

Chapter 2: Tutorial investigation behavior
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Chapter 2: Tutorial investigation behavior

When I noticed, I stood in the middle of the vast grassland by myself.

Instead of the clothes that smell poverty that I was wearing a while ago, my body is now dressed in black, which somehow looks strong.

「Let’s see……Skill、『Equipment Check』……was it?」

Just by thinking, I confirmed my equipment

E: Sword of the Champion

E: Armor of the Champion

E: Mantle of the Champion

「Hmmm……Not bad……」

Surveying the scene, immediately to my side is something like a road running through. (TL:thanks 87% senpai)

Standing on the road, I squinted my eyes and confirmed that there’s a city ahead

By the way, vision is also MAX (TL: Yea, all your parameters are max, we know it)

「Well then, while experimenting on my abilities, I’ll aim at that city……」

Along the way, high intelligence monsters seems to fear me because of my aura, however, low-intelligence monster like slimes doesn’t seem to be affected, thus I swung my sword and tried to shoot with magic.

「Hmm… Defeating monsters doesn’t seem to give you gold…could they be put on requests of guild and such?」

Still, with the slime’s watery body, “All-purpose” lotion can be retrieved.

When you think about it, it does seem to be useful.

I used a small bottle, collected the lotion and tossed it away in my leather bag…. My “Able to put and get anything from Item box” (TN: I’ll shorten it to “Item Box” when I see that line again. That’s the literal TL)

I’ve gotten the hang of how to use magic and skills

I tried to use the weakest fire spell on a slime, The slime was burnt and everything else within 50m diameter.

I need to be careful when controlling magic.


When I arrived in the city, the gatekeeper asked me of my purpose so I answered politely.

『Wisdom』is really convenient at such times

Upon entering the city, the market is already in sight.

Good, let’s survey the prices, and gather intel.

「Old man, how much for this apple?」

「Aiyo! It’s two gold per piece」

「Hmmm… Give me three」

Comparing the currency from my old world, it seems that 1 Gold = 100 Yen.

「Old man, can I ask if there’s an Adventurer’s guild in this place? It’s my first time in this city」

「The adventurer’s guild is the big building in the center square on the right side. You can see it immediately」


As expected, you can gain money by working in the adventurer’s guild.

「Brothel, do this city have it?」

「Eh? Hehehe…..there is a full range of variety, you know. (From the best to the worst)」(TN: Thanks again 87% senpai)

「In regards to luxury stores, what do you recommend?」

The old man whistled while making a money hand symbol

「Then, give me twenty more apples」

「Thanks for the purchase! The best store for that would be 『The Dragon’s Cage』The women there are beautiful, I can guarantee you that. 」

「Hmmm. By the way, how much it would cost for an overnight with the best lady?」

「Let’s see…. I heard this from a wealthy merchant….One night would cost you 2000 gold」

「I see, sorry to bother your business old man」

「Not at all, thanks for your purchase」

A high class lady would be around two hundred thousand yen per night. I lack money so it can’t be helped, let’s go to the Adventurer’s guild to earn some money


When I entered the Guild, an old man that seems to be the manager was looking at me (TN: Machine says ‘waiting’)

It seems that they are evaluating people through equipments

「Well, well… What can we do for you sir customer?」

「Ah, this is my first time in the guild, could you describe your work」

「First time? ah, no, but your equipment is…」

「This equipment was my parent’s memento, they take pride in sword and magic skills. I have been trained with such parents」

「Is that so……」

I just lied on the spot, but I used a little bit of 『Hypnotism』so I should be fine.

「Adventurers are separated by class, which is S, A, B, C, D, they are given work which corresponds to their class」

「The classification is determined by the abilities?」

「No, they are determined by the equipments, for example, even if it’s your first time here, you would be put to B-class」

「Hmm… you say roughly, what about the other classes?」

「D would be a handyman

C’s can subjugate monsters

B can be a guard of a medium sized caravan

and A is a first class adventurer」

「What about S?」

「For S class, There is no need for them to go to the guild by themselves. We’re the ones to request them if they’re needed.

Also, there’s no S-class in this city right now. 」

「I get it. For starters, let me see the requests for B-class」


The manager brought me the request chart, but there aren’t much quests to be seen.

Also, rewards doesn’t even reach 2000 gold

「Is….there any request where I can get lots of money?」

「Lots of money…. Right now, request for subjugation of earth dragons is out. This one’s an introductory quest for B-class」

「And the reward is?」

「200,000 gold, but, a group has already accepted this request.」

「I see. Then, if I completed this request promote me to S-class」

「P-please wait, do you have companions?」

「I alone am enough. Don’t worry, I’m strong enough」


「……What are the rules on accepting a quest? I’m fine, if I died then I’m just another foolish adventurer」

「Ha, hah……」

Overwhelmed by my aura, The manager began telling me the details

Thus, I challenged the Earth Dragon -alone.

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