The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power

Chapter 13: Build a Home
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Chapter 13: Build a Home

Emily gathered her baggage and moved out of the inn with me.

For taking care of us, I gave the inn a decent amount of money.

Walking out from the inn, Emily followed me from behind. Curious onlookers were wondering what would Arc Demon do, still they kept their distance.

Emily asked while we’re walking

「……So, what kind of house did you buy?」

「The house I bought is expensive and it’s not yet finished」


「I just bought a land…. look over there.」

「W-wait, just land?」

Ignoring Emily’s protests, we arrived at my land that was surrounded by a fence which was added by the people I hired yesterday.

The location is a bit far from the main city and the adventurer’s guild. The insides of the fence had no grass to be seen.

The dealer knows that I’m a millionaire, so he tried to overcharge me, but I tried to bargain with the skill “Price cut”, thus I purchased the land for only one million gold.

Even if it’s wide, just how much does land cost?

「Are we going to build tents here? I’m not complaining though」

「Just shut up and sit there patiently.」


I snapped my fingers and created a barrier.

Other than those I permit, nothing can enter my land.

The barrier would protect everything inside with magic. Now without any distractions, I rubbed my hands and started constructing the image in my mind.

The onlookers expectation would rise. I’m currently chanting the lost “Construction Magic”


After I finished chanting, the outside wall was trembling with noise, “Housing materials” like trees, rock, iron, and animal skin came flying together in my land and piled themselves up.

「W-what’s this!?」

Emily, who has been watching was taken aback.

Due to the commotion, the onlookers increased.

The gathered materials automatically processed themselves, like they are being done by a giant invisible hand.

Rock is cut, the wood turned to planks, iron melted and changed its shape, and the skins of animals were tanned.

Building materials being loaded automatically, and the basic part of the building constructed.

「W-What did you just do!?」

「What, just some construction magic」

「Construction magic???? What the hell!? That’s the first time I’ve heard of it!」

Witnessing a magic that has never been seen before, Emily panicked a little. I continued speaking.

「The construction magic will do just by itself, the building time is 5 hours, I’ll go out, you don’t need to ask for my permission to get out」

「W-where are you going!? You’re going to leave this thing alone?」

「Didn’t I tell you last night? I’m going to claim someone」

「Ah, Fatima, was it? Is she your lover? I’ll stay here and watch this……」

「k, I’m going out」

Leaving Emily and the onlookers, I headed to the “Dragon’s cage.”

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