The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 240, Will to Live
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Chapter 240, Will to Live

Slowly opening his eyes, Zhuo Fan found he was still in one piece. But the shock of his life was the azure fire surrounding him. Never had he thought his azure flame outstripped even the might of the terrifying purple lightning!

That mystery expert in the Allbeast Mountain Range once again popped in his mind.

He never did figure out why was that person entrusting him with the azure flame. But now, he guessed it was to help him get into the Lightning Canyon!

But for which reason? Was there something in the Lightning Canyon he wanted but couldn’t get it himself?

Zhuo Fan was filled with doubts but he shook them away.

This was not the time for flights of fancy. That was for later, including whatever scheme that man may have in play. After all, his life was on the line right now.

Zhuo Fan swiftly got his bearings, looking for a way out of this thunder shower. But what he saw gave him goosebumps. The purple lightning was endless, and since he didn’t know how long the azure flame lasted, he had to hurry!


Lightning fell like rain on the azure flame. From the 5th Heaven all the way to the 8th, the flame was unaffected. Only it’s intensity seemed to have dropped a little.

Zhuo Fan held Gu Santong and flew deeper into the black abyss. But as far as the eye could see there was only purple lightning and nothing else.

Zhuo Fan was growing restless from the severe problem he was in!


Suddenly, another lightning smashed into them. Zhuo Fan couldn’t keep his body straight and felt numb. The azure flame as well was greatly diminished.

“9th Heaven purple lightning!”

Zhuo Fan gasped. This was the one that worried him the most, the 9th Heaven purple lightning. Even the mysterious azure flame couldn’t hold for long under such onslaught.

If the azure flame guard fell through, they were finished!

Knowing the greatest threat was here, he scoured the place for a way out. Roaming his eyes everywhere for even the slightest loophole in the curtain of lightning.

But even he, a Demonic Emperor expert in arrays, couldn’t find one thread of hope. It was clear at a glance that a great expert set this up, to prevent any other intruders.

This was the Heavenly Emperor’s remnant after all, one of the three strongest emperors in antiquity. How could this puny Demonic Emperor hold a candle to him?

Slapping his head to get rid of such thoughts, Zhuo Fan was pushed to the edge, his nerves wound tight as he looked for an exit, to no avail. Facing the endless array the Heavenly Emperor placed personally, he felt utterly powerless.


Another 9th Heaven purple lightning struck, marking the drop in the azure flame’s intensity. He even started feeling the purple lightning’s power on his skin. His azure guard wouldn’t last long like this.

Zhuo Fan sighed.

His early thinking was too naive. It was a pipe dream using Thunder Skylark to resist 6th Heaven purple lightning to explore the Heavenly Emperor’s remnant. Even with the azure guard protecting him from the 9th Heaven purple lightning, he was deep within the abyss but could not find its entrance.

The great Heavenly Emperor’s array was not something the Demonic Emperor could just break out of!

Even the most outstanding Nine Serenities Emperor would need days to figure it out. But he didn’t have days, not even hours!

There was no way a measly Bone Tempering cultivator ever could pull it off!

Zhuo Fan slapped his head. His previous act of defying Gu Santong was an act of bravery. But now, it slowly started to resemble suicide.

Because he was now entering Lightning Canyon in advance, instead of later. If he couldn’t break out of it this time, then he could never do it anytime.

By coming here now he only hastened his death!

[Ah, azure flame, you came at such a perfect timing all to say ‘I told you so’, didn’t you? If it weren’t today with Gu Santong, but later alone, it wouldn’t make a difference still, right?]

Zhuo Fan lamented, “In the end, I was too conceited. Thinking with the Demon Emperor’s legacy I could rule the world and even looked down on the Heavenly Emperor’s array. I am such a lame joke! At least no one knows me for the Demon Emperor that I was, or I’d be the world’s biggest laughingstock...”

Zhuo Fan shook his head, downcast, his eyes losing their light, uncaring of the relentless hammering the purple lightning did.

Suddenly, a flash of red came from deep within the black abyss.

Zhuo Fan turned his head to see it and found it very small but it had no purple lightning around it!

His eyes lit up and Zhuo Fan shouted, “Right, brother Jiu said that he was suddenly swept by this purple thunderstorm and entered by chance. That means Heavenly Emperor’s array isn’t perfect. And this loophole wasn’t left intentionally by the creator but by someone who actually broke a hole into it!”

Zhuo Fan looked at the red glow with more attention, filling him with joy.

Correct, that red light was a loophole and following it would take them in. But if they followed it in, they’d enter the remnant!

[He-he-he, am I supposed to just flee now that I reached thus far? Of course I’ll go in and make a thorough investigation inside! Who knows when such a god sent chance will be presented to me ? Whether or not I’ll find the loophole again in this huge array is the real question!]

Zhuo Fan lost his dispirited gaze and turned ecstatic, “What’s so great about Heavenly Emperor? Wasn’t it already broken into by someone? Ha-ha-ha... “

If only Heavenly Emperor could hear him now, he’d be going blue from anger and spitting back in reply.

[You damn rotten shameless punk! Why are you getting so smug? You didn’t make the hole, did you?]

Speaking of the hole’s size, it was far too small to enter.

Worse yet, the hole even had purple lightning all around it that he didn’t dare touch!

To enter, he had to enlarge it from afar, and then go in through the red light. This way, the purple lightning would stop bothering him.

The crux of it all was, how can he proceed? He didn’t think punching and kicking would just up and open a Heavenly Emperor’s array. That’d be ridiculous!

[Then again...], Zhuo Fan’s eyes landed on the curled up Gu Santong.

[Kid, time to pay up!]

Laughing inside, Zhuo Fan started rattling the kid, “Gu Santong, we are in grave danger, with only one chance at survival. See that red light? That is the exit. Punch it, make it big enough for us to go through!”

“No no no, I’m scared of that lightning!” Gu Santong held his ears and jerked his head.

Zhuo Fan barked, “I’m scared too, but are you more scared of them or death? And even if we are to die, let’s all go out with a bang and no regrets!”

Gu Santong was startled but still shivered.

Zhuo Fan smiled and tousled his hair, his tone softer, “It’s fine. I’ll hold you close. Even if we die, I’ll go first! I won’t ever let go of you, so you don’t either. When life hangs in the balance we must hold nothing back!”

[Particularly about letting me go, alright? If not for your sake, punch for me. Please?]

Zhuo Fan didn’t voice his thought, but he made a great impression on Gu Santong!

Gu Santong regarded him deeply, his heart warm and fuzzy. His frightened body no longer trembled and looked at the red light and nodded.

Then, with a shout, he lifted his childish fist and punched!


A strange ripple came from Gu Santong’s fist, as if a large dragon shot forth. It was so excessive that even the purple lightning was warped in its wake as it shook the very fabric of space.


The red light grew and turned into a man-sized hole, sending out a red pillar of light this time.

Where it shined, no purple lightning dared go near it!

Zhuo Fan was ecstatic and rubbed the kid’s head, “You were brilliant, kid!”

Gu Santong grinned like an innocent child!

But then, a purple lightning slammed into Zhuo Fan. The azure flame shuddered and up and vanished.

The remaining lightning power snaked its way into Zhuo Fan and forced him to spat flickering blood. His face paled.

“Are you alright?” Gu Santong cried.

Suddenly hugging the kid, Zhuo Fan showed a weak smile, “It’s fine. I told you, I’ll be holding on to you as long as I have a breath in my body. There’s nothing scary about this purple lightning!”

Zhuo Fan gnashed his teeth and flew towards the red light. But when he entered the cover of the light, he blacked out. All while his arms still held Gu Santong close.

The two floated like that among the red light, with only Gu Santong aware, moved seeing Zhuo Fan’s pale face...

Outside of the purple storm, not long after Lightning Canyon came, it vanished again.

It left behind absolutely nothing. Gu Santong’s two fists at least left dust, but the Lightning Canyon annihilated everything.

It reshaped the land in its wake, leaving behind a place where not even dust remained. And where the purple lightning struck the earth, it left boiling lava!

Li Jingtian and the four demons sent a soul ripple to search the area but found no trace of Zhuo Fan and Gu Santong!

“Steward Zhuo and that devil had to be destroyed body and soul!” Sly Demon sighed.

“Waaah, Steward Zhuo is so pitiful! Why did he have to die with that devil?” Wimp Demon sniffed, “Steward Zhuo was so good to us, not abandoning when it mattered most!”

“Yeah, unlike our Sect Leader, who would use us as pastries in a heartbeat!” Violent Demon sighed in sorrow as well. But soon he grinned and laughed, “Well, look on the bright side. Aren’t we free again? Ha-ha-ha... “

The three demons froze then jumped in joy, “Yeah, yeah...”

Li Jingtian’s face was glum, his brow twitching as he barked, “Who told you that lie? Now that you’re in the employment of the Luo clan, you won’t get out so easily!”

“Humph, think you can scare us? Who do you think you are, Steward Zhuo?” Violent Demon mocked.

Snorting, Li Jingtian’s fingers moved, “You think only Steward Zhuo can control the Bloodworms? Think about it, why would Steward Zhuo leave you in my care if not for teaching me how to control you?”

Shuddering, the demons watched him vigilant.

“Humph, you don’t believe me? Want a taste to refresh your memories?”

“Uh, no no no, we believe you!” Just as Li Jingtian was about to do it, the demons begged. Then they bowed with lamenting faces, “Elder Li, we will listen to you!”

Nodding smugly, Li Jingtian glared ,”That’s better. Now let’s get back to Windgaze City and guard the Luo clan. I still have to ask Young Miss to confer you the rank of elders. Or if you stay in my care I’ll put you on latrine duty!”

“Uh, we will be elders!” The four shouted in panic as they flew to Windgaze City.

Seeing them go, Li Jingtian sighed at the empty space behind, “Steward Zhuo, staying with you for so long, I’ve picked up a few tricks. Don’t worry, no matter where you are, I believe you’re still alive. I’ll look after these clowns and await your return! “

Li Jingtian then followed after the demons, leaving behind the desolate place...

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