The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 1641 - Dragon Gate Lord
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Chapter 1641 - Dragon Gate Lord

The Flower Burial Sword’s sword tip shone brightly, streaked forth, and nearly pierced through the Azure Dragon Lord’s brows. It would have pierced through the Azure Dragon Lord’s brow the next moment.

“Come back!” Lin Yun’s face changed, and he reached out, wanting to grab a hold of the Flower Burial Sword.

As the Flower Burial Sword released a vibrating noise, it thrusted forth at an even more tricky angle, and Lin Yun noticed that the Flower Burial Sword only managed to stab an afterimage. After the Azure Dragon Lord stopped the Flower Burial Sword from flying about, he poured a cup of wine and laughed while clamping the Flower Burial Sword between his fingers.

“Stop messing around and go back.” The Azure Dragon Lord smiled while sending the Flower Burial Sword back with a flick. He smiled, “Brat, take care of your sword well.”

Pouring his sword intent into his sword scabbard, Lin Yun waved his hand and sheathed the Flower Burial Sword. Then, he spent some time comforting his sword, calming it down.

“Your sword has a violent temper.” The Azure Dragon Lord smiled. “What’s the name of your sword?”

“Flower Burial.” Lin Yun smiled. Even after the Flower Burial Sword was sheathed, it vibrated with killing intent.

“Interesting.” The Azure Dragon Lord smiled while he continued to drink his wine.

Lin Yun rolled his eyes and smiled, “Stop messing around. Senior is just joking with us, and he didn’t really mean it by taking my life.”

After hearing that, the Flower Burial Sword finally calmed down.

“You’re not stupid.” The Azure Dragon Lord smiled. “If I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t be talking to you. I was only testing you earlier. If you’re afraid of death, I wouldn’t have allowed you to draw your sword, and I’d also find an opportunity to retrieve the Azure Dragon King’s bone.”

After a brief pause, the Azure Dragon Lord continued smiling, “But clearly, I’m right about you.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Lin Yun cupped his hands together. “I was reckless in giving the Azure Dragon True Bone to someone else, but I have a reason for doing so. So I won’t try and find an excuse for my mistake.”

“You’re not wrong.” The Azure Dragon Lord said. “Listen carefully. There are many inheritances in the world, but nothing is more important than people. No matter how strong the inheritance is and the responsibility you have to bear, you are more important, along with those you care about.”

“This…” Lin Yun was a little confused upon hearing that.

The Azure Dragon Lord smiled, “Even if the Azure Dragon True Bone is important, it’s just an object. In most inheritances, we pass down our mentality rather than our strength. So my inheritance isn’t broken in you, and my Azure Dragon’s lineage will carry on.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Lin Yun instantly understood what the Azure Dragon Lord meant.

“Stop calling me ‘Senior’. If you don’t mind, call me ‘Big Brother Jiang’.” The Azure Dragon Lord smiled.

“Big Brother Jiang.” Lin Yun was relatively straightforward. He had long guessed that the Azure Dragon Lord wasn’t like other seniors, and he had no air around him. Rather than being a senior, the Azure Dragon Lord felt more like a big brother.

“That’s more like it. Come, drink!” The Azure Dragon Lord smiled and waved his hand, opening a wine chamber again and retrieving a wine jar for Lin Yun.

“The name of this wine is Burning Moon, the wine of the Dragon Clan. It’s not at all inferior to the Mo Clan’s Millennium Flame. Go on, give it a try.” The Azure Dragon Lord smiled.

Sitting down, they both took a mouthful of the wine. He could immediately feel a burning sensation throughout his body, like a lump of flames blazing in his throat. But after that, a warmth spread throughout his body. Wiping his lips, he asked, “Big Brother, this is the Blue Dragon Saint Palace. So what are you doing here?”

“I’ll tell you even if you don’t ask me about it.” The Azure Dragon Lord finished the wine in the jar and smiled, “After the Ancestral Deity left, the position of the Dragon Gate Lord had been passed down to the Azure Dragon’s lineage. So while I’m the Azure Dragon Lord, I’m also the Dragon Gate Lord.”

Lin Yun was shocked and spat out the wine in his mouth, looking at Jiang Ling in disbelief. The Azure Dragon Lord was also the Dragon Gate Lord? But how is that possible? Big Brother Jiang Ling was also the sect master of the supreme sect, the Dragon Gate? Thinking about it made Lin Yun’s mind dizzy because this piece of news was too shocking.

He was no longer the same Lin Yun as he was before. He had heard about the legend before when he was back in the Profound Amber Realm. Whether on the Heavenly Path or the Kunlun Realm, he had heard about the Dragon Gate multiple times. It was so much so that there were rumors that the Nine Emperors received the inheritance of the Dragon Gate, which was why they could end the Darkest Era. But no matter how he racked his mind, he would never think Big Brother Jiang Ling was the Dragon Gate Lord.

“Hehe. What’s wrong? I don’t look like it?” Jiang Ling winked with a playful smile.

“Yeah, you don’t look like it at all…” Lin Yun said immediately. But when he saw that the Azure Dragon Lord was unhappy, he quickly asked, “I heard that the Ancestral Deity was the one who founded the Divine Dragon Era, and he’s from the Blue Dragon’s lineage. So why isn’t the Blue Dragon’s lineage in control of the Dragon Gate?”

“If Lord Ancestral Deity was still around, he’d naturally be the sect master. But after he left, why do the six other divine dragon lineages have to listen to the Blue Dragon’s lineage? They’re all divine dragons and were on an equal level, in regards to their nobility. Furthermore, the other lineages also had geniuses, so who would be willing to be beneath someone?” Jiang Ling smiled. “If they were still under the control of the Blue Dragon’s lineage, chaos would have occured sooner or later. The Dragon Gate is a sect, not a dynasty. So the sect master’s position cannot be passed down through lineage.”

When Lin Yun pondered over that, he realized that it did make some sense.

“You must be curious as to why it’s the Azure Dragon’s lineage, right?” Jiang Ling smiled. “Firstly, this is an order left behind by the Ancestral Deity before he left. Secondly, the Azure Dragon might not be a divine dragon, but the Ancestral Deity allowed the Azure Dragon to be one of the four innate constellations when the Divine Dragon Era was founded. This is because my Azure Dragon’s lineage isn’t stronger than the other divine dragon’s lineage!”

“I see. There are rumors that the Nine Emperors received the Dragon Gate’s inheritance, which is why they could rose so quickly. Is that true?” Lin Yun asked nervously as he looked at Jiang Ling.

“Nine Emperors? What Nine Emperors? Tell me more about them.” Jiang Ling asked.

Lin Yun was shocked when he heard that, but he soon came to his senses and swiftly told Jiang Ling about the Nine Emperors.

“It should be true. It’s hard for an era to produce nine powerful existences that can unite with each other. But…” Jiang Ling’s gaze became playful, and he continued, “You said that The Empress founded the Divine Dragon Empire? This is interesting…”

“Big Brother, aren’t you the Dragon Gate Lord? Why don’t you know about it?” Lin Yun asked.

“I might be the Dragon Gate Lord, but I’m not in charge of the Dragon Gate’s sovereign inheritances. After the Dragon Gate was destroyed, I followed the ancestral teachings to wait for someone who can accept the Azure Dragon’s inheritance.”

“So, who’s in charge of the inheritances?”

“The Iris Sword Saint.”

“What?!” Lin Yun was shocked when he heard that.

“That’s because he’s the disciple of the Ancestral Deity, not me.” Jiang Ling smiled. “The Dragon Gate’s sovereign inheritance is the Ancestral Deity’s private inheritance. Then again, the nine of them might not have really obtained the inheritance, but only bits and pieces. The Ancestral Deity’s inheritance is too complicated, proficient in the three thousand daos. He’s also proficient in the seven sovereign daos, but the nine of their martial techniques are different. According to what you said, none of them have grasped the true dao of the Ancestral Deity.”

Lin Yun was stunned before saying, “The Nirvana Dao!”

“Looks like you’re really related to him.” The Azure Dragon Lord smiled.

“Big Brother, you know about him?” Lin Yun asked emotionally.

“It’s Iris that we’re talking about, someone capable of slaying deities while in the Saint Realm. We belong to the same generation, so I naturally know him.” Jiang Ling smiled. But mentioning the Iris Sword Saint, Jiang Ling’s gaze couldn’t help becoming complicated.

“Big Brother, you seem unhappy with the Iris Sword Saint?” Lin Yun asked.

“Of course I’m unhappy!” Jiang Ling became emotional. “Back during the ancient battle, we wouldn’t have lost if he had showed up! If he had showed up, why would I sever the Heavenly Path?!”

Lin Yun was alarmed when he heard that. Jiang Ling severed the Heavenly Path? The news that he heard today was too shocking. The Kunlun Realm lost in the ancient battle?

Mentioning the past, Jiang Ling couldn’t help smiling bitterly, “I was a little too emotional earlier. He’s only the direct disciple of the Ancestral Deity, and he’s not someone of my Dragon Gate. I have no right to blame him, but only he knew why and where the Ancestral Deity went.

“In the ancient battle, we were waiting for the Ancestral Deity to appear… but he didn’t. Ancestral Deity clearly said that he’d return…” Jiang Ling muttered to himself.

Lil’ Purple once told Lin Yun that they’d been waiting for someone in the ancient battle. So, could that person be the Blue Dragon Ancestral Deity?

“Big Brother, what kind of existence is the Blue Dragon Ancestral Deity?” Lin Yun asked.

After calming himself down, Jiang Ling said, “The Ancestral Deity was the lord of the era, the founder of the Divine Dragon Era and Dragon Gate. But Ancestral Deity had a huge breadth of mind and had never thought about dominating the Kunlun Realm. The Ancestral Deity was invincible, but there were those in the Divine Dragon Era that could fight with him. There was the Sword Ancestor, Flame God, Sea God… Nether King. That was a dazzling era, and they were all ancient kings and elites of my Kunlun Realm. As the lord of the era, the Ancestral Deity could stop those people from appearing if he wanted to, but everyone in the Kunlun Realm only chased after their dreams and not longevity!”

Hearing what Jiang Ling said, it was as though Jiang Ling had seen the Ancestral Deity personally, which made him look forward to it.

“Why did he leave the Kunlun Realm?” Lin Yun asked.

“I don’t know. Perhaps only Iris knew, but he’s also the one who created the Nine Emperors. Perhaps the Ancestral Deity gave him an important mission. At the very least, the current situation doesn’t seem bad, but the Darkest Era cannot be completely suppressed.” Jiang Ling said. “We did lose the ancient battle, and I had no choice but to sever the Heavenly Path. But they will come back, sooner or later, or perhaps they’ve already appeared…”

“Where does the Heavenly Path lead to?” Lin Yun asked.

But Jiang Ling didn’t answer him and smiled, “You once asked me what kind of responsibility you have to bear by accepting my inheritance, right?”

“Protect the Kunlun Realm.” Lin Yun replied.

“Aside from that, I also hope you can connect the nine Heavenly Paths that I have severed one day.” Jiang Ling shook his head and continued with a grave expression, “The Heavenly Path was severed by my hand, and I hope that the successor of my lineage can connect them again. At that time, you’ll know where the Heavenly Path leads to.”

Lin Yun opened his mouth, but couldn’t say anything. He came from the Heavenly Path and knew more about it than others. So he knew how tough it was to accomplish what Jiang Ling said. The difficulty was simply unbelievable!

“Is that even possible?”

“Why not? Since it can be severed, why can’t it be connected?” Jiang Ling said.

You can naturally say that since you’re the one who severed it. Lin Yun inwardly muttered and doubted, “Then, how come no one managed to connect them?”

“This is why I kept myself alive. I was waiting for you!” Jiang Ling smiled, and his words made Lin Yun smile bitterly. Jiang Ling probably waited for many people, but they all failed. This was the reason why he kept himself alive till now.

“Someone will do it, even if you don’t.” The Azure Dragon Lord said. “But I hope that the successor of my lineage can do it.”

“I’ll do my best.” Lin Yun replied. After all, it wasn’t exactly good that the Azure Dragon Lord managed to survive till now. All his friends have died, and he had to sever the Heavenly Path. Just his guilt alone was enough to torture him throughout the years.

The Azure Dragon Lord smiled, “Alright. Don’t say you’ll do your best because I also didn’t hope you could do it. Since the brat outside can force you so far, he’s definitely not simple.”

“I’m not afraid of him.” Lin Yun replied.

“I don’t care about that, and I won’t interfere, even if he kills you. You now have two choices. You can continue with the inheritance of the Azure Dragon’s lineage, or you can choose the Blue Dragon’s lineage.”

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