The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 1111 - Bell Ring (2)
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Chapter 1111 - Bell Ring (2)

All the disciples quickly restrained their aura in an awkward manner because the current Lin Yun was no different than a legend in their eyes. There was no way they dared to show off in front of Lin Yun. At the same time, many core disciples were rejoicing that they didn’t cause trouble for Lin Yun earlier.

Lin Yun chuckled when he saw the disciples and said, “Don’t look at me like this. Didn’t I say that I would show all of you the true meaning of a genius?”

Then, Lin Yun roared with laughter that revealed everything he had comprehended at the summit.

Looking at the smug look on Lin Yun’s face, the disciples couldn’t help feeling annoyed. The reverence in their eyes disappeared and was replaced with clenched jaws. Although they couldn’t stand Lin Yun, they didn’t dare to say anything. In the end, they buried their feelings, which made their faces turn red.

Lin Yun saw this, but didn’t care, “As young people, there’s no reason for you to bottle up your frustration. If there’s something any of you aren’t happy with, let me know. We can discuss it with heaven and earth as our witness. I happen to enjoy talking things out with others, and I happen to be good at teaching.

No one believed Lin Yun’s words. After all, his discussion with Feng Zhang left the latter’s face swollen. Furthermore, Lin Yun even mastered a sword technique in seven steps, which completely humiliated Feng Zhang.

“Senior Brother Feng, what do you think?” Lin Yun looked at Feng Zhang who was hiding in the crowd. Feng Zhang benefited greatly from the bell and was only half a step from grasping the sky sword intent. He even laughed with joy when obtained his harvest.

When Feng Zhang looked at Lin Yun, he shivered and lowered his head. He hoped that Lin Yun wouldn’t see him, but it wasn’t meant to be.

At this moment, everyone realized that Lin Yun was a grudgeful person. Clearly, he wanted to embarrass Feng Zhang once again. Didn’t Lin Yun know that Feng Zhang already felt awkward?

“Calm down. I’m not a grudgeful person, so you can say what you want,” said Lin Yun with an even bigger smile than before.

With no other choice, Feng Zhang stepped forward with a stiff smile, “Junior Brother Lin, you’re right. I have benefited greatly from our discussion. My Wind Manipulation Sword Technique actually benefited a lot. After all, your mastery of the sword technique in seven steps left me breathless. It’s a shame that our discussion was so short or else I might have been able to achieve the legendary manifestation stage.”

“It’s fine, we can have another discussion in the future,” smiled Lin Yun.

Feng Zhang’s face turned black from Lin Yun’s words. His legs almost gave out as his forehead dripped with sweat, “T-t-this… let’s talk about it again in the future.”

All of the disciples smiled when they saw this because Feng Zhang used to be confident. After all, he was the one who challenged Lin Yun and declared that Lin Yun was nothing before him.

“Lin Yun, aren’t you afraid of being beaten to death for being so arrogant?” Right at this moment, a cold voice sounded out from the Flying Cloud Palace along with a terrifying chill. It came from Ye Ziling who was opening her eyes and slowly standing up. When she got up, everyone felt as though they could see a giant mountain behind her that was soaring into the sky.

At the same time, a suffocating aura swept out. The disciples were shocked because they knew that Ye Ziling had benefited as her sword intent reached an unfathomable height.

“Greetings, Senior Sister!” Everyone quickly cupped their hands together in respect.

When Lin Yun turned around, he saw Ye Ziling slowly walking over with her usual cold face. Her unique temperament made her stand out as a stunning beauty. She might not have the greatest looks, but she was more attractive than others because of her temperament.

Since her sky sword intent reached greater mastery, her cultivation would soon reach the pinnacle Galaxy Stage. It was the very reason why her aura was so terrifying.

Everyone began to wonder what Ye Ziling was going to do to Lin Yun. After all, Lin Yun continued to humiliate the sect.

Naturally, they were hopeful that Ye Ziling would teach Lin Yun a lesson on their behalf. Even Feng Zhang’s eyes lit up because he couldn’t get revenge, but Ye Ziling could on his behalf.

After all, Lin Yun made him feel so bad that he wanted to crawl into a little hole and disappear forever. With Ye Zizling’s new strength, there was no way he wouldn’t feel hopeful.

Lin Yun maintained his composure and blinked before he smiled, “I’m not sure if I’ll be beaten to death. However, I'd like to ask Lady Ye if she still remembers our bet?”

The moment Lin Yun said that everyone in the Flying Cloud Palace sucked in a cold breath. They had completely forgotten about the bet between Lin Yun and Ye Ziling.

When Ye Ziling heard that, her face became startled. She had gotten a lot stronger after making a breakthrough in her sword intent. So she wanted to make Lin Yun suffer a little setback.

However, Lin Yun’s reminder about the bet made her face turn ugly.

Raising his brow, Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with arrogance before he laughed, “Can anyone tell me who made it through all 13 tests? And who broke the Sword Saint Mountain record? And who was it that caused the bell to ring? Who did the bell ring for?!”

Lin Yun’s words made everyone’s heart throb because they knew that Ye Ziling was digging a hole for herself. No one here could refute or deny the truth of Lin Yun’s words.

Everyone started to curse because Lin Yun was even willing to humiliate Ye Ziling. Now, they realized that Lin Yun couldn’t be provoked, and anyone who tried to provoke him would die a terrible death. In the end, everyone had to stay silent.

Right at this moment, a chuckle sounded out as Wang Yuruo ran over excitedly, “It’s Senior Brother Yun! Senior Brother Yun is the one that got through all 13 tests. Senior Brother Yun who broke the Sword Saint Mountain record. The bell also rang because of Senior Brother Yun!”

But when Ye Ziling gave her a glare, Wang Yuruo immediately regretted her actions. She became silent and no longer dared to utter a word. However, she snuck a peek at Lin Yun who winked at her. Once she saw that, she lowered her head in excitement and embarrassment.

“Lady Ye, will you honor your words?” Lin Yun smiled.

His words instantly drew everyone’s attention as they were hoping that Ye Ziling would deny it. They all hoped that Ye Ziling wouldn’t lower her head. After all, she made a promise that she would agree to any request from Lin Yun.

Feeling bashful and furious at the same time, Ye Ziling replied, “Of course, my words still stand! So speak, what request do you have?!”

Her words instantly made everyone howl in their hearts. They were worried that Lin Yun would lay his demonic claws on Ye Ziling. It was like he was cutting out their hearts.

Upon hearing Ye Ziling’s words, Lin Yun looked at Ye Ziling with a playful gaze. But just when he was about to sound his request, he could sense a faint gaze directed at him from the sect master. He chucked on the inside because he knew that the old man was nervous. However, he didn’t have any intentions of making an unreasonable request.

Looking at Ye Ziling, Lin Yun shook his head with disappointment flashing through his eyes, “Let’s talk about it later. I’m in no rush for a favor because there’s nothing I need from you right now.”

His words instantly left Ye Ziling furious. What kind of look did he just give me? It’s like he’s unhappy with me. Lin Yun ignored the furious gaze from Ye Ziling and departed with a laugh.

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