The Sims: I Open the Immortal Path for All Beings

Chapter 187 - 182: Underworld’s Visitor, Vest
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Chapter 187: Chapter 182: Underworld’s Visitor, Vest

Slipped off, Boldly Taking Action (5.2K Big Chapter, Please Subscribe.)—3

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The path of Martial Arts is fraught with difficulties. Even with abundant resources at their disposal, they had to make countless sacrifices to reach their present status. Pei Xuanjing, who was almost the same age as them but had achieved far more than they had, endured it all without knowing how much hard he had fought. So, they knew clearly how much hard work Pei Xuanjing must have put.

Sometimes, if someone is one step ahead of you, you may feel jealous, but if they are a hundred steps ahead, the only feeling you might have left is admiration, without a hint of envy.

“Unexpectedly, the first time I used an alias, it was exposed in less than half an hour.” Pei Xuanjing couldn’t help but chuckle at the discussions behind him.

Aside from the time he had gone up Mount Taihe under the name of the Danling Taoist, this was essentially his first public appearance under an alias.

But he didn’t expect that this alias would last less than half an hour before being exposed by the suddenly appearing minions of the underworld.

Yama King looked at the composed Pei Xuanjing, a murderous intent welled up within him, and he wished he could kill Pei Xuanjing right then and there.

However, at this moment, the valley previously shrouded in foggy mist suddenly emitted a dazzling light, as if something was about to be opened.

Thinking of the orders given by the Ghost Emperor of Fengdu, Yama King had to suppress his murderous intent. After all, the matter of the Netherworld Book was of great importance and should not be taken lightly.

“Pei Xuanjing, I’ll spare your life for today. Once this matter is over, I’ll come after you,” said Yama King bitterly.

As the saying goes, when Yama orders you to die at midnight, who dares to keep you alive until dawn?

Even though he had seldom taken action in recent years, Yama King’s reputation had never diminished. In fact, it had grown even stronger.

Upon hearing Yama King’S words, Li Yuzhen and others changed their faces.

“Spare me? How laughable.” Pei Xuanjing was unfazed by these words, laughed lightly, and then said coldly, just like a gust of icy wind, “What made you think that I would let you proceed as planned just because we happened to meet?”

Pei Xuanjing didn’t know whether Yama King was arrogant or ignorant. They were mortal enemies; why should he cooperate and let Yama King enter the valley without any resistance?

The power of the Page of the Netherworld’s Book is extraordinary. Even if Pei Xuanjing could successfully kill the minions of the underworld and seize the Netherworld Book in the simulation of life, he didn’t know what would actually happen.

Now that he had the opportunity, why wouldn’t he just kill these people on the spot to eliminate any potential trouble at its root? freeweb(n)

“Pei Xuanjing, are you courting death?” Yama King’s face darkened when he heard these words. He immediately understood Pei Xuanjing’s intention.

“Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes!” scoffed Pei Xuanjing.

As soon as his words fell, he pressed his hand on the hilt of his sword and stepped forward. A gust of strong wind swept across the surroundings. His right hand formed a palm, and countless purple and green lightning gathered in his palm, carrying a terrifying aura.


Pei Xuanjing swiftly sent out his palm, creating a huge palm print from nowhere, and slapped it towards Yama King and other minions of the underworld.

His decisiveness caught every on -looker off guard.

They didn’t expect Pei Xuanjing to act without hesitation when he said he would. There wasn’t the slightest hesitation or procrastination.

Especially when Yama King had already shown a willingness to compromise upon their encounter, Pei Xuanjing took the initiative to attack without any hesitation. “Is this the spirit of the strongest among the younger generation?”

“Slayer Taoist, you’re as good as your reputation!” “A real man should be like this indeed!”

People like Cui Qingping couldn’t help but exclaim.

They were amazed by Pei Xuanjing’s decisiveness.

A strange look came into Li Yuzhen’s eyes when she looked at Pei Xuanjing.

“After all these years, have you become this strong?” She thought to herself.

Recalling their first encounter years ago, Pei Xuanjing, though demonstrating extraordinary talent in the Forbidden Place of the Blessed Land, was still inferior to her.

But so many years had passed, she had just stepped into the realm of the third-grade grandmaster, yet he already had such power.

To think that with Yama King’s reputation, not many of the first-grade elders in their clan could talk about defeating him lightly.

At this moment, Li Yuzhen felt an immense desire for power.

“Pei Xuanjing, you’re courting death!”

Yama King roared furiously, his True Qi erupted, and he countered Pei Xuanjing’s palm attack with both of his palms. The killing intent that had been repressed within him was now fully unleashed.

He never thought that Pei Xuanjing would be so arrogant, daring to attack him first even after he had clearly expressed his intention to let him go.

“Hahaha, why don’t you give it a try.”

Pei Xuanjing didn’t care about Yama King’s angry words. He laughed loudly, his laughter echoing all around.

His failed palm attack was within his expectation since it was merely a test.

“You’re the first one who dares to disrespect me like this, Pei Xuanjing.” The flames of anger burned in

Yama King’s heart. His voice was as cold as ice from the Nine Netherworld, he said word by word, “Today, I will definitely kill you!”


A terrifying aura broke out from Yama King. At this moment, everyone sensed the murderous intent coming straight at them, as if they could see the mountains of corpses and the sea of blood swirling around him.

pei xuanjing scotted and gripped his sword again in preparation tor his next move.

Sword Drawing Skill!

Brilliant sword intent pervaded the surroundings, a pressure that made everyone feel the air thicken, and breathing became somewhat difficult.

Even without being deliberately targeted by Pei Xuanjing, people like Li Yuzhen could feel the terror when they sensed his horrifying sword intent.

“This is the Sword Drawing Skill that you evolved from the Drawing Sword Skill you obtained from Ding Yulong! I’m afraid many first-grade experts would die if caught off guard by this sword.” Facing

Pei Xuanjing’s sword, Yama King spoke calmly, “Unfortunately, it’S still not enough for me.”

Without anyone knowing when, a long knife with strange patterns in blood-red color suddenly appeared in Yama King’s hand.

As he spoke, he slowly lifted the blood-red long knife in his hand.


The movement of the blood-red long knife brought an overwhelming murderous intent, as if everyone was in a sea of blood over a mountain of corpses.

The intense murderous intent almost materialized, and even the True Qi around Yama King seemed to be stained. Where the True Qi spread, plants and trees lost their vitality instantly.


A flash of knife light cut through the air, and a blood-red virtual tiger rushed towards Pei Xuanjing with a roar.

Without any hesitation or evasion, the knife light collided with the sword light..

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