The Side Character's Hidden Boss!

Chapter 457 - Lead Change
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Chapter 457: Lead Change

Translator: Lonelytree

Luo Cong agreed but naturally, he wouldn’t let Lu Ke off so easily. The bitch had ruined his life so he would have to drag her down with him. He promised to give her the recording after she did him this favor, but Luo Cong still had another copy.

Lu Ke was not easily-fooled too. A hint of coldness flashed in her eyes. This was a critical period for her and she could not allow Luo Cong to ruin it. With that in mind, Lu Ke smiled.?He still has to serve 15 days in prison, right??Based on Lu Ke’s observation, Luo Cong had recovered enough to threaten her so he could serve his sentence too. Regardless, Lu Ke decided to do Luo Cong this favor for now. After all, this incident would only help add pressure on Mo Li. Why wouldn’t Lu Ke do that?

Lu Ke glanced at Luo Cong and then left his ward. She made a call. Thankfully, her family knew someone at the precinct. A simple call and Luo Cong would be hauled off to prison.


While these two plotted against each other, the rumors outside around Tang Ze, Song Xin, and Mo Li did not recede. Song Xin had returned to Le Yun. But Mo Xiao, who originally planned to invest in Le Yun, had signs of leaning towards Huan Yu where his little sister was.

Now, everyone wanted to know if Mo Li’s two roles in Like A Willow and The Witch of Sun and Moon would be switched out. This was extremely important to the female actors at Le Yun. They knew that their lives would be difficult once Song Xin returned. It would be hard for them to get any resources then. Like A Willow and Witch of Sun and Moon had a big cast. Huan Yu had spent a lot on these projects, instead of wasting it on a newcomer, they felt like they deserved a chance too.

The culture at Le Yun was not that good. Before Song Xin returned, the three top actresses were already constantly fighting with one another. They would stoop to the lowest low to reach the top spot. Each one of them had her own constructed persona.

Including Song Xin, these four were the A-list celebrities at Le Yun. Their net worth was in the top 10 female celebrities. They were internationally famous, having attended the Venice Film Festival, walked the red carpet at Cannes, appeared on the covers of foreign celebrities, and even won international awards. They were not as famous as Song Xin, but they were not so bad either. They had their own fanbase so why would they be satisfied being the supporting actor to Song Xin?

Plus, it had been years since Song Xin returned to China. There was no telling who the better actor was.

Once they heard Mo Li was injured, these few people immediately approached Mo Xiao and Tang Ze. They hoped that the characters and roles would fall to them. After all, no one wanted to be the supporting actor to help Song Xin make her comeback. Le Yun had the same plan as Huan Yu, they would pour all of their resources to promote a singular artist. For Le Yun, the higher-ups felt that only Song Xin was deserving of all that resources. She alone was capable of bringing Le Yun to a greater height.

Of course, the news reached Nie Li as well and she was worried. She was not concerned about Mo Xiao because Mo Xiao was unlikely to remove his little sister from his project but Tang Ze on the other hand...

Like A Willow was going to release during the New Year and the filming could not wait for Mo Li to recover. Since the shooting had not started, Tang Ze could replace Mo Li with someone else. This was no loss to Tang Ze but a huge loss to Mo Li.

Due to the scandals and gossips, everyone’s attention was on Like A Willow and Witch of Sun and Moon. Everyone was wondering if the female lead for these two projects would be swapped.

The news did not specifically mention that Song Xin would replace Mo Li, they did not even say that Song Xin had shown interest in these two projects. However, due to the scandals between them, it was only natural for the public to assume that Song Xin would take over for Mo Li.

Someone spread the news and it was known all through the business.. Basically, the two projects had reached high popularity before they even aired.

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