The Side Character's Hidden Boss!

Chapter 456 - Injured by Love
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Chapter 456: Injured by Love

Translator: Lonelytree

Mo Li grimaced in pain as her shoulders landed on the bed.

Quan Yu sighed helplessly and instructed Nie Lu to tell Lu Xian to take good care of Mo Li before ending the video call.?I better finish the matters here as soon as possible. I worry about leaving Mo Li alone at Pearl River.


Early the following day, Mo Li, Tang Ze, and Song Xin’s love triangle made headlines everywhere. All the media talked about it. The articles came attached with Tang Ze carrying Mo Li in his arms.

Some of the articles reported that Song Xin was present on set. The three of them got into a fight, so Mo Li was injured.

Other articles said that Mo Li only managed to get her resources because she had a scandalous relationship with an international director.

The statement given by Huan Yu was very clean. They did not go for any added promotion. They stressed that Mo Li’s injury was an accident, Mo Li had a cooperative relationship with Tang Ze. There were no romantic feelings there.

Regardless, the public could not help but wonder why Song Xin and Tang Ze chose to visit the set of The Witch of Sun and Moon on the same day. The paparazzi had a lot to say about this.

The media speculated wildly about the relationship between the three. Some even came up with the theory that Song Xin was angry Mo Li had stolen her resources. It was why Song Xin had appeared on set that day, and it was to scare Mo Li.

However, everything was mere speculation because the media was afraid of being sued by Tang Ze and Song Xin. They did not mention their relationship directly, but basically, all the readers got the underlying meaning.

The news spread like wildfire. This incident helped promote Mo Li. Everyone in the business knew who Mo Li was. She was a newbie, but she was allowed to act in big projects like Witch of Sun and Moon and Like A Willow.

Before this, the rumors circulated Tang Ze and Song Xin, but now the tales added Mo Li into the mix.

The other hot topic was the engagement between Young Master Quan and Miss Lu. The mysterious Young Master Quan had skipped over the powerful Miss Lu in the capital and chose the daughter of an unknown family at Pearl River. Not many people believed that.

Apart from helping Mo Li clear her name, Huan Yu’s own media team released another piece of news. Before Han Xu came to Huan Yu to discuss a possible collaboration, Han Xu had already approached Song Xin. Song Xin did not take a fancy to Han Xu and rejected him. It was not until Han Xu came to Mo Li that Song Xin felt a sense of danger and swooped in to steal the role.

That was sadly the truth. Han Xu only came to Mo Li after being rejected by Song Xin. However, Han Xu did not expect Song Xin to release her audition tapes on the internet. It made Han Xu look like a two-faced man.

At the hospital, Nie Li checked the news. News about Huan Yu and Mo Li flooded the internet but Nie Li didn’t care. None of them would be a threat to Mo Li.


On the other hand, Luo Cong saw the news as well. He dumped the newspaper on the floor and revealed a frightening smile.

He had his mother contact Lu Ke to get her to come to the hospital. When Lu Ke saw Luo Cong, she screamed in fright.

“Miss Lu, what’s wrong with you? This is all thanks to you, so why are you so afraid?” Luo Cong said coldly.

“What are you talking about? What does this have to do with me? I’m telling you, I’m going to become Mrs. Quan soon. So stop talking nonsense or I will never forgive you!”

Lu Ke was shaking like a leaf. She did not expect Luo Cong to have recorded all of their conversations. If Luo Cong released the recording, it would reflect badly on her.

Luo Cong’s eyes were cold. “Don’t worry, you are still useful to me. I won’t let you off so easily. Speaking of, I need your help with something. If you help me, I’ll give you the recording.”

Lu Ke did not like to be controlled by others but she had no choice. “Fine...”

“I need you to hold a press conference and announce the news of my marriage to Mo Li! Tell the reporters that I wanted to separate from Mo Li because of my disability. I didn’t want to drag her down. However, she could not accept it. She was distracted during filming and had an accident. Tell them that Mo Li probably had her face ruined during the accident. After I found out about this, I surrendered all of my money to fund her plastic surgery. We promised to get back together.”

How shameless can this man be??Lu Ke’s heart filled with contempt.?He doesn’t deserve to live in this world.

But considering the man had the recording, Lu Ke clenched her fists. “Fine! I’ll promise you but you have to understand that this is our last meeting.. I will not be threatened by you ever again.”

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