The Side Character's Hidden Boss!

Chapter 317 - Bring in the Police
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Chapter 317: Bring in the Police

Everyone set up their tents in silence. After what happened, it would be difficult for anyone to have a peaceful rest. Regardless, one thing was for sure, nothing attracted attention more than sex and death. The show would only get even more popular after this. Therefore, the show had to go on. The show would not stop just because of 2 deaths.

Mo Li was looking for something on her phone. It was a new name she just heard that day, Ye Zi. She found the picture of Chu Guang’s ex-girlfriend and Mo Li noticed Ye Zi was always in the company of a male make-up artist. Ye Zi and the effeminate man looked like close friends.

Mo Li turned to An Wan. “An Wan, do you know what happened to this man?” An Wan frowned. “Oh, he was a famous stylist who worked for Ye Zi. Actually, now that you mention it, he went missing after Ye Zi’s death too. No one has heard about him since…”

Mo Li was deep in thought when there was a knock on their tent entrance.

“Can we sleep together tonight?” Zeng Jia was a direct person. She asked An Wan and Mo Li seriously. She was honestly quite afraid after what happened, she was human too. She was supposed to have a single tent but after what happened, she preferred to have company.?That Zhu Wen sure is brave. Even after all these, she is still sleeping alone.

Inside a hotel room at Pearl River.

“Power outage on the island?” Orchid massaged her legs. “It’s alright. As long as they don’t discover our cameras. If anything, the 10 million client and 7 million client are a bigger problem. They are now quarreling over who died first. 10 million bets on Qian Yao and 7 million on Lin An.

“If we cannot come up with a convincing solution, I’m afraid the rest of our clients might not be satisfied.” Edelweiss looked at the 2 clients arguing on the livestream. In comparison, the things happening on the island seemed to be trivial.

Kerria removed her headphones and turned to Orchid. “Actually, I have a solution~”

“What do you mean?”

“Simple, just let the coroner be the judge!”

Orchid almost spat out her water. Edelweiss turned to the fearless girl. “Have you forgotten that we are criminals?”

Kerria crossed her legs and turned to Orchid and Edelweiss lazily, “Of course, I have not. But since we’re already bringing in the law, why stop halfway?” Kerria looked at Xiao Rui and Mo Li on screen and she proposed something new. “We’re doing a murder livestream, but now that the police have gotten involved, we can add a crime-solving element to it. We can open more betting variety like the time needed to solve the case and so on. I’m sure our clients will be intrigued and we’ll be able to earn more money.”

Kerria then uploaded Mo Li and Xiao Rui’s info onto the livestream. Edelweiss was shocked. “When did you get their complete info? Looks like you’ve come prepared.”

Kerria shook her finger. “I always come prepared because you never know what will happen. I am that good at my job.”

“Well, as ridiculous as this is, it will indeed increase the hype. But I better consult the higher-up about this first.” At that moment, Orchid received an anonymous message on her phone. “Okay, you can do that but ensure those two’s safety is not threatened.”

Orchid read the message and said, “The boss doesn’t seem to care about the new addition.”

Edelweiss sidled up to Orchid. “Is that the message from the boss? But you haven’t even asked him yet! How did he know?”

“Well, the boss is the boss for a reason.”

As the 3 flowers were deciding how to proceed, an anonymous call came in.

“Hello.” Orchid assumed this was the boss. Before she could say anything, the person on the other end said, “Right, spoiler alert, it was Lin An who died first and his killer is…”

Edelweiss grabbed Orchid’s phone and threw it at the wall. “Edelweiss, you…” That was my new phone!

“I hate spoilers the most!” After she calmed down, Edelweiss quickly bowed to Orchid, “Oh! I forgot that was a call from the boss! Or… Orchid, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t mean it.”

Orchid sighed. Since the phone was already destroyed, there was nothing more she could do.

Kerria shrugged. She said with puzzlement. “As expected of the boss, there is nothing he doesn’t know. I wonder… what else can he do?”

“But since the boss already told us the truth, shouldn’t we announce it on the livestream? There’s no need to bring in the police anymore.”

“Idiot, we’re the host. Who do you think the clients will believe more, the host or the independent police force?” Orchid really had no idea why Edelweiss was recruited into the organization. She was so dumb. “The police are independent because they don’t know about the gambling livestream. Their conclusion will be more convincing. I guess it’s a good thing they have gotten involved.

“Plus the clients will definitely be more intrigued with the involvement of the law enforcement. If you ask me, the bigger profits are still to come.”

Orchid scoffed.?This is a perfect opportunity. Since we’ve gotten permission from the boss, we might as well bring more police presence to the island. That should make things more interesting…

At late midnight, the lights returned to the campsite. Woken up by the blinding light, everyone walked out from their tents. The power had returned.

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