The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 830 - Let Xuanxuan Go Play Together
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Chapter 830: Let Xuanxuan Go Play Together

If Lin Xuan thought that Snow Eagle was ravishing with his appealing features when she saw him in the beginning, it felt unreal now when she saw Si Yi. Drop-dead gorgeous was what described him.

Walking behind Snow Eagle and Mo Sen, Si Yi’s beauty was commanding in comparison. Just watching him dropped Lin Xuan’s jaw and she was almost drooling.

“Wow, uh... Yirou, why do you have so many people at home? Who are the three of them?” Even Shentu Lian who was in her middle ages could not help staring.

“The three of them? The one at the back is my friend’s nephew. We’re all family.” Qin Yirou smiled and answered vaguely. It was not like she would disclose the fact that Si Yi was her decided son-in-law when she and Lin Jiahao’s family were not that close.

After what happened previously, Qin Yirou now learned her lesson and was not as courteous to certain people as she was in the past. People changed, after all.

“Aunty, he... I mean your friend’s nephew—what’s his name?” Lin Xuan could not help going to Qin Yirou to ask, eyes unblinking the moment she saw Si Yi. Even her tone had changed—as rude as she was to Qin Yirou earlier, she acted ladylike and graceful now.

“He’s Si Yi.” Qin Yirou did not like how Lin Xuan was asking her but she answered her perfunctorily nonetheless.

‘Si Yi,’ Lin Xuan repeated in her mind. Her fat cheeks were simply revolting.

Having Duan Li and Duan Ya’s company now, little Yun Zhu was not as clingy to Si Yi now but when he saw the latter coming down, he glared at Lin Xuan before running over to pull Yun Jian toward Si Yi, greeting the latter, “Si Yi-gege!”

The young man ruffled the boy’s head out of habit.

“Let’s go.” His slightly gruff voice rang after that and he held Yun Jian’s hand.

He held Yun Jian’s hand! Lin Xuan felt like her heart broke. Once in a blue moon, she met a man who matched her ideals only for him to end up belonging to Yun Jian? Why? Why! Was it because Yun Jian was pretty?

Lin Xuan thought that she had a good heart even though she was ugly! Why did no one see her inner beauty?


While Lin Xuan was thinking about it, Yun Jian and Si Yi had led Yun Zhu and the girls out first. Mo Sen and Snow Eagle trailed behind them chattering.

“Wait...” Lin Xuan wanted to talk to them but Yun Jian, Si Yi, and the others had gone outside right when she spoke.

Shentu Lian’s face fell again when she saw that, wearing her mood on her sleeves.

“Let Xuanxuan play with them. Kids play better together since they’re similar in age. Xuanxuan, hurry up, go on and catch up!” Shentu Lian nudged Lin Xuan to gesture for her to go after Yun Jian and Si Yi.

Seeing that her mother had already made it clear, Lin Xuan hurried out to find Si Yi.

Qin Yirou could not even get a word in.

There were two sports cars parked at the mansion’s entrance. One was a Lamborghini, which belonged to Si Yi, while another was a Bugatti Veyron.

The Bugatti Veyron was a new super sports car purchased by Ya Dang. It was the latest model and there were only ten units sold worldwide. Thinking that the car was too precious to drive around, Ya Dang had only driven it once before he was nursing such serious injuries. Today, however, his worst friends, Mo Sen and Snow Eagle, had successfully tricked the car key from him to drive the super sports car to the cookout.

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