The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 1393 - Send a Fighter Jet to Blow Her Up
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Chapter 1393: Send a Fighter Jet to Blow Her Up

“The training base of special forces? Student elimination rate as high as 80%? Extremely high fatality rate? You’ll die? Are you for real? You want to go there? You… you’re a girl!” Liu Shan could not help exclaiming when she heard what Zhang Shaofeng and Yun Jian said.

“You… you’re actually going to that kind of place? What if you d-die?” Ning Cheng could not help gasping. When he mentioned death, he shuddered in obvious fear.

“Xiao Jian, you’re going somewhere like that? Will you really die? I won’t let you go to somewhere so dangerous!” The others were quick to calm down after their initial astonishment but that was not the case for Qin Yirou—Yun Jian was her daughter!

That was why she sprang up from the chair the moment she heard Yun Jian say that she was going to somewhere dangerous like that.

“Die? I’d love to meet someone who could kill me in this world.” Yun Jian chortled.

She sounded absolutely brazen, like she regarded no one, but others who heard it only thought that she was incredibly foolish.

“Pft!” Liu Shan laughed on the spot. She was unable to hold herself back and laughed out loud right after she heard Yun Jian’s audacious claim.

The corners of her mouth twitched after that in her effort to force down the laugh before she told Yun Jian, conveniently forgetting that she was none the wiser, “You think you’re some kind of divinity? You really think you’re so amazing huh? Hahaha, you want to meet someone who could kill you in this world? Pft, are you kidding me?”

Qin Yirou had been worried about her daughter and she only grew more worried hearing what Liu Shan said.

“Xiao Jian… you can’t go. There’s no guarantee in this. I…” Qin Yirou was honestly worried and scared.

Her proudest achievement in this life was having her daughter and son. Both of them were equally important to her!

To Qin Yirou, nothing was more important than the safety of her children.

“Mom, I won’t ever do stupid things that’d get myself killed and I’ve never overestimated myself,” Yun Jian told Qin Yirou seriously. It was true that there had yet to be a presence in this world who could threaten her.

“Nothing will happen to Xiao Jian no matter where she goes with me around,” Si Yi spoke suddenly while Yun Jian explained to Qin Yirou.

Qin Yirou paused. She was just about to retort when Si Yi continued to say, “It’s just the Hunting School. I promise, if Xiao Jian misses even one strand of hair there, I’ll bomb it into a flat land.”

“Besides, I’ll be protecting Xiao Jian if anything happens. Even if someone has to die, I’d be the first to go before her!” Si Yi told Qin Yirou as he kept his gaze on Yun Jian.

Anyone in the restaurant could discern that his confession came from the bottom of his heart.

What Si Yi said moved Qin Yirou. She had done right in accepting him as her son-in-law!

Liu Shan was upset instead. She retorted Si Yi the moment she heard him, “Pft, bomb it into a flat land? You think you’re some armed forces? Could you even get your hands on the explosives? Hah!”

Before Liu Shan finished her sentence, Si Yi had already called Snow Eagle and spoke on the line right in front of everyone, “Find the shortest and fattest woman who’s working in the same shop in Country Z as my mother-in-law and send a fighter jet to blow her up.”

Everyone there was baffled after Si Yi spoke.

What? Wait, what?

They had thought that Si Yi was cracking a joke. No one was expecting that he was being serious!

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