The Rough Hunter's Little Lucky Wife

Chapter 241 - 241 Kidnapped (Part 3)
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241 Kidnapped (Part 3)

Yue Jiaojiao couldn’t help but let out a long sigh internally. She must’ve lucked out today. Other than the bump on her forehead, her wrist must have been scraped by the rope, and it was burning from the pain.

She felt as if she had been casually stuffed into a carriage by this group of people. She didn’t know how long she had been in there, but when they stopped, someone pulled the rope tied to her body and roughly pushed her all the way into a room.

Yue Jiaojiao was thrown to the ground, and she let out a painful cry. As the door closed, she perked up her ears to listen for any movement in the room.

She couldn’t hear the noise on the street.

There was only dead silence.

No one else’s breathing could be heard in the room.

Yue Jiaojiao silently curled up her legs, feeling a little fortunate that those people had only blocked her line of sight and had not stuffed dirty things into her mouth to prevent her from speaking.

“Get in!”

“Who are you?!”

The door opened with a creak and Yue Jiaojiao felt another person fall beside her. Then, she heard a familiar voice. “Xiangjun?”

Li Xiangjun’s curses came to an abrupt end and she shifted in the direction of the voice. “Is… Is that you, Jiaojiao?”

Yue Jiaojiao waited until the two people who had thrown them in had left before she continued, “It’s me. Where did you get caught?”

“When we were about to reach the center of the street, Fang Tianliu said that he wanted to take me to guess the lantern riddles and win a lantern. I saw a stall selling candied fruit and so he went over to buy it for me. I turned around and was caught.”

Yue Jiaojiao stretched out her leg in Li Xiangjun’s direction. When she touched her, she said softly, “Xiangjun, don’t move. I’ll go over to you.”

“Don’t struggle, save your energy.”

As she spoke, she had already moved in front of Li Xiangjun. She tilted her head and moved closer. After sensing Li Xiangjun’s movements, Yue Jiaojiao used her teeth to bite off the pocket on her head with great effort. “Can you see me?”

“It’s pitch black in the room. Luckily, I got used to the blindfold on the way here.” Li Xiangjun could barely make out Yue Jiaojiao’s figure. Then, she imitated her and bit off the bag on her head with her teeth. She sat at the side, panting heavily. “What should we do now?”

“Let’s lay back to back.”

“I need to reach your knot,” Yue Jiaojiao closed her eyes before opening them again. “The windows in the room must have been nailed or sealed by something, that’s why it’s so dark. I don’t know what knot they’ve tied, but I’ll try my best to untie it. Otherwise, if we’re tied up like this for a few hours, we’ll lose the blood circulation in our hands.”

“Jiaojiao, I thought you’d be scared out of your wits.”

With someone by her side, the fear in Li Xiangjun’s heart lessened. She moved her body and sighed, “After all, you’ve been pampered all this time. Sir Zhao treats you like golden treasure.”

“If you cry here, you’ll only make a fool out of yourself.” Yue Jiaojiao’s fingers moved, and a sharp pain shot through her wrist. She gritted her teeth and tried not to let out a groan.

“Although I hate trouble, I won’t show weakness to others.

“Especially since we don’t even know who tied us up here. Moreover, Xiangjun, you’re younger than me. I can’t just do nothing and rely on you to save me.

“You and I are both women, we have to support each other.”


Yue Jiaojiao was in so much pain that her eyes were a little misty. However, she bit the tip of her tongue and forced herself to stay awake. Her delicate fingers searched for the knot on the rope and then, enduring the pain, she loosened the rope.


Li Xiangjun’s hands moved and immediately went to untie the rope. However, she couldn’t see clearly and had no experience. The sweat on her forehead caused the rope to cut deep into Yue Jiaojiao’s tender skin.

“Don’t be in such a hurry,” Yue Jiaojiao couldn’t help but let out a hiss and quickly swallowed it back. She took a deep breath and forced herself to speak, “This feels like a dead knot. Let me tell you how to do it.”

“Xiangjun, the more anxious you are, the tighter this knot will become. Calm down.”

Li Xiangjun nodded and held her breath subconsciously. She tried four times while listening to Yue Jiaojiao’s gentle voice before she managed to untie the rope around her wrist.

Her hands were wet and sticky. Just as Li Xiangjun was about to move closer to her nose and take a sniff, Yue Jiaojiao had already pressed a handkerchief on her palms. “Don’t move, I’ll help you wipe it.”

Yue Jiaojiao didn’t want Li Xiangjun to find out that her hands were stained with blood. After helping Li Xiangjun wipe the blood off, she took out two veils from her body, folded them, and wrapped them around her wrists. Then, with her back facing Li Xiangjun, she used her teeth to tie them into a knot.

After doing all this, Yue Jiaojiao was already in so much pain that she was covered in cold sweat.

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